Sheila Jackson Lee brings up Martial law

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She’s blithering so much it’s hard to tell if she even knows what she means. Here’s the gem itself on Youtube: 

Can you make sense of it? 

I can picture this woman working happily for Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. (not because of the color of her skin, but because of the content of her character)

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0 responses to “Sheila Jackson Lee brings up Martial law

  1. Surprisingly she has a law degree from the University if Virginia. Another Affirmative Action idiot?

    • I can think of no better explanation. However, after college she got elected and stayed in office, which isn’t so easy.

      • HEre’s what I found:The term “martial law” in a legislative context is somewhat obscure but it has been used before to define lawmakers’ ability to “fast track” bills without going through the usual congressional process.
        However, Lee’s insistence that a Senate-approved resolution to fund the federal government be fast-tracked via “martial law” appears to conflict with Article I, Section 7, Clause I of the Constitution, which states, “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.”

      • Sorry, I didn’t manage to send it all so here’s the rest”However, Lee’s insistence that a Senate-approved resolution to fund the federal government be fast-tracked via “martial law” appears to conflict with Article I, Section 7, Clause I of the Constitution, which states, “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.”
        This clause was included by the founders to ensure that decisions related to the power of the purse reside with the legislative body which is closest to the American people.
        The last time martial law was mentioned by a member of Congress was back in 2008 when Rep. Brad Sherman revealed how lawmakers were threatened with “martial law in America” by then Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson if they rejected the TARP bailout package.

  2. Thank you, TD, for posting this! It was on my to-do list. 😀

  3. She is the epitomy of someone who goes to an institution for higher learning, and learns nothing and even comes out more stupid than every. In case no one recognizes it, this shutdown is in its present form with all the ridiculous shut downs of the ocean, Yellowstone, sidewalk memorials, etc; is a test of limited martial law. Thisidi to see how the populace reacts. “This is a test”

    • Whoever paid her tuition should get a refund…

    • If the shutdown is ridiculous and the closure of the parks etc is ridiculous then why doesn’t someone who you think is better educated and makes a better case for reopening the government and hopefully raising the debt ceiling DO IT? If one of the more “smart on the ball persons” sitting up there on the Hill would lead a move to get things back to where they were before the first CR was sent back with the Defgund Obamacare amendment then ALL POWER TO THEM. If one person on either side of the isle could say, Sorry to the American people and get either the last offer from Boehner passed or the last offer from Reid passed, then what they all are fighting over could be dealt with that is if they remember what it was that caused so much mayhem. Most likely they all will be consumed with another manufctured crisis. I guess the people who are hurting most are the Al Qaeda fighters in Syria who might be waiting for their pay or their weapons that Brennan is sending them from Libya. That is the US definition of normal. We must make sure that Al Qaeda is okay. Meanwhile, Jesus is Lord everbody, so praise him, with all the breath you have in your lungs. Hfalleluyah Halle halle halleluyah!!!!

  4. Shouldn’t she be out in her back yard at night, with a high-powered telescope, looking for that flag the astronauts planted on Mars?


  5. She is a perfect case of lips spewing stupidity. If there was martial law the dictator would no longer need her or her other socialist counterparts. I truly believe that would be the last bridge they would burn. The people will only take so much crap. We’re in our floating waders now. A word of advice to this idiot, shut the hell up, if you cannot speak with intelligence stay in your seat and do not raise your hand. Why do these people get paid for stupidity?

    • Why think or know anything when she says all kinds of dumb liberal things and gets support? (Works for her.)

  6. I wonder what the mean IQ is in her district?

    LOL – I’d be willing to bet it is even lower than the 4th District here in Georgia, which voted to follow up Cynthia McKinney with Hank (Guam is going to tip over) Johnson.


  7. Now I guess the time has come to start criticizing each and every person who gets up in the House and/or the Senate, which is available live every day. I have been watching as much as I can without completely giving up my life, and regardless of each speakers’ ability to express themselves coherently, the government remains partially shutdown. These elected officials are there because the oligarchs want someone siting in their seats so that the citizens of the US get to think they are being representaed. The top dogs are on the Wall Street payroll, or on Prince Bandars’ payroll or the Koch Bros; payroll and they will do as ther’re told Someone like this lady doesn’t get nearly as much as Boehner or Pelosi gets greased, so leave her alone. The oligarchs don’t take her seriously and they are far more interested in getting Rand Paul to do their dirty work. So he can say things that everyone applauds, and Mr Jackson will say things that most people won’t even listen to. She isn’t a threat to us or anyone, the higher ups are the ones who are far more dangerous.
    The African American community like her and they like Charlie Rangel and they like Maxine Waters so what? We like whoever we like yet the Republic is still hanging on a thread, our future is being played with at a far higher level than the video of Ms. Jackson would suggest. She must have heard someone talking about martial law over there on the Hill, so perhaps that’s what they have on the cards next. Who knows. I say, Celebrate Jesus everyone. HE is risen.

  8. Postscript: At least Ms. Jackson Lee looks interesting.
    Her outfit was amazing, compare it with what Barbara Boxer was wearing on Monday and I give Ms. Lee ten out of ten. Those First Lady outfits, and I”m not talking Moochelle, are always eyecatching and most cheerful.
    She brightened up my afternoon just because of the size of the lapels on her jacket. You go girl………….

  9. JUst because there isn’t much response to this post perhaps the comment on Mugabe might be addressed.
    The financial situation in Zimbabwe has a lot to do with how George Soros’s organizations work in Africa which keep Africans down. The Chinese are regarded as a threat to oligarchical interests because they are investing in infrastructure projects in certain African countries.
    Barack Obama wants to make a hoo haa about how he will be providing power to Africa but it is mostly for white peopleos air conditioning ppurposes. That is not very helpful for an African living in a village that doesn’t have electricity at all. Anyway, since the West isn’t investing in Zimbabwe and won’t help it then it is in a mess. How mmany people will be investing in the US if the Congress cannot get their act together and inflation or deflation or what “flation” hits us like it did in Weimer Germany and Zimbabwe. We might be a littlel humbler, God might just put us “back on the Potters’ wheel”

  10. Wasn’t she on a Mental Health Week poster?

  11. NBC Prediction That We Will All Have an RFID Chip Under Our Skin

    • May God have mercy on whoever tries to plant one of those things in me.

      I won’t have any.


      • Nor will I, Dave.

        Amazing that it’s being reported as a good thing, with no mention about the chilling connection to Biblical prophecy.


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