Sharp rise in “Renounce Citizenship” Google searches

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One indicator of Americans’ loss of confidence in their government and in their country is a rising desire to leave the United States for another place. In our age of the Internet, those who have that sentiment will go online and start searching for information, using search words like “renounce citizenship.”

After last Tuesday’s Election Massacre returning Barry Soetoro Obama for a second term in the White House — and especially with increasing and credible reports of Democrat election fraud — the number of Americans who have lost confidence in the future of this country is sure to increase.

So I conducted two searches on Google Trend Analysis, using these search words:

  1. “Renounce U.S. citizenship”
  2. “Renounce citizenship”

Here’s the Google Trend Analysis for the search words “Renounce U.S. Citizenship”:

Here’s the breakdown of the peaks in the above chart (note that Google Trend assigns a number to a month, but the number is Google’s numerical designation for search VOLUME, instead of the number of searches. For example, the number 100 represents the peak search volume, NOT that there’s been 100 searches):

2004 to May 2008: 0

June 2008: 95

October 2009: 66

July 2010: 87

March 2011: 39

May 2011: 58

June 2011: 40

October 2011: 59

November 2011: 45

January 2012: 38

May 2012: 100 (maximum peak volume!)

June 2012: 56

July 2012: 77

September 2012: 43

October 2012: 44

The search volume for November 2012 will go through the roof.

Next, I searched for the words “Renounce Citizenship” for just the U.S.A. Here’s the Google Trend Analysis of that search:

In May 2012, the search volume for “renounce citizenship” from the United States was assigned the number 100, which represents the peak volume. Then it began to decline.

In June 2012, the search volume went down to 32.

July 2012: 56

August 2012: 27

September 2012: 32

October 2012: 26

November 2012 (partial data): 62

Here’s a map of continental USA, showing the states (in blue) doing most of the “renounce citizenship” searches (the numerical value is an index of search volume, NOT the actual number of searches from each state):

Here are the states with the highest search volume indexes:

  • Maryland: 89
  • Florida: 78
  • Georgia: 77
  • Texas: 70
  • Washington: 67
  • North Carolina: 66
  • California: 65
  • Virginia: 65
  • Pennsylvania: 61
  • New York: 58
  • Ohio: 54
  • Illinois: 52
  • Massachusetts: 52

More than a year ago, on August 17, 2011, I did a post (with a poll) on FOTM asking “Would You Leave America?” Here are the polling results:

On Leaving America to Resettle in Another Country (Total Votes: 98)

  • Yes, I would leave – for financial reasons.  10.2%  (10 votes)
  • Yes, I would leave – because I fear the coming collapse and the ensuing social disorder.  31.63%  (31 votes)
  • No, I will not leave, because I don’t have the financial means to leave.  4.08%  (4 votes)
  • No, I will not leave, because America is my country, in good times or bad.  54.08%  (53 votes)

As you can see from above, the majority (58.16%) said they would not leave.

It’s time to do another poll:

H/t Sovereign Man.


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0 responses to “Sharp rise in “Renounce Citizenship” Google searches

  1. I have a very hard time understanding why one would renounce citizenship. It may be an emotional reaction to personal disappointment, but how can it serve any useful or beneficial purpose?

    When at age 26 I left the US for Canada in 1969, it was because I was tired of the riots and ceaseless turmoil of the Oakland-East Bay area. The breaking point was when going about my five-days-a-week gardening business routine, I left one client’s home, turned a corner and found myself tear-gassed on the edge of a crowd. Enough! How could I marry and raise a family in this? So I looked at Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. I chose Canada, because if it didn’t work out, I could always come back to my native land.

    Do these people mean to never return? I came back many times over the next forty-five years as a management consultant, to help businesses perform better. We should strive to do all the good we can wherever we find ourselves placed at the time. We left after my wife was attacked several times in the schools where she attempted to teach, I couldn’t see how we’d raise a family in the urban areas we worked in, and if we lived in the rural areas, I couldn’t run my business. What in all this was there to renounce? It was time that was working against us, so it was easier to relocate. We were lucky, as it’s ended well. Renunciation is for dunces, IMO.

  2. Guns, ammo, food/water, gold… always good investments.

  3. When I was in school in the 1950s-1960s, the short story, “The Man Without a Country” by Edward Everett Hale was required reading. I wonder if it is still part of the curriculum today? I doubt it.

  4. And where some of these people run, might end up being far worse in the near future than right here.

  5. Amen! Our soldiers don’t run away, why should we?

  6. I am not ready to renounce my citizenship, but I am definitely keeping my escape plan ready, as I have no intention of winding up like over 6 million European Jews did not even a lifetime ago.

    And please spare me the “That could never happen here” BS, as not only could it, but I pretty much now expect it.

    In case you haven’t noticed, white Christian males are not exactly on the comrade Dear Destroyer’s favorite people list, and Big Sis the rug-mower is convinced we are all terrorists.

    After all, the Boy Scout motto was based on common sense, and far too many European Jews were caught totally unawares, and thus got a ride in a cattle car for their ignorance and disbelief of what was so plainly obvious.

    Not this former Boy Scout.


  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most interesting post and the factual and statistical data. I can empathize with the feeling given the evil king and his regime.

  8. I have my doubts about being an American and where it is heading as a country. I heard time and time during my time oversea that the American dream is dead. Also heard it be a lot better to raise a family overseas then here the states.

    • “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
      ― Samuel Adams


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