Senator Hirono on dems: “We have to tell everyone how smart we are”

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This comes from the Hawaiian senator who said during the Justice Kavanuagh hearings: “I just want to say to the men of this country: Just shut up and step up. Do the right thing for a change.”


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11 responses to “Senator Hirono on dems: “We have to tell everyone how smart we are”

  1. Hey, Hirono.
    The truly intelligent don’t have to tell people how smart they are.

    • If they’re as smart as she says,maybe they should DO just ONE smart thing,just to prove their intelligence.

    • Isn’t that the truth! Anytime someone tells me who they are; how smart, humble, knowledgeable or whatever they are, assuming I can’t see for myself, I automatically know they are full of BS.

  2. No doubt, there were still fumes from atomic bombs lingering in the air when she was born. I think Crazy Mazie inhaled more than her fair share. She’s as crazy as a rat 🐀in a coffee can and dumber than a bag of kitty litter.

  3. This woman is a sexist menace. All of these co-conspirators who do anything to divide this country have no business representing any aspect of it. Why would women want someone like her to sow hatred in their names?

    I don’t really care how “smart” she thinks she is. She is rude and undignified. Lack of civility demonstrates a far greater set of problems than simple intelligence. Elected officials of either gender don’t tell me to shut up.

  4. Always having to tell everybody how SMART you are will get you the same reaction as always having to tell everybody how FUNNY you are. In BOTH cases,if you have to TELL people,you AREN’T.

  5. Senator Daniel Inouye was a class act and genuine hero…. This does not live up to his legacy…

  6. Sick to distraction and death from the Barack Insane Obanites who shake their fingers in my face to tell me “I didn’t build that,” and I am a stooopid, insolent peon who should sign over my vote and life to them, b/c, after all, they are Democrats who stand for me, the “lowly .” NEWSFLASH!!!!!! The Demorats manufacture/maintain their OWN “LOWLY” eschelon, & KEEP THEM THERE—amongst the LOWLY…& continue to harvest their votes of “hopefulness….” out of the hopeless who, upon turning over their power to the Dems….become the terminally doomed to a life WITHOUT hope. And….the cycle keeps repeating……and, those in the “trapped Dem state” never seem to learn the way out of the maze/trap set for them for which they serve the CZARS of the Democratic party these days…..So….what will it take to pry the votes of the oppressed from their oppressors? Another Jimmy Carter? A Harding, Tyler, Pierce, or Buchanan ( my assessement of 4-5 of the WORST presidents( in concert with Barack Insane Obama)?

  7. What a bunch of babbling better suited for hair salon gossips than for dignified legistator.

  8. Since when was communism smart?

  9. If she was “smart” she’d find honest work. How smart is it to be a Demonrat Communist?


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