Sending State Police to Round Up Republicans?

Our Take: Democrats in Oregon go full Fascist

Oregon’s governor, Katherine Brown, has just proven how far the Democrats will go in pursuit of their delusional global warming policies. With a sweeping bill aimed at giving the government far more regulatory power to combat “climate change,” Republicans in the Democrat-controlled State Senate have taken a stand against what they know will be a massive power grab; all the Republican members have left the Capitol to prevent the chamber from reaching the necessary quorum of 20 members needed to even hold the vote…

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When I first heard this on FoxNews I thought my ears had deceived me. 

But this article on Sebastian Gorka’s website confirms that I had heard correctly. Just imagine this one being played out on a national stage if the DemonRats gain the white house.

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Kevin Lankford
Kevin Lankford

I suppose we should appreciate that some republicans will take a stand against democratic stupidity. It is all to often they work in concert,….or their opposition is just for show, expedience, or convenience.


I have one, simple question: WHY is anyone surprised?! Why? Haven’t the Dems shown their fascist colors long enough? Or are people too ignorant and/or wishful to acknowledge the bloody OBVIOUS?


But when Demorats walk out (Wisconsin) it’s perfectly ok. Hypocrites.

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

You have but to look at Kate’s face to see how loony she is. If this passes, there will be an immediate increase in gas rices by twenty-two cents a gallon. Electric, gas, and other such bills would be scheduled to go up by 50%. They think they will issue vouchers to the low income people, but then the middle class will pay not only for themselves, but to provide the vouchers to the low income folks. This is just another measure that will continue to destabilize middle income people. How many old folks on Social Security can afford a… Read more »

Steven Broiles

So the Republicans got BROWNED, Eh? Fair is fair: I PINE for the Day when President Trump goes after the Democrats AND some Republicans MASH THE THROTTLE!!! And one Republican he CAN and MUST go after is Robert Mueller, “the assassin.” Yes: Mueller IS a Republican!

Well, I never thought I’d ever see a state more whacked out than New York. Thanks, Oregon! Now stay over there!