Shame on these sperm-donors

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These three men in Tennessee fathered 78 children with 46 women, and the sperm-donors don’t pay child support for any one of them. 

Terry Tyrone Turnage of Memphis, TN, has 23 children with 17 different women.

Richard M. Colbert, also from Memphis, has 25 children by 18 different women.

Desmond Hatchett, 33, of Knoxville, has 30 children by 11 different women. He is currently in jail for aggravated assault.

Read more about them in the UK’s Daily Mail. Click here.
This is just in one state — Tennessee. Imagine how many of these irresponsible sperm-donors there are in all 57 50 states of the U.S.A.
Those of us who are among the 49% of Americans who still pay the income tax are suckers. There’s no other word for us.

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0 responses to “Shame on these sperm-donors

  1. Sadly, many of these children will be killed by other fatherless children. The authorities go nuts when a man marries more than one woman who raises and supports his children but these leeches on society get a free pass. They breed like dogs and leave their litters for the taxpayers to care for. Too bad these breeders aren’t thrown in jail for nonsupport. Now, I wouldn’t bitch about my taxes being raised if they used the money for more prisons for these running dogs.

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. And they get paid for every child who comes into existence as a result of their sperm! Yet, the left believe that this is appropriate behavior – does this fall under women’s reproductive rights? You never hear about it, do you?
    As for personal income tax, I learned yesterday that there is no personal income tax in Vatican city. . . .

    • edward oleander

      “the left believe that this is appropriate behavior”
      We do? Really? I must have missed that memo…

      • “We do? Really? I must have missed that memo…”
        You do? really? I must have missed THAT memo! Was it in the NYT? Was it in HuffPo? Was it in Daily Kos? Was in on MSNBC? Did edward oleander ever ever, in his many many comments here on FOTM, ever ever expressed disapproval of promiscuous sperm-donors who, instead of taking care of their spawn, dump them on taxpayers?
        Why don’t you try shutting up that self-righteous liberal mouth of yours, for once?

        • I think poor Edward has missed more than just “that memo…” He is a very poor man and I feel sorry for him. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for your perfect reply!

        • edward oleander

          Because I get just as tired of people saying “ALL liberals this” or “EVERYONE on the left says that” as you do about liberals saying “ALL conservatives [fill in the blank]”… I’ve seen you get “self-righteous” and downright snarky about being pigeonholed more than once…
          Learning to avoid these sweeping generalizations is something I’ve commented on several times. It’s why I hang out here. It’s why I comment here. Haven’t I gone out of my way many times to point out where my own two-dimensional stereotypes have been shattered? Is it so wrong to hope that others will also make the effort?
          It was ridiculous hyperbole to claim that “the left” approves of such reckless reproduction, or the utter failure of responsibility shown by idiots like the men in the article. Not ONE SINGLE liberal that I know would “approve” of these dead-beat dads, or the equally irresponsible women they impregnate. It’s the use of silly Straw Man arguments like that (from BOTH sides!) that is keeping us as polarized as we are. I don’t think I’m out of line getting a little frustrated about it now and then.

          • Please note that I did not make “straw man” sweeping generalizations in my post, which was a straight reporting about the three sperm-donors. I’ll leave it to Joandarc to respond to you. Although I do think it is fair to say that it is the Welfare State that breeds the kind of flagrant personal irresponsibility exhibited by the three men. And the plain truth is that although BOTH Democrats and Republicans have fostered the Welfare State, Democrats and liberals favor it more and display a greater tolerance and indulgence for this kind of personal irresponsibility.

            • edward oleander

              Yes, your post was indeed Straw-free! And sadly, you are completely right about the welfare system creating these situations (both the fathers and the mothers). The system was founded on the idea of protecting people, especially children, so the abuse just sickens me.
              In fact, it sickens most of us Libs, because correcting and preventing that abuse will cause legitimate aid to disappear as well, and that just makes me want to cry… I absolutely hate seeing an idea born of compassion die because of greedy, self-centered irresponsibility.
              So to Joandarc, sorry about the snarkiness. You took the hit for uncounted instances of generalizations, and that was as unfair as the generalizations themselves. As far as those three men are concerned, I’d love to Liberally nail them in their over-active sacs with my 10-pound boots. THAT would slow down their reproductive drives a bit…

              • Edward, I accept your apology about your “snarkiness.” I agree with Dr. Eowyn that liberals and Democrats foster the personal irresponsibility generated by a welfare state. As for me being snarky and self-righteous about being pigeon-holed, you will have to provide specific examples of that, including dates and specific statements so that I can respond in context to what you have alleged. The fact is, as far as personal irresponsibility and the affirmation of grave evil, liberals and/or the Left have advocated and continue to advocate that same sexual irresponsibility and selfishness by promoting and allowing the killing of millions of babies, children, for many years now, which makes the actions of King Herod and his killing of the Innocents look like a cake walk. That is what makes me sick to my stomach and cry, the continuous murder of the Innocents.

  3. This behavior and the destruction of the standard nuclear family is a direct result of the compassionate welfare state. Government bureaucrats with checks replace dads.

  4. Wow….that’s disturbing.
    That government sex education sure didn’t work for them.

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    Shame on these sperm-donors

  6. The least they could do is get themselves fixed.


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