Sheriff Mack: federal snipers at Bundy ranch are mercenaries, hit men

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In an interview with TPN’s Dylan Scott yesterday, April 16, 2014, Richard Mack, former Arizona county sheriff and founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), said:

“One of our CSPOA members who was there earlier and got there before I did was phoning me and telling me that they were going to be killed. The federal snipers, several of them — I don’t know if you know this — but they were paid mercenaries. They’re contractors. They’re paid hit men.

He saw all the equipment and all the military weaponry that they had, and then he said, ‘Sheriff, they warned us that they were going to arrest us. Then they warned us that they were going to shoot us. I’m calling to tell you that they’re going to shoot us.’ He’s a 15-year law enforcement veteran that was telling me this. He said, ‘Please tell my wife that I love her, and I hope to see you later, but I don’t think so.’

I, at that time, went around the two lanes of traffic onto the side of the road, which is illegal to do, and I turned on my flashers. I buzzed it up there, and I got there right after that part finished, where my guy was that called me. The sheriff had just left, and he was the one that I think made a big difference.

All the people that were there watching, it was about 600, 700 people. My son and I stood there and watched in reverence at one of the most patriotic moments I’ve ever been a part of. There was about 500 people, all with tears running down their cheeks, watching these cowboys and cowgirls take these cattle back to their proper place.

bundy-ranch cowboys

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  4. The conflicts we start with the killings of innocent people are practice for what Satan will order his followers/many of our leaders, to do to us. If people want to know about our future, look at what we are causing for others today.

  5. I can only hope our Sheriffs have the nerve,backing and inspiration to stand up to this Badministration’s Criminal activities and chase them out of Nevada. No matter HOW the Feds try to portray it,their ownership of land is ONLY for VERY specific uses,and nothing I’ve seen so far falls into ANY of those uses. There needs to be a COMPLETE,INDEPENDENT investigation of the involvement of this Badmistration,and the BLM in specific,in this entire incident as well as several OTHER ones that have recently come to light. By independent I refer to one done by outside parties who have NO political affiliation and no “skin in the game”. (Even from out-of-Country,if necessary.)

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  7. It hurts to know my friends haven’t heard of this and when I try to tell them they think I’m overreacting. Too many people don’t even pay attention, they’re too busy working with their livestock! How sick is that!

  8. God bless these patriots. I’m very curious as to where they hired the mercenaries.

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  10. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most significant post. God bless these brave patriots. It appears that the feds are just like the English during the revolutionary war, wherein mercenaries were hired then to fight us. It is noteworthy that the feds chose mercenaries, professional killers and fighters.

  11. Try U.N. troops and Russians!

    • Jan I’ve heard that said. And the nature of the BLM action is quite counter to the founding vision of Blackwater (Xe, Academi), so I think the BLM creeps are drawing from another gene pool for their mercs and snipers. I’m just curious who they are, so we can identify trouble when it’s out and about.

  12. New video out this morning on “Before Its News” Sheriff Mack calls out Glenn Beck! Why is it Glenn Beck only goes so far for the Constitution and then stops? as we all have known now for years. Same with Hannity,Levin and Limbaugh.


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