Shame On the New York Times

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For a March 14 article on Commiecare, “As Health Vote Awaits, Future of a Presidency Waits, Too,” the New York Times used this manipulative messianic pic of Obama with a gigantic cross in the background.

Some Christian Obama is! He thrice voted for infanticide when he voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. He has done NOTHING to exclude abortion funding from his proposed healthcare bill. Even nominal Christians go to church at Christmas,  but Obama did not, although he had plenty of free time while vacationing in Hawaii.
Shame on the New York Times for using the iconic Christian cross to sell Obama and his Commiecare. 

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6 responses to “Shame On the New York Times

  1. This is truly disturbing….
    Good thing no one sees it as no one read the NY Slimes any more!

  2. How disgusting is this!!! He claims that we are no longer a Christian nation–why a cross, then?

    • Impeccable logic, DW!
      Sadly, logic escapes both Obama and the New York Times – political whore and state propaganda machine.

  3. We aren’t getting the whole picture, I imagine the cross is actually upside down!

  4. If Obama is a Christian, then I am the Sheik of Araby and the Queen of Sheba rolled into one.
    God, do we live in insane times or what?


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