Senior vacations

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Spew Alert!

In training to be nudists

In training for a Costa Concordia cruise

How to have fun while staying home

This is just wrong

And so is this

The best vacation of all!

H/t beloved Wendy


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0 responses to “Senior vacations

  1. Dear Eowyn,
    That was not only wrong!!! That deserves an eye bleach alert!!! Scary, that is what those pictures are!!!

  2. Your day will come.

    • Is that a threat? You libs never cease to amaze me by how tolerant, open-minded, pro-diversity, warm and fuzzy you are. You must be a miserable man, stewing in your own self-made hell.

    • Jeesh you need to lighten up and get a sense of humor…
      Or is the only humor you libs appreciate the kind when Maher calls Palin the “c” word and others bash conservative women?

  3. Husband is still laughing!!! So funny!

  4. i hope there still is an america when i get to that age when i have to ride around in a cart…

  5. lowtechgrannie

    The only thing worse would be if these old wrinkled nudies were sporting tattoos! LOL!!!


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