Sending the Scraps to Obama.

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Mitt Romney Sends Leftover Pizza to Obama Chicago HQ

May 26, 2011 7:18 PM 
ABC’s Emily Friedman (@abcemily) reports: After spending the day in Chicago fundraising, Mitt Romney sat down with small business owners at Gino’s East, a pizza joint famous for their deep-dish pizza.
Not wanting any of the leftover slices to go to waste, Romney sent the remaining pies to where else but President Obama’s Chicago reelection headquarters.
Asked if the pies actually made it to Obama’s HQ, a campaign source said that they had.
In fact, Romney himself tweeted a photo of a delivery boy heading out with the loot, writing, “Great deep dish at @ginoseast. Sending the extra slices to @barackobama and his Chicago HQ team.”
Presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty also took a swipe at Obama today with this tweet:  “@barackobama sorry to interrupt the European pub crawl, but what was your Medicare plan?”
This would have been even better if it was stale pizza to represent Obama’s stale economic policies. LOL
Posted by Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Sending the Scraps to Obama.

  1. Best thing Romney’s ever done! LOL

  2. ginos east has fantastic deep dish Sicilian style pizza. the ground sausage covers the entire top of the pizza. fantastic pizza.

  3. I agree, Eowyn….that and being the first R running for POTUS to say that O threw Netanyahu under the bus.
    I know nothing about Romney other than Romneycare and that he has seemed to have spent too much time checking out the prevailing opinions before voicing his own….lacking spine…….
    perhaps he is growing one.
    I think this coming election is going to be really nasty and negative and if the R remains “above the fray” and doesn’t call O/Dems out on their c%$p, we will see a rerun of the election in upstate NY ….over & over.
    Note to Rs…buck up Buttercup and Stand!


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