Sending Us Over the Cliff

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With every news outlet parroting the term, “Fiscal Cliff”, we see amazingly divergent opinions on what put us at this impasse. Conservatives and liberals are actively counting on fixing the blame on each other. But our trouble is nothing new. To understand it, simply look to African countries that have suffered leftist revolutions. The pattern is simple: once in power, take everything you can steal, and give it to your biggest supporters (e.g., take productive farms from their hard working owners, and give them to your gang of thugs, who will squander everything they touch, leaving the ground fallow and ruined).
A case in point is Wynton Hall’s article in


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0 responses to “Sending Us Over the Cliff

  1. Of course he got a grant. Electric car, looks good, powered by batteries, 200 mile range, 12 hours to recharge. What’s not to like about limiting the people’s ability to travel freely?

  2. Sickening what has become of our government!

  3. My neighbor took delivery of her Tesla S three weeks ago And it is simply the best car I have ever had the pleasure to drive. Unbelievably quick and phenomenally roomy. Her 85kw model takes just under 5 hours to charge using the twin 80A chargers on the 240V/80A wall connector in her garage. That’s for about 300 miles of range. I want one.

    • I hope you are right, Hap. I’ve heard stories that are opposite to your account.

      • I think the emphasis is on “stories.” If you get the chance, talk to a real owner.

      • Minor notes. I talked to my neighbor this morning and she pointed out that her’s is actually a top-of-the-line Tesla S Sport. Also, she and her husband intend to add the Tesla 440V/200A charger when it is available which will bring her car to a full 80kWh charge in about 45 mins.

  4. All you Obama supporters take a look as you forward move in action. Yep if you help Obama he will help you. HA HA

  5. No wonder why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. All deficits are creation of the country. First they loot us and then come up with cuts.


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