Separated at Birth: Sandy Hook coroner & Pennsylvania school stabbing doctor

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On April 9, 2014, a mass stabbing and slashing incident took place at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania.
At around 7:13 a.m., 16-year-old Alex Hribal, a student at the school, wearing all-black clothing and armed with a pair of 8-inch kitchen knives, stabbed and slashed students in the first-floor science hallway, just minutes before the start of school. All told, 21 people were injured, including Hribal, who was taken into custody by police and charged as an adult with attempted homicide and aggravated assault.
In the video below, Christoph R. Kaufmann, M.D., Director of the Trauma Center at Forbes Regional Hospital in Monroeville, PA, spoke on the Franklin school stabbings. Dr. Kaufmann has 18 publications, the first of which — a co-authored article in the journal Current Surgery —  was published in 1987.

But wait!
Where have we seen and heard Dr. Chris Kaufmann before?
At Sandy Hook!
Below is a video of H. Wayne Carver, M.D., 61, the chief medical examiner of the State of Connecticut, at a press conference on December 15, 2012, a day after alleged lone gunman Adam Lanza allegedly shot to death, first his mom Nancy, then 20 kids and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Note also the inappropriate smiles and grins of the state trooper with a moustache second to the left of Dr. Carver (or on the far right from our perspective), at the 1:46, 2:18, 3:07, 4:03, 5:15, 6:17, 6:32, 7:15, 7:46 (big grin), 8:41, 8:45, 9:16, 9:18, 9:35, and 11:52 marks in the video above.
What was so funny?
Psychologists call the trooper’s smiles “micro expressions” — flashes of facial expressions that are very telling. Especially curious is the trooper’s teeth-baring grin at the 8:41 mark. Pamela Meyer, author of the book, LieSpotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deceptionwould call that grin “duping delight” — smiling with delight at getting away with a terrible crime. (See “How to Spot a Liar” for more.)
FOTM reader Barry Soetoro, Esq., fashioned the pic below, comparing Dr. Chris Kaufmann with Dr. Wayne Carver. Note especially their similar vertical frown lines between their eyebrows, and the similar dark patch of hair in the middle of their white moustaches.
4 dr chris kauffman - franklin school shooting
What’s the statistical probability that two men would look and sound so alike, are of approximately the same age, and are both medical doctors attending to the dead and injured of traumatic mass shooting/stabbing events?
I think any statistician would say the probability is infinitesimally small.
Curiously, on Feb. 25, 2011, about 10 months before the Sandy Hook school massacre, Dr. Carver wrote a letter to the Judiciary Committee of the State of Connecticut’s General Assembly, asking that Connecticut State law be changed to allow the State Medical Examiner’s Office to refuse to release autopsy reports on minors. He threatened to quit if they didn’t do it. The state legislature passed the legislation he requested, Bill 1054, and he withdrew his resignation.
Bill 1054 prevents the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner “from unilaterally disclosing autopsy reports on pediatric homicides to the general public.” Below is a composite of screenshots I took of Carver’s letter, beginning at the 3.46 mark from the video that follows the letter.

Click letter to enlarge

Carver letter1Carver letter2a

5 months after the Sandy Hook massacre on May 23, 2013, The Courant reported that Dr. Carver, 61, announced his retirement. Carver, who always joked he was aptly named for the job, had worked at Connecticut’s coroner’s office since July 1, 1982, and as the state’s chief medical examiner since March 1989, with a salary of $303,433. Carver officially retired as of May 1 but was still working on a 120-day contract to help with the transition and complete his cases. Carver had already put in for retirement before the Dec. 14 shooting. He said he had been suffering from health issues in 2012 and only returned to work days before the massacre. Carver said the Newtown crime scene was by far the worst of his career.
For links to the posts FOTM’s has published on the Sandy Hook Massacre Hoax, go here. See especially:


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  2. Everything surrounding Sandy Hook just continues to get more and more profoundly weird! Now I wonder why that is! Thank you Dr Eowyn for your continuing efforts to keep us informed as to all this goofy nonsense.

  3. Dennis H Bennett

    Meyer’s book is a must read, especially for anyone involved in face-to-face negotiations. It is also very helpful in assessing credibility of those in the public arena, especially those making public accusations. Great work Dr. E!.

  4. Eowyn, I’m not to sure about the 2 Dr’s being the same. But, just watch the first 20 seconds of vid 1 and what does it remind you of?
    <b. An actual Crime Scene that’s what. America that’s what they look like. Ambulances right to front door. Not 1/2 mile away. People scurrying near scene, not going round in circles at fire house.

    • “An actual Crime Scene that’s what.”
      Good point, Steve! In no way am I suggesting the Franklin school stabbings are a false flag. My hands are already full dealing with 2 false flags (Sandy Hook & Boston bombing). 😉

  5. The man looks the same. Look at and compare the two indentions on the left side of his face. I wish both photos showed his ears, so they could be compared as that would be an even better indicator. The jokes in the name…Carver. That’s probably one reason the trooper is having a hard time holding in laughter. Honestly!

  6. did anyone else see that these “parents” are now suing the entire town of Newtown for wrongful death? they just will not give it up…

  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. The two doctors look like they are the same man. I agree with you Dr. Eowyn. It is also noteworthy that Dr. Carver gives a five-month notice of when he would retire.

  8. This is Ken Adachi. I also received emails from Barry on this story. As suggested by Steve on Jan 12, I find the photos of Kaufmann and Carver to be strikingly similar, however, their VOICES are not, in my opinion. Carver has a lower voice, while Kaufmann’s voice is higher pitched and softer. Listen to Kaufmann’s voice in the first video from the top
    and compare to Carver’s voice from your embedded videos.
    Regards, Ken

    • Tequila Mockingbird

      Barry Soetoro? That is Barack Obama’s BIRTH NAME. Either someone is putting you in or…

    • I agree with Ken. The men do look VERY similar, but Carver appears older. And their voices are NOT the same; Dr. Carver has a stronger MA/ CT accent, and a lower pitch than Dr. Kaufman, who has a slightly southern drawl, and at a higher pitch. Probably two different guys.

  9. Also compare Dr Chris Kaufmann to (OBOT) ‘Dr Conspiracy.’ Kaufmann is the surgeon who popped up on TV, after the Franklin PA High School “mass stabbing.”
    Take some time to learn about Dr Chris Kaufmann (Trauma Director, at Forbes Regional Hospital, in Monroeville PA).
    The Franklin PA High School stabbing was fake, just like Sandy Hoax. Dr Chris Kaufmann might be another DHS actor — selling the LIE that a “school massacre” happened.
    These school “stabbings/shootings” are FedGov drills — to trick Americans into accepting real-time 24/7 video surveillance INSIDE CLASSROOMS. That way, FedGov can punish/reward Teachers for pushing Common Core. The excuse for installing these video surveillance systems (eg. systems sold by NAVIGATE PREPARED) is “safety” to “prevent the next shooting/stabbing.”
    The (fake) Sandy Hook ‘parents’ are actors. They suddenly became SPOKESMODELS pushing these video surveillance systems for INSIDE PUBLIC SCHOOLS:

    (VIDEO) of Dr Chris Kaufmann HERE:
    QUESTION: Is Dr Chris Kaufmann (PA trauma surgeon) the same man as “Dr Conspiracy” (the OBOT pushing Obama’s FAKE birth certificate)?
    Google photos of both men, and compare.

  10. 2015.1.23 SANDY HOOK COVENANT; New ‘Original Scans’ Of Birth Records, Adam & Ryan, Born To Nancy & Peter Lanza:

  11. wow… I was just on youtube looking at SH videos and making a comment about the SAME man (actor) being on site for the two killings. I typed in “male student stabbing, same doctor” and up this came. When I saw the Dr. in the PA stabbing on tv back then, I recognized him ASAP. I made my son come and watch the clip and then we went to the SH stuff. Same guy, probably the same “lab coat”. He must be hired to make the trips around the country and speak at all the fake massacres. We are being manipulated daily. THANKS FOR this article!

  12. I don’t know. It’s pretty clear that the two MDs are two different people, their voices are a dead giveaway. There are plenty of other things about Sandy Hook that speak of false flag operation, but not this.

  13. “There is an entire industry of celebrity look alikes working out there.”
    Congratulations, Jim! While insulting us, you inadvertently stumbled on the phenomenon of Crisis Actors without even knowing about it. You really should read this before you further embarrass yourself with your sneering superiority and supercilious ignorance:
    1. “Professional crisis actors simulate mass casualty events,” Jan. 1, 2013.
    2. “Remarkable resemblance of Sandy Hook victims and professional crisis actors,” Jan. 11, 2013.

  14. Jim: aint it ODD that these two look alikes happen to be in the same PROFESSION? Their/ his big job is to calm down the masses and give a speech on the injuries of the school disasters : )
    Are you a forensic expert? I might have a question or two for you? thanks.

  15. Please do your homework. There are true conspiracies and shoddy work discredits the truth of all the deceptions that are occurring. These seem like two different people. I’m from Pittsburgh that stabbing was real not like the strange occurrences at Sandy Hook. They may look alike they do not sound alike. If you make these accusation at least run facial recognition and do back a background check. Check the hospital credentials etc.

    • R Nugara, please do your homework and read the articles under the SH tab on this site. It’s good to be informed before commenting.

  16. New CNN video Dr Wayne Carver aka Chris Kauffmann shows up again! go to 1:26

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  18. Dannell Malloy is a pimp and whore. He’s a traitor, and needs to be hung by the neck until he’s dead.


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