Sex change drugs ‘to be offered’ to nine-year-olds

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Photo: Caters

Photo: Caters

Zach Avery, one of the youngest children to be treated for Gender Identity Disorder, decided, aged five, that he wanted to live as a girl 

Telegraph: Children as young as nine are to be prescribed drugs which delay the onset of puberty as the first step towards a sex change operation, according to reports.

The treatment will be offered by one NHS trust to children who are so troubled by their gender that they may wish to undergo drastic surgery after adolescence, according to the Mail on Sunday.

But the decision was attacked by critics who described the decision to offer the treatment at such a young age as “horrifying” and called for an immediate investigation.

Monthly injections of the drugs, known as hypothalamic blockers, are used to slow the development of the children’s sexual organs by blocking the production of the hormones testosterone and oestrogen.

In boys this prevents the voice from lowering and the development of facial hair, while in girls it stops the menstrual cycle and breast development, in each case making any future sex change operation simpler.

Doctors at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust said a trial of the treatment on “gender dysphoria” patients aged 12 to 14 had been successful and it could now be offered even earlier.

Dr. Polly Carmichael, who led the trial, said future treatment would be offered based on “stage not age”, meaning it could be offered to younger children than those who took part in the trial.

“We’re talking about stopping puberty in the normal range of puberty, so I guess the younger age might be nine or ten,” she said.

Only children who meet certain criteria, including having permission from their parents and no mental health problems, will be eligible, she added.

Mark Pritchard, the Conservative MP, called for an investigation into the trust’s decision to provide the treatment at such a young age, especially at a time when budgets for life-saving cancer drugs are being squeezed.

His colleague Andrew Percy added: “I think many people will be horrified at the thought of a nine-year-old being provided with a drug that effectively stops them developing and maturing naturally.”


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0 responses to “Sex change drugs ‘to be offered’ to nine-year-olds

  1. Thats just wrong, but I dont know the full details

  2. Paul H. Lemmen

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

  3. My opinion only, but I think most of the perverted sex agendas are aimed at depopulation.

    • My sentiments exactly! And they have devised many different ways to accomplish this. It can also be described as genocide and is particularly disgusting considering that they are doing it to their own people, No human or any species would ever even contemplate something so despicable without the heavy hand of satan being in the mix. It totally goes against nature.

  4. Drs. Frankenstein and Mengele are getting some stiff competition.

  5. Can’t achieve “social justice” without “breaking a few eggs,” of course… left/liberals don’t care about how many individuals they ruin for their idea of the common good.

  6. What do they know about the long-term effects of these drugs,and the long-term effects of letting a 9 year old decide to have his/her gender changed? What OTHER drugs will the child have to be on the rest of her/his life? Same psychotropic drugs we’ve seen in the systems of the vast majority of the mass-killers in the last few years?

  7. Isn’t modern Amerika just wonderful?

  8. From Christian Medical Comment, about the hypothalamic blockers:

    “There are obvious safety concerns – although the gender treatment is reversible, the long-term effects on brain development, bone growth and fertility have not yet been fully evaluated. … Complicating this is the fact that gender identity may change in an individual over time … Toronto specialist Ken Zucker, who opposes the use of sex change therapies, claims that only about 12% of boys and girls with gender dysphoria will still have persistent dysphoria as adults. This fact alone should lead even the most committed supporters of early intervention to err strongly on the side of caution.”

  9. traildustfotm

    “Woe unto him who causes one of these little ones to stumble” – the Chief

  10. Truly horrific form of child abuse…no self-respecting parent would allow any of that crap to happen to their child. I do, however, have some concerns over so-called “mothers”, or feminists (or any other mental illness) who managed to procreate, who convince their son that he is a girl because they got a son instead of a daughter. Kinda like Munchausen by proxy for convincing a son to want gender change instead of forcing an illness on a child.

  11. OMG! At this age, kids don’t know what they want to eat for lunch! And, at times it can be a really BIG, DRAMATIC DEAL! What do they know of what gender they “feel like,” or which SEXUAL activity they might identify with for the future? Kids “try on” identity after identity until they are 18 or 20 or more….It’s called “growing up.”

  12. I’ve been researching assasinations, terrorist attacks, false flag ops (Sandy Hook, etc.), MKUltra mind control, satanism, and all manner of government and societal shenigans, but this one takes the cake. I can’t imagine any adult, especially a parent, involved in this who isn’t a mind-controlled dupe, a flat out satanist, or both.


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