Seven-year-old punished at school for bringing in souvenir shell casing

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Fox4KC: Sherry Falke  said her seven-year-old son came home from school Tuesday crying hysterically. She thinks the school went overboard with a punishment her son received at s bringing in a souvenir shell casing.
“He felt it in his pocket, and he took it out and was showing some of his friends at school,” Falke explained. She says her son Zane forgot he left the shell casing in his pocket, a souvenir he received at the 9/11 ceremony from the VFW in Carrollton, given to him and his Cub Scout group.
The principal proceeded to reprimand him as though he were bringing live ammunition to school. I understand that’s in the policy, in the handbook, that they can’t bring guns to school, I fully support that, but it’s an empty blank casing,” Falke added.
Zane’s teacher took the shell casing, and took him to the principal’s office. Falke says they told Zane he could be suspended from school for 10 days, but instead gave him a silent lunch where he sat by himself, and missed two recesses.

Dr. Feagan

Dr. Feagan

“In today’s society, unfortunately, we do have to be concerned with those types of things in schools,” said Dr. Roger Feagan, the superintendent of the Norborne R-VIII School District. He says while the shell casing is not a huge deal, the safety and security of students is their number one priority. (Because an empty shell is dangerous how?)
“Though this seems minor, if we don’t handle the minor things, they can unfortunately escalate into major things down the road,” added Dr. Feagan.
Falke said she called the school and explained the significance of the casing, and asked if they would reduce the punishment knowing now what it was.
“Had he brought a war medal to school, would he have been punished?” Falke asked. “They also passed out American flags to all the kids, if he brought that to school would he have been punished?”
The school said no, the punishment stands. “We didn’t want anything to lead to anything further with that student or think that was OK to bring to school,” said Dr. Feagan.
The school handbook specifically says weapons, firearms, knives, and the like, are not allowed. While the shell casing doesn’t exactly fall into that category, the school feels the punishment was appropriate, and a common consequence for minor offenses.
The school says it stands behind the punishment, and the superintendent adds that hopefully this is a learning experience for everyone. He says had the school been informed ahead of time about the souvenir, and where it came from, it could have been a great discussion topic in the classroom.
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0 responses to “Seven-year-old punished at school for bringing in souvenir shell casing

  1. I wish that I could call this micromismanagement, but it is not. As you and your readers know, it is part of a comprehensive program to lead us onto the train, take us to our destination, get is to disembark and form two lines, the ones on the left, into the showers, etc., and I used to wonder why intelligent, well educated people in the last century allowed that to happen. I will have to take Dr. Eowyn’s advice from an earlier posting and get some duct tape and wrap it around my head to keep it from exploding. FOTM, thanks for not giving up.

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  3. This ones pretty obvious brainwashing… hyper over-reaction to condition the child to have an aversion to anything to do with guns (a shell being the least lethal part of the whole thing), they may argue that such is a good thing, but such is not a good thing when it comes to self-defense. A slave who has been programmed to not take up a weapon (of any sort) against their oppressor is left with no recourse, and despairs.
    Really people need to stop sending their children to school, stop going themselves, and seek actual knowledge, without brainwashing, that is why independent schooling is so feared and reviled, not because of claimed inability to impart life skills, but because it threatens to remove the brain-scrubbing materials and produce a thinker, the most feared sort of person by those who are despots. Anything that provides independence (and freedom) from the govstapo or other servants of the devil is considered incredibly dangerous by those puppets of evil pulling the system’s strings.
    Hopefully they will seek legal recourse against the school, and hopefully would be successful in that.

    • With SOME factions’ efforts to re-write History,re-design Math and deplete family values,if you’re going to home School your kids,you’d better hurry and get all your teaching materials together,before everything in the books becomes,not what it actually WAS or IS,but what THEY want it to be.

  4. Further proof that the freaking Liberal whackjobs that ave hijacked Americas public school and college campuses are out of their freaking minds. Common sense has been swallowed up by politcally correct nonsense. Political Correctness is just another way of saying “Hate!”

  5. Hah! Back when I went to school (and the walk to the school bus was a half mile uphill both ways 😉 a schoolmate brought a whole bag of empty shell casings to school, save for ONE LIVE ROUND! That was confiscated by the teacher, placed into his desk, and retained there until IIRC it was returned to the parent during the next parent-teacher conference. The student in question was unaware the bag contained the said live round and willingly allowed its confiscation… That made for quite a “show-and-tell” 😉 This was a time when a number of my schoolmates proudly wore NRA firearms safety instruction completion baseball caps…..I swear today people have had their brains sucked out of their heads and replaced with, well, I dunno… Totally afraid of their own shadow.

  6. How can they be sure that their over-reaction to “small things” like this won’t cause a student to “go postal” and start shooting up the school?

  7. I just sent Feagan an email that I thought it was not right for Walmart to hand out doctorates..

  8. Dr. Roger Feagan is another left wing fruit cake punishing a kid for being an American. The public schools are full of Roger Feagans!


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