Sexpert says schools should teach teens about "pleasurable moaning"

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A so-called sex expert (“sex educator, writer, speaker, consultant”) named Cory Silverberg extolls masturbation as “the cornerstone of sexual health” and says sex ed in schools should include instructions on “pleasurable moaning.”

“Sex educator” Cory Silverberg: Would you want this man near your children?

Peter Baklinski reports for LifeSiteNews, May 1, 2012, that Silverberg told the Star last week that sex education in schools needs to become more graphic and explicit if it is to be relevant to today’s generation of kids.
Cory Silverberg, a sex educator from Toronto, told the Star’s Ann Douglas, “Teenagers need to know what pleasure looks and sounds like — pleasurable moaning, asking for more — in order to be sure that a partner is providing enthusiastic consent to sex.”
Silverberg suggested that conversations about pornography should become part of an updated sex ed curriculum: not to warn children of the dangers, backed by research, that are inherent in the use of pornography, but to make children aware of the “stereotypical views about how men and women should interact sexually.”
Silverberg also want parents to talk to their teens about “pleasurable moaning,”  so that the teens will be able to interpret the “pleasurable moaning” of an intoxicated or passed out sexual partner as a sign of sexual consent. “Can you really speak up for yourself if you’ve had so much to drink you’re completely passive or passed out, for instance? People need to be sure that their partners are actually saying yes.”
Silverberg is the same “sexpert” who is is about to publish a children’s book, aimed at children from pre-school through 8-years-old, which portrays the dozens of alternative methods that can be used to create a new human life (about 30 according to the author). The book will also be accompanied by a teacher’s resource to assist its implementation in a school setting.
In discussing the book, Silverberg disparages traditional stories that tell what he calls a “nice story (mommy + daddy + intercourse = you!)” adding, “more and more of us are acknowledging the help we get to bring children into our lives. That help might be a doctor, fertility clinic, adoption or foster agency; it might be a turkey baster and a friend; it might be a sperm donor or a surrogate.”

Yet another reason to home-school your children!

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0 responses to “Sexpert says schools should teach teens about "pleasurable moaning"

  1. my first thought is pervert

  2. And now that they have removed the door off of the closet, the perverts just keep on comming, we need to nail and concrete the damn door shut until these perverts learn how to act in public. Just because these perverts like something they think EVERYONE likes it, WRONG! I don’t want ANYBODY to put their hands on me, I don’t care who they are, man or woman! Now days if you were to smack a pervert for putting their hands on you, you will likely be charged with some kind of hate crime. You put your hands on me and you may get a broken arm, thank you! Semper Fi.

  3. Sick…

  4. Geez, I didn’t think this was an area anyone needed ‘lessons’ in!!

  5. Schools should say: “Kids, if you see this man in a raincoat with free candy, you should run.”

  6. If all this is so natural, why does it need to be taught? Because it’s NOT natural, they are taking the natural joy of sex that comes with love and commitment and cheapening it by making all about physicality and “normalizing” things which are in no way normal or healthy.

  7. LOL – I doubt government even knows how to pleasure oneself, as they are much too busy screwing us.

  8. This is beyond repulsive. Oh my gosh.

  9. Why the hell not? The government has them bitching and moaning for everything else in life.

  10. Sorry….what an idiot!!!!! He sounds like he is on the devil’s payroll. Doesn’t he know that porno is the devils device to entrap people to the point that demonic spirits enter that person. Why do you think there is so much rape and so on, it has came from things that should never be shown on movies or even on TV. Times have gotten darker and darker. We didn’t notice it at first, we just got used to it. No morals taught anymore. He needs to be shot, he probably is a child molester.

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