Sharp increase in man-on-man sexual assaults in US military

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You’ve seen or heard the news about the rising incidence of sexual assaults in the U.S. military. Our automatic assumption is that most were women.
Not so.
What you’re not told by the State Run Media is that the majority of those sexual assaults are male-on-male. And the incidence of male-on-male sexual assaults is increasing.

Welcome to the Obama military!

gay soldiersRowan Scarborough reports for The Washington Times, May 20, 2013, that a recent Pentagon survey shows more military men than women are sexually abused in the ranks each year, but those man-on-man sexual assaults are underreported.
The Pentagon’s 1,400-page annual report came with two basic sets of data: official reports of sex crimes and a scientific survey sample of the 1.4 million active force from which the department extrapolated the number of abuses, regardless of whether they were officially reported
In fiscal year 2012, which ended on September 30, 26,000 service members were victims of sexual assaults, But roughly 14,000 of the victims were male and 12,000 female, according to a scientific survey sample produced by the Pentagon.

Data showed 2,949 reports of abuse against a service member last year compared with 1,275 in 2004. The vast majority of reported victims (88%) were female — a statistic that tells the Pentagon that male victims (12%) do not come forward at the same rate.
Elaine Donnelly, who heads the Center for Military Readiness, says: “It appears that the DOD has serious problems with male-on-male sexual assaults that men are not reporting and the Pentagon doesn’t want to talk about.”
Donnelly pointed out the number of formal reports of sexual assault jumped from 1,275 to 2,949 in just eight years. She told WND when factoring in civilians working for or around the military, the increase in that time is 98%.
Women are identified as the attacker in just 2% of all assaults, meaning most men who suffer assault are targeted by other men. “So we’ve got a male-on-male problem here. The Department of Defense doesn’t want to comment on this. They know that the numbers are there. They say that they care, but all the attention is usually given to the female members of the military who are subjected to sexual assault,” Donnelly said.
Donnelly had fought Obama’s decision to lift the ban on open gays in the ranks, which took effect in September 2011. She also opposes plans to open direct ground combat jobs to women, saying it will import the sexual abuse problem into the combat ranks.

Pentagon spokeswoman Cynthia Smith said the Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Office is tackling the entire problem and “recognizes the challenges male survivors face and has reached out to organizations supporting male survivors for assistance and information to help inform our way ahead. A focus of our prevention efforts over the next several months is specifically geared toward male survivors and will include why male survivors report at much lower rates than female survivors, and determining the unique support and assistance male survivors need.” She said the department has included information on male victims on the “DOD Safe Helpline,” which connects them to trained professionals.
Blah, blah, blah.
Aaron Belkin, who heads the homosexual activist group, The Palm Center, which studies gays and lesbians in the military, said “very few” male-on-male perpetrators are gay and that such incidents are “somewhat similar to prison rape.”
The Pentagon’s definition of unwanted sexual contact ranges from rape to “abusive sexual contact” and “involves intentional sexual contact that was against a person’s will or occurred when the person did not or could not consent. The term describes completed and attempted oral, anal and vaginal penetration with any body part or object, and the unwanted touching of genitalia and other sexually related areas of the body.”
In 2012, Donnelly told WND that the statistics showed a more than 20% increase in reported sexual assaults on males.

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  1. That’s not the stuff we want to hear about on Memorial Day weekend. Get out the patriotic stuff. Save the crap for some other day.
    God Bless America.!!!
    The Star Spangled Banner

    • Nobody is forcing you to read our posts. And you don’t get to dictate what we post or not post on FOTM.

    • Paul, on the contrary, this is EXACTLY what we should be discussing for Memorial Day, the deliberate weakening of our military. Imagine the consequences if we had our current pres back in WWII? Or the War of 1812? Or the Revolutionary War? The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
      Good job, Dr. Eowyn.

      • Ditto Mike! Excellent job Dr. Eowyn! The nerve of people who get to comment on a post free gratis, yet are ungrateful and insult the person who is the prime mover of FOTM, Dr. Eowyn. Dear God, give me strength, and give strength to the members of FOTM and those individuals who appreciate its efforts.
        Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this revealing post! The statistics and numbers are indeed noteworthy and are ignored because they do not support the Liberal Left’s king’s agenda. Don’t give me the facts please, no facts!

  2. Oh, boy… 🙁

  3. EVERYBODY knew this would happen, and they just laughed, just because most of Washington D.C. are drippy butts! Semper Fi.

  4. Dressage Rider

    Why is it that the IDF has gays in its military? I read something in YNET a few years ago about this.

  5. They should have stuck with don’t ask, don’t tell.
    Butt ( Double tee on purpose, sorry ) they had to push it. Someone is going to end up dead. Come on to some of these bad dudes and they’re gonna break your neck. oopsie.

  6. I’m from a family with quite a few active or retired military. We all agree that Coed training and Dormitory arrangements were a very bad idea. My daughter could tell you some stroies about the coed thing first hand. Let’s face it; endorsing aberrant behavior only breeds more. Look for things to get worse.

  7. Dr. Eowyn – FOTM: Wanted to personally drop a comment to thank you for this important post and that I included it in our recent post: U.S. Military Disorder: Combat Effectiveness, Rape, Homosexuals

  8. Sorry forgot to add——–> Sgt 82nd Airborne Division (Grenada), 2nd Inf. Div. (Korea) 1982-86 U.S. Army

  9. Dr. Eowyn, We seem to have hit a nerve among the Militant Homosexuals:
    Scott Wooledge ‏@Clarknt67 30m
    .@K2GLOBALCOMM spreads propaganda #military sexual assuault is the fault of “Militant Homosexual Movement” #LGBT


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