Sharia Law to be enshrined in British legal system as lawyers get guidelines on drawing up documents according to Islamic rules

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Daily Mail: Top lawyers have written guidelines for British solicitors on drafting ‘sharia-compliant’ wills which can deny women an equal share of their inheritance and entirely exclude non-believers, it was revealed today.

The Law Society, which represents solicitors in England and Wales, has written a guide on Sharia succession rules that will be used in British courts. It will mean that children born outside of marriage and adopted children could also be denied their fair share.

The guide states: ‘No distinction is made between children of different marriages, but illegitimate and adopted children are not Sharia heirs.

‘The male heirs in most cases receive double the amount inherited by a female heir of the same class. Non-Muslims may not inherit at all, and only Muslim marriages are recognised.

‘Similarly, a divorced spouse is no longer a Sharia heir, as the entitlement depends on a valid Muslim marriage existing at the date of death.’

The Law Society claims the guide is simply to promote ‘good practice’ and ‘support members so they can help clients from all backgrounds’ – but the move has been criticised by equality campaigners.

Keith Porteous Wood, executive director of the National Secular Society, an organisation that campaigns for strict separation of the state from religious institutions and equality of religion before the law, says the move is a backwards step that undermines British justice.

He said: ‘The UK has the most comprehensive equality laws in the world, yet the Law Society seems determined to undermine this by giving approval to a system that relegates women, non-Muslim and children born out of wedlock to second class citizenship.

‘Instead of running scared at any mention of sharia, politicians of all parties should face these issues square on and insist on the primacy of democratically-determined human rights-compliant law.

‘Laws determined by Parliament should prevail over centuries-old theocratic laws. We should have One Law for All, not allowing any law to operate which disadvantages any sections of the community.’

Nicholas Fluck, president of the Law Society, said in a statement: ‘This practice note provides guidance to solicitors dealing with clients where Sharia succession rules may be relevant.

‘This is the first time such advice has been published and we hope it will assist solicitors with Sharia probate matters.

‘There is a wide variety of spiritual, religious and cultural beliefs within our population, and the Law Society wants to support its members so they can help clients from all backgrounds.

‘We hope this guidance will help solicitors assist their clients and go some way to forming an idea of good practice when it comes to applying Sharia succession rules within the legal profession.’

But Baroness Cox, who campaigns against religious discrimination against women, said the guidance was a worrying development. She told the Sunday Telegraph: ‘This violates everything we stand for. It would make the Suffragettes turn in their graves.’

In the past she has spoken out about the growth of ‘Islamic courts’ resolving disputes. She said: ‘No longer do we have a single legal code in our society.

‘Instead, alongside our own law, there is now effectively a parallel quasi-legal system operating within some Muslim communities.

‘Sharia law, imported from theocracies like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, first began to be used here in a strictly limited form, dealing mainly with narrow issues like Islamic financial contracts.

‘But as the Muslim population has grown and the pervasive creed of multiculturalism has become ever more powerful, so Sharia law has rapidly grown in influence within some communities.

‘There are now estimated to be no fewer than 85 Sharia courts across the country — from London and Manchester to Bradford and Nuneaton. They operate mainly from mosques, settling financial and family disputes according to religious principles.’



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0 responses to “Sharia Law to be enshrined in British legal system as lawyers get guidelines on drawing up documents according to Islamic rules

  1. Britain and France make some of the most advance weapon systems on earth. If islam succeeds in taking over these countries, they will pose a whole new level of threat to the world.

    • Traildust, no need to worry (at least about weapons being in the hands of the enemy, they already are.), both those countries are already slaves to the whore of babylon, the islamic “threat” is just hokum, I say this because those who already own britain, and france, are out and out satanists, they have no intention of letting islam get into any position of actual power, its just useful for ruffling “christian” feathers, and getting muslims and christians to fight… they pulled the same B.S. in Ireland with the catholic and protestant division that is still resulting in fighting, as you might’ve noticed. This is not to say islam is anything like a christian denomination, but rather that this is the same sort of tactic. While Christianity panics about the muslim “threat”, they lose focus on the actual enemy, its one of the oldest diversionary tactics in the book, throw out a tiny faction that has no chance of actual success, but make it look like it’s a threat (lots of “noise making”), and the opposing army will throw it’s resources at the “throwaway faction”.

      This shariah stuff is no different, it keeps people occupied with worry about an engineered (and controlled) threat, and whats more, the muslims participating may largely have no clue they’re being used as a game piece (they *should* be informed of that.), the potential allure to them of “making headway” is the same sort of thing that would drive any dominionist Christians ahead in such a scenario, they won’t question why they seem to be making “progress” in places where evil is already entrenched, and may actually ascribe their “success” to God, rather than question why the regional agents of evil are being such push-overs.

      • As usual, there’s a lot of very astute thinking here, and I’m pleased you grace these pages.

        Stay strong, and keep up the good work!

        • Well thanks Kindly Joseph, much appreciated. Just hope it proves helpful, and I don’t mean to worry anyone with this, I should add… just because the puppets of evil have WMDs doesn’t mean they can just use them willy-nilly either… if that were the case they’d have wiped out every Christian on earth decades ago.

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  3. Frigging unbelievable. Historians of the future will chronicle March 2014 as the date when the Western Civilization, having lost its convictions, committed suicide.

    • Ditto from me on this: it is surely one of the worst judicial actions in all English history. It strikes me that only someone wanting to harm all of the UK in every way possible would support this insanity. Just as one cannot blend oil and water, neither will this integrate successfully.

  4. www(dot)britainfirst(dot)org

    Please help support them.

    • I am not soliciting for them, I just think they are a good organization. Not “far right wing” as the press has gone out of their way to label them as such.

      • Their goals sound a lot like what we’re for here in the US,only more organized. Also brings to mind something we went through about 2-1/2 Centuries ago.

      • Miche, I’m sure you’re a good person, but believe me when I say from the bottom of my Quakerly heart, that yes, you’re correct, they are NOT “far right wing” but “far wrong wing” instead.

        When I was younger and not as disciplined in my analysis, I could fall for some of these ideas, whose time I hope never comes in our lands. But reading what Dr Richard Weaver predicted in 1948, in his classic of conservative thinking, “Ideas Have Consequences” got my errant thinking well & truly corrected. It’s a beautifully written book, he was a master of prose style, and it’s full of memorable quotes: “Appearances fade; reality abides.”

  5. As I understood the article,this is only to be used in cases where Muslims are involved,but we all know how this story will go.

    • Exactly: as with all laws, sooner or later a judge will make a ruling, set a new precedent, and then the downhill race to Hell begins in earnest! I’m not a legal expert, but our Joan is, and I hope she weighs in on this ASAP.

  6. Britain is toast… stick a fork in the UK, it’s done!

    • And we are next in line for the toaster.


      • Exactly, senor Dave! That’s what Dr WEaver predicted in 1948, in his classic of conservative thinking, “Ideas Have Consequences” –and boy oh boy do they ever– when they come down like this BS!

      • However, nobody says we have to go and let the misguided servants of evil have their way, God willing, with prayer and proper action, their plans for a new civil war will be foiled, and their totalitarian satanic government shall be delayed.

  7. Like I have been saying for years, the mental illness that is political correctness will be the end of Western civilization.


    • Not only that Dave, but Britain is subject to the same “election” pandering as we are…and, I know for sure from a colleague from England who still owns property in London, that the heart of England was long ago taken over by Muslim immigrants …legal and illegal……They’ve sucked up the entitlement programs, “free” health care system, “unemployment” system, housing & welfare system…on and on. No wonder that now, their “culture” is being codified into English law. Sound familiar, anyone? Dream Act? Non citizens can practice law in CA? Free public education, welfare, health care for non-citizens? Illegals get driver’s licensing? Agitating for non-citizens to vote……..???? So…how long do you think before “honor killings” are called “manslaughter” and get an ankle bracelet slapped on for “punishment?”


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