Separated at birth

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The Obama administration’s secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, made a rather unfortunate sartorial choice for her appearance at the United Nations on January 31, 2012.

The Hillary lookalike man in a monocle, of course, is the James Bond villain, Ernst Stavros Blofeld, head of the international criminal organization SPECTRE.
But then, sometimes a woman just can’t help telegraphing to the world who she really is. LOL

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0 responses to “Separated at birth

  1. I had been thinking for a while that Hillary was softening her image with the longer hair because she was going to run for president. This look has me baffled–she is either lazy and/or her hair is very dirty!!! Also, ugly, ugly outfit. If I had her money, you’d better believe I would look better than this.

    • I’ve noticed that her hair often looks greasy, It’s ashamed that a woman representing our government, in one of our highest offices, looks so disshoveled…

  2. Is this the new uniform for the New World Order Hillary?
    Kinda like H.G. Wells 1984 don’t you think.

  3. A Beast.

  4. Never in a million years will I condone the acts of Bill… but could be he saw this coming and jumped ship LOL… But seriously, like Doc’s Wife said, with her $$ you would ‘think’ she would look and attire herself a bit more attractively…. this look?… *shudder*

  5. Girlfriend needs to hire a stylist ASAP!

  6. She needs Mini Me or, at least, Mr. Bigglesworth…

  7. Many years ago, I didn’t listen to my conspiracy “nut” friends when they told me of rumors that Hilary was having lesbian affairs, while in the White House. Maybe I should have listened.
    Is that her Mao Tse Tung outfit?


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