"SexFest" today at Allegheny College

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YFA“Condoms, Cupcakes, Copulation!” One of these things is not like the other. But, here at Allegheny College, feminist groups are treating sexual intercourse like a party with slogans such as these.
 Allegheny’s SexFest is sponsored by the school’s Reproductive Health Coalition, is meant to promote sexual health awareness. In the main Campus Center lobby this Friday, attendees will enjoy food and play games while learning about sexual health issues.
In addition to playing games, attendees will have the chance to purchase items from a company called Pure Romance. This organization has a similar party theme when speaking about sexual activity: “Empower. Educate. Entertain.”
Their website lists items such as “vaginal vibrators,” “tie me up tape, “anal play” toys and many other bondage-type products to promote sadomasochism. In Allegheny’s Campus Center, these offensive, inappropriate items could be sold in arguably the most frequented location on campus.
The event comes a few months after Allegheny’s first Slutwalk, which encouraged female students to march through campus in promiscuous clothing, chanting their right to act sexually without having to worry about being raped. In a sense, it promoted the idea that they should be able to sleep with a number of different partners without being called a slut.
And, as it turns sexuality into a fad, Allegheny’s SexFest may unfortunately encourage students to forget the sacredness of sex, making the act of waiting until marriage completely extinct.
The event it listed on the college’s website here.
While the left go ballistic over Rush calling Fluke a slut, college campuses across America are encouraging young girls to be one – under the guise of “sexual health awareness”. How about teaching young woman to have some self-respect?

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0 responses to “"SexFest" today at Allegheny College

  1. Hillary’s “Village”.

    • It takes a village idiot… where the heck are these people who think duct tape is kinky?

  2. 😉

  3. oooh, oooh, what kind of games? sure sound fun…maybe a contest who can put a condom on a banana the fastest, who can come up with the most creative use of a vibrator… (add your own here, I’m not that creative on this subject)… as Dr E says, “snark”…

    • Strip poker….Who could “finish” the fastest or would it be – Who could “go” the longest? (I’m horrible…sorry!)

      • HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now That sounds like fun! Don’t you know that it can be done nowadays? Ewwwww….
        Did you use it a lot? Wait…don’t answer that!

  4. the slippery slope on their way to whoredom… morality morality there ain’t no stinkin morality here

  5. Dikes on Bikes will be there to supervise.

  6. lowtechgrannie

    To paraphrase Ann Barnhardt on the Hagmann and Hagmann interview discussing Obama’s contraception policy and the Catholic Church” ” Unless sex occurs as God ordained, it’s just flesh slapping against flesh— masturbation.”

  7. An “arms race to the bottom,” it’s been called lately.

  8. They forgot the man-and-sheep silhoutte on their flyer. :/

  9. Those who talk about it the most, are those who get it the least.

  10. They left out ‘Naked Twister’… Imagine that with Nancy Pelosie and Harry Reed…
    Barf bag alert a little to late…

  11. And aren’t we so proud?!?!? Barf…

  12. Thank you for pointing out how only holding females to a standard is like the Muslims: they want men to have all this all-fired authority, but when it comes time to be held responsible for decisions, they want only the woman to be punished.

    • eric williams

      Girls thats dress like a slut deserve to be raped, over and over again!!! Girls nowadays wear skin tight clothing and not expect heterosexual men not to stare….whos the idiot now


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