Separated at Birth: Sandy Hook’s Adam Lanza, Parkland’s David Hogg, Jacksonville’s David Katz

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We are told that Adam Lanza was the 20-year-old lone shooter responsible for killing 20 first-graders and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012.

By now, we are all familiar with that now-iconic, curiously fuzzy pic of Lanza, speculated by some in the Alt-Media to be a photoshop. Others question whether Adam Lanza was even a real person.

Born on April 22, 1992, Adam Lanza would be 26 years old today, had he lived and were he a real person.

Curiously, Adam Lanza bears a striking resemblance to David Hogg and David Katz.

David Hogg is the media-hog student activist of the M.S. Douglas High School shooting of February 14, 2018 in Parkland, Florida. We are told Hogg is 20 years old, born on April 12, 2000, but there are some who wonder if he’s actually older.

Note Hogg’s and Lanza’s similar eyebrows; same eyes; same nose; same small, thin-lipped mouth; same facial shape; same ears, especially their right ears.

David Katz was the 24-year-old lone gunman who, we are told, shot and killed two people and injured another ten before committing suicide, at a video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, on August 26, 2018, at about 1:30 pm.

Source of David Katz pics:

Note the similarities between Katz and Lanza: same curly bangs on forehead; same facial shape; same deep-set eyes; same nose; same “cupid’s bow” upper lips; same sunken cheeks; and identical square jaws/chins.

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26 responses to “Separated at Birth: Sandy Hook’s Adam Lanza, Parkland’s David Hogg, Jacksonville’s David Katz

  1. I noticed the resemblance as soon as they posted a picture of him on Sunday night. I showed it to my husband and asked him who he looks like; he said Adam Lanza.
    I hadn’t really picked up on the David Hogg resemblance before, but I see it now.

    Were there any of the other usual tell-tale signs of a staged event at Jacksonville?

  2. CIA clones gen 2/ gen 2.2. Enhanced programming susceptibility. The big story here, and one which will never be reported by MSM, is this: Who was the Katz kid’s psychiatrist; where is his office today; what is the office number?

    The psychiatrists of these killers disappear like the flash of a camera. Poof – gone. Check for yourself…

  3. Yes, they’ve got themselves quite a little fanatic there. It says something about their self-image that they see nothing “odd” about using this despicable piglet as their symbol.

    I think this is more of that blending of “real and unreal”. The “formal organs” of propaganda have reached the point where the lies FAR outweigh any truth that may leak through. They are literally inventing a “reality” and condemning anyone who refuses to live in it.

  4. If not the same cut-out human, then maybe this is the same demon projecting itself through different people. I know that sounds nuts, but the similarities here are interesting.

  5. Now that is creepy, but you are right, Hogg looks so much like Lanza, it’s shocking. Have him put his hair down and it could be the same exact guy. Yikes!

  6. They all look like they are pumped up on something.


  7. Logically then, can we prove that hogg was in one place when the event happened at the gaming event, and conversely, can we prove the shooting at the gaming event did actually take place with the alleged shooter?

    I notice the same old tropes with this, “youth”, (To play off the synthetic age gap, and set the ages against each other, per usual.) “mental health”, (where they want to convey that anyone with any issues whatsoever, even mild anxiety, are “terrorists” or “potential terrorists”, this is also played off to smear those who “don’t fit in”.) videogames as a terrorism-indicator (this trope started way back with the columbine psy-op, it appears meant to both distract from the relevant issues, other actual questions, and to demonize those who “don’t fit in” a.k.a. demonizing dissent.) and of course the usual “guns must be gotten rid of” malarkey. There also being a pervasive message of “if you don’t enjoy the gulag, you must be drugged so that you comply with the empire.”

    Breaking this down, what do you suppose this event will be used for? The public, having no background in understanding what propaganda is, is going to fall for it, it seems. With the wipe of relevant info on sandy hook etc. having happened as well, the resources to use to disprove the propaganda are also slimmer, which is likely one of the things they were aiming for. One question to ask then, is what can be done to demonstrate that there is a vested interest in promoting these agendas, and doing psy-ops against the citizenry, and what can be done to keep people who do understand what’s going on from wandering into the satanist’s disinfo areas with regards to “conspiracy theories”/research? (IE all the gnostic gnonsense and disinfo noise that has flooded the movement.)

    • The fact is that all they need is a picture, real or manufactured. The “event” doesn’t have to happen at all. All they need there is “coverage” of an event. They have already told us that they planned to “create realities”. They are.

      They are pointing to their handiwork and insisting that we “believe”. There are negative consequences for those who refuse. How would you know there ever was an Adam Lanza? For that matter, how would you know there was a real David Hogg?

      Look at these “shootings”. They TELL us all about them. They are short on imagery and narrative. They are just “impressions”. They TELL us what we are to infer from them.

      I don’t believe anything they say. In fact, the more insistent they are the less likely I am to listen.

  8. I was not surprised at all to read yesterday this Katz kid was on meds (as a matter of fact, I was waiting for it!)

  9. Not sure why everyone is jumping to outrageous conclusions. I feel the answer is rather simple. It’s the same guy. Must be a small group of people behind these events (kept small to minimize the people who know the truth. ) So they recycle the same actors over and over again because they believe people are too stupid to figure it out. Probably what the entire campaign of censorship at YouTube is about, platforms like that make it way easier to spot duplicate players.

  10. I think it’s called inbreeding.

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