Separated at Birth

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Latest pic of Medusa

Bette Davis, a real movie star

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0 responses to “Separated at Birth

  1. In her prime, no one could best her as an actress, I enjoyed every film she made, but Bette Davis should have retired when she lost her edge and never settled for poorly scripted vehicles that deminished her once bright star. Madonna is a vulgar woman who exploits everything she touches and someone I would not walk across the street to watch if she was baking brownies and giving them away. The one show on television that I watched made me feel as a gutter person must feel. However, there is one similarity, they are or were strong, determined women, Madonna still is, I guess, but, I really don’t care.

  2. Madge hits middle age… is she at least a better person now?

  3. Bette Davis was all class.
    Madonna is all, well, you get it.


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