Senate Judiciary today referred potential false statements

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It looks like things are heating up “Senate Judiciary today referred potential false statements alleging misconduct by Judge Kavanaugh to federal law enforcement for criminal investigation after accuserrecanted.”  @senjudiciary

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7 responses to “Senate Judiciary today referred potential false statements

  1. It is the greatest mystery in my mind that not a single person during the hearings reflected on the true academic accomplishments of the accuser blasey ford. Her education alone, notwithstanding, her accreditations, her experience in public speaking and lecturing, and position as a tenured college “psychology” professor, should evidence that the whole hearing was a staged farce; or at the least a prime example of a ‘split personality.

    I can not believe that if her accusations had any veracity, ford would have been as decisive and forceful in pursuit of some sort of closure as Kavanaugh was with his own defense statement.

    But then we are all witness to the very same people, dems and gop (rinos), hosting an illegitimate fraud and infiltrator in the office of our President for eight years. A fraud whom all know well by name.

  2. I don’t think Bernie will answer Sen Grassley anytime soon.

    This letter should effectively end any thoughts Bernie might have about 2020.

    But then again, look at the people that voted for him 2 years ago. They’re oblivious to reality also.

    • Bernie Bro is done. He ain’t got no chance against the Indian Warren.

      Reality he damned! We got a real POC womyn fighting for us and #believeallsurvivors.

      Funny how the Indian womyn never mentions Juanita, Kathleen, Karen, Paula nor Mary Jo…

  3. It goes without saying the idea of them cooperating on ANYTHING is no longer possible. We are headed for a coup or civil war, or both. The lying and manipulation is off the charts. It no longer means anything to them to tell the truth.

    The end justifies the means in all cases. No one in their right mind would want to live under a government run by immoral and unethical nihilists like these. They keep harping on this nonsense on TV like it’s real.

    Frankly, what does any of this have to do with someone’s suitability for the bench? Thirty-six years is a long time. If they are really concerned about this, where is the evidence of recent unacceptable behavior?

    Divide and conquer is what this is really about. It is just the flavor of the hour. Next week it will be something different. Either submit or be prepared for constant subversion.

  4. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Wasn’t sure where else to put this, but it interested me, so here goes:

    I just went back (thanks to Fox News Sunday) and reviewed the part of the hearing where (D) Sen. Leahy asked Dr. Ford about what, of the assault, was the “strongest memory” for her. Sounded like a “set-up”.

    She looked straight at him, twinkle in her eyes, big smile on her face, as if a young girl telling her daddy about her first kiss… and said, “Indelible, in the hippocampus, is the laughter…” that took 4 seconds. Who says that?

    She paused, then continued, “the laugh {stops}, the *uproarious* laughter.” Another 4 seconds. She then paused, closed her mouth and raised her head as if for effect. It sounds rehearsed. Is she reading it?

    Her demeanor then changed, as she continued, “Between the two…” at which point she paused again, sighed, and the smile went away, her head & eyes lowered. Her voice cracked.

    She continued, “And they’re having fun… at my expense.” Looking up again, at Leahy again, shaking her head knowingly as women do when talking with each other (“You know, right?”) That was another 6 seconds.

    She now looks lost, distraught, frightened. Her attorney, meanwhile, is looking straight at Leahy to be sure he’s taking it all in. Like an agent or parent, “giving the eye” to a casting director… He’s also shaking his head, almost imperceptibly, in agreement. Subliminally.

    I hope that doesn’t sound jaded.

    Beyond that, today George Stephanopoulos said, incorrectly, that Feinstein had not submitted the letter to the FBI for investigation. She DID; they said there was nothing worth investigating; no credible or corroborating evidence.

    Dems in the Senate think that Kavanaugh saying he’d, “done nothing wrong” meant he DID assault her, but felt it wasn’t wrong. IDIOTS. That then gets sent out to the great unwashed masses via the MSM, which eats it up as fact.

    They also feel the GOP Senators were hiding behind the prosecutor’s skirt…
    Seriously? The GOP goes above and beyond to get a female investigator with extensive experience in sexual assault cases to HELP Dr. Ford not feel like she’s in a gauntlet with all-male GOP Senators, and the Dems say *that*?

    They also hope that the hearing will cause Kavanaugh, even if appointed, to have to *recuse himself* from future SCotUS cases involving any Democrat Senators involved in the hearing, as he will obviously have been biased by the process. Wow, what a grand scheme they cooked up!

    On Fox News Sunday, the pres & CEO of the “Nat’l Women’s Law Center” said the Dems only had Ford’s letter *10 days* before the hearing. WHAT?

    On 60 Mins, (D) Senator Combs of the Senate JCom said he was paying more attention to his *smart phone* during the hearing than to the testimonies; he said it was getting torrents of messages from victims of abuse…

    Great. TURN IT OFF! Show some respect for your colleagues and what you’re doing! He’s the one who proposed a 1 week FBI probe, then seconded by Flake after they walked out together Friday afternoon. Yeah. Really.

    Meat, the Press was pre-empted by golf, or I may have not made it through the day. Hard to digest so much garbage in an afternoon.

  5. The “Doxer” Democratic staffer, Jackson Cosko, who released the details on Senators during the Kavanaugh hearings also was found to have cocaine and methamphetamine during a search of his things, and may have been under the influence when he broke into the Senate offices.

    “Those threats seemed to worry Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson, who ordered him held without bond, rejecting his lawyers’ pleas that he be released on strict conditions.”


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