Shelter dogs, before & after: What a little kindness can do

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From Daily Mail:
An animal shelter in Antigua has used Facebook to show the progress that their dogs have made since being found in various conditions of distress.
The remarkable before and after photos posted to their Facebook page show how much the tender loving care of PAAWS shelter staff and volunteers can do to help these desperate animals.
dog1Cedar (l) was found near a golf course; Cedar (r) after being cared for by the PAAWS animal center.

Coffee (l) when found by PAAWS Animal Shelter in Antigua; Coffee (r) after some care.
dog3Shelley (l) was abandoned near an airport; Shelley (r) after being treated for ticks and fleas.

dog4Skinny (l) was brought to the shelter in January; Skinny (r) just two months later.

dog5Bird Dog (l) when it was dropped off at the shelter; Bird Dog (r) after some TLC.
dog6Sumo (l) was found tied up on a short chain when authorities were alerted; Sumo (r) after his wounds were treated.

dog7Isa (l) was found scavenging for food alongside a road in August; Issa (r) 5 months later at the shelter.

“Amen, I say to you, what you did not do for one of these least ones, you did not do for me.” -Matthew 25:45


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0 responses to “Shelter dogs, before & after: What a little kindness can do

  1. Reblogged this on Random Thoughts and Ruminations and commented:
    What I would like to do to those that mistreat animals. I could probably get past the ethics, but unfortunately, it would probably land me in handcuffs and jail.

  2. the fastest way to a broken heart , animal rescue.
    May i add this story to your,…a little different but equally amazing.
    Suzy and Remo
    this is a great site. by clicking every day, FREE food is provided to rescue shelters.

  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this inspirational post showing the kindness of others towards God’s beautiful creatures. As to those individuals who have been cruel to God’s creatures, they will receive their justice from God-this is our consolation.

  4. So glad these doggies were rescued!

  5. The Scripture is for the children, and perhaps the less fortunate people 🙂
    I was raised on A Farm, and do not approve of abusing anyone, not babies unborn and born, not Seniors, not people.

  6. That was and is… so mean to give me DOWN fingers….. The Lord died for Men, women, and children/babies/unborn. NOT for dogs and other animals.

  7. This post is truly inspirational and shocking. Pictures speak volumes and these before and afters can make you sad and happy. It does make one wonder how humans can treat animals this way, but then humans are capable of treating humans disgracefully as well – so sad. We all have the ability to LOVE. Checkout this out – ‘Make Loving Dogs Your Goal!’


    God bless all of you who invest your love and time into these animals. My dog too is from a shelter. He is such a completely different animal now due to our love for him, a good home, lots of treats and a warm bed. They ask so little and give so much back! Thank you all you rescuers! Thank You.


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