Senate hearing of Kavanaugh and his accuser – Live

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Below is the live hearing.

Born on November 28, 1966, Ford is a 52-year-old professional with a Ph.D., but curiously speaks in a little-girl voice, ending nearly every phrase or sentence with a totally inappropriate question-mark inflection, as if she’s a little girl asking permission.

She also speaks of the alleged assault that allegedly happened 36 YEARS AGO, in a choking, tearful voice. But, like the Sandy Hook crisis actors, there’s no tears, not one.

Meanwhile, two men have come forth to the Senate Judiciary Committee that they assaulted Christine Blasey (Ford) in 1982, not Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

From the Judiciary Committee (source: Daily Wire):

Committee staff have a second interview with a man who believes he, not Judge Kavanaugh, had the encounter with Dr. Ford in the summer of 1982 that is the basis of her allegation. He described his recollection of their interaction in some detail.

The Committee also had a phone interview with a second man who also believed that he may have assaulted Ford in the summer of 1982.

Also, Julie Swetnick, the woman represented by porn lawyer Michael Avenatti, who claims that she’d witnessed Kavanaugh participate in gang-rapes, sued her previous employer for sexual harassment using a law firm run by Debra Katz, the lawyer for Ford. A separate report further raised questions about Swetnick’s credibility after it was revealed that her ex-boyfriend had filed a restraining order against her and insisted that she’s “not credible at all” and that he has evidence to demonstrate that her claims about Kavanaugh are false.


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106 responses to “Senate hearing of Kavanaugh and his accuser – Live

  1. What’s with the baby voice ? Did she have helium for breakfast.

    • This 52-year-old middle-aged professional woman speaks as if she’s still 15 years old, an ingenue. She must be regressing.

      I cannot imagine how any employer can take this woman-with-a-little-girl-voice seriously.

      • Well, she certainly “regressed” if she actually wrote the letter to Feinstein. I am a retired copy editor, and the letter is written at the level of a 15-year-old whose native language is not English!

        • You give it too much credit. My estimate was about eight years of age!

          • Educational standards have deteriorated since I went to school in the 1950s-1960s. Still, eight might be right.

            • We must be about the same age. I STILL remember my first and second grade teacher, Mrs. Dady (an English woman), making us draw our letters over and over……..! Thank God she isn’t here to see this.

      • “Good morning Dr. Bambi”.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      Thanks for making me laugh today. It was the first time…

  2. She has been coached for sure. Act humble, with a tiny voice, to gain sympathy. She says just how badly this affected her, but it didn’t stop her from getting 2 masters degrees, and also a doctorate. Must not have bothered her that much.
    I am going to watch a bit of this, but not all of it. I doubt that it is going to make any difference. I fully expect the Republicans to ignore this issue, and vote Kavanaugh in, before the end of this weekend. And the Democrats are going to scream bloody murder. I think that the Republicans will actually come out ahead, by having the SCOTUS leaning to the right.

  3. I want to know how much she’s being paid for her theatrics.

  4. All the World is a Stage. Today more than ever.

  5. I am so sick of the resistors win at any cost. It is unAmerican. This is not governing, this is war on WE THE PEOPLE. slander. No one has an automatic right to be believed, with out proof.

    • I don’t know why I bother to bring this up, but it IS a crime to lie to Congress.

    • Yeah, like I said. It’s a crime to lie to Congress. Maybe they should confirm him and THEN have an investigation and charge them. That would put an end to this. After all, I thought we were in charge.

  6. Why wasn’t this womyn concerned when Kavanaugh came up for the D.C. Circuit position?

    • Well, the timing wasn’t right. The whole plot could have been compromised. It’s actually pretty clever. Without this the FBI would have no jurisdiction. Now that they’ve made it a “federal issue” i.e. somebody lying to Congress, they could do an investigation. Of course he’s already had six background checks already.

    • I just saw where they have already purchased their new website for opposition to the NEXT SCOTUS appointee.

  7. Yeah, the wounded little teenage girl voice seemed completely coached. I wasn’t watching on FOX, and didn’t notice my TV was on ABC. The “newscasters” on ABC were shilling for Ms. Ford in the most shameless way.

    • “Wah Brett, I jes’ don’ know what will happen to Tara. An’ I don’ know nothin’ ’bout berthin’ no babies either”.

  8. If someone finds some video footage of Ms. Ford from previous years, would her voice and general style be like we see and hear in today’s hearing?

  9. It appears obvious they intend to avoid the coincidence of her actual “bio” and self-admitted youthful drinking and promiscuity. I think the dems and rinos alike, regardless of the unbelievability, will use this fabricated controversy as their excuse, their pretext, for voting down kavanaugh.

  10. “Did you pay for the polygraph yourself?”
    [stammers] “Uh, I don’t think so.”
    “Do you know who did pay for it?”
    Can’t recall the exact wording but the gist was that no she didn’t know.

  11. This is such a freaking farce. I was listening for a bit with my headphones here at work but had to stop because I couldn’t stop loudly scoffing at her answers.
    Also- THAT VOICE!!! Ugh!

  12. Not that this will change anything but the plot grows thicker:

    Why do I have visions of David Brock and the Obongonauts down in the basement in Kalorama ginning this stuff up? They are trying to make a case for delaying this and asking for another investigation. They’ll probably cave, they’re cowards at heart.

  13. This is a confirmation hearing, not a criminal trial and after 35 years what is there to investigate? Interrogate people, sure, but there’s no physical evidence in existence. 35 year old memories are very rarely reliable and certainly not actual proof. So far she has no collaboration from persons present, just her word it occurred as she describes. So she is being treated for an emotional problem, that’s no indication this ‘attempted rape’ is the sole source of her troubles. Nothing in psychology is that cut and dried. Testamony from her therapist should be required to expand this, if at least to determine if she is emotionally fit (which after watching her for 45 minutes, I have some doubts). For all we know he may have ignored her for her emotional neediness at one time and this is her method of payback. It’s strange how her concentration is directed solely at Mr. Kavanaugh alone and no amosity towards the ‘enablers’ she claims were involved.

    • Yep. The fact that they let the commies control this is telling. They need to take charge. If there is no criminal conviction, move on. If there was evidence of a criminal act that is still actionable, tell them to refer it to the proper authorities to see if they can get an indictment. Now, let’s vote.

  14. I can no longer listen to the hearing, sick of Ford’s simulated little-girl voice and little-girl facial expressions, and nauseated by all the sycophantic Demonrat senators.

    This woman has not said anything new. She still has very selective memory — she remembers every detail of the alleged assault and is “100% sure” that her assaulter was Brett Kavanaugh, but she can’t remember (1) where the house was; (2) how she got home after the alleged assault; (3) who drove her home (she said she didn’t drive because she was 15 years old at the time). And she has not even ONE corroborating witness. In fact, all four of the witnesses she alleges were there — including two of her friends — have denied any knowledge of the alleged assault. At least two denied even having been at or knowing about the party.

    And on top of all this, this woman — with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from U. of Southern California and two Master’s degrees (Epidemiology & Biostatistics from Stanford U.; Psychology from Pepperdine) — didn’t know what the word “exculpatory” means.

    Despite all this, one after another, Demonrat senators piled on their sycophancy, phony sympathy, and flattery about how “brave” Ford is. They make me ill.

    • Yeah, we should stage a “puke in”. They are utterly shameless.

    • It’s all Kabuki theatre…

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      Upon first seeing her today, I immediately felt sorry for her… she looked to be closer to 70 than 50. She also seemed ditsy and clueless much of the time, and I’m not trying to be mean, just incredulous that she could be a PhD psychology professor and researcher at Stanford. Or that, after nearly bombing in college in NC, she could even get into grad schools at USC, Pepperdine, or Stanford. How did she manage that?

      Furthermore, speaking of age and appearance, what about the newest accuser, who said Kavanaugh regularly participated in (later changed to was present at) “train” (gang?) rapes… she looked to me like she MIGHT be in her thirties, definitely not mid 50s. Maybe she also put out very old photos?

      • Blasey Ford looks like she didn’t even brush her hair. What a slovenly appearance.

        • Maybe she’s drunk, maybe she’s high, maybe she’s crazy. If I were Kavanaugh, I’d sue her. I’m not “sue happy” either. She is a virtual stalker.

          I’m pretty sure she didn’t do this on her own. There are probably a whole “Resist” team that pressured her into this. Whatever the reason, I don’t believe her. Because of the accusation, the burden of proof is on her, not Kavanaugh. Being a judge and having grown up in a home with a mother who was also a judge, I’m sure he knows that.

          I think she went to one of those hoity-toity all-girls private schools. I read the yearbook (unreacted). I have a copy. It is fairly typical for wealthy kids.

          Kavanaugh, likewise, attended a private boy’s school. I’m sure he was the classic nerd growing up in a high-expectation family. Anyone who remembers that murder involving a Kennedy several years ago might do well to consider that they came from roughly the same background.

          I only point this out to show that growing up rich and privileged doesn’t make on immune to problems. I wasn’t from a rich family but I went to school with many who were. Virtually ALL of them had lousy family lives.

          Anyway, whether she was a slut or pure as the driven snow doesn’t matter. I don’t believe the part she’s playing on the stand either. Any woman her age who couldn’t adjust after thirty-six years needs more help than Congress can render.

          I must be from outer space or something. I dated quite a few girls when I was a teenager. We fooled around. I never “raped” anyone. But she isn’t describing a “rape”. To be honest, I never had a girl get all crazy with me either.

          All of this feigned sensitivity is rather phony. I have to think that at least a few of these accusers have their stories as well. Either that or they were all virgins into their thirties or something.

  15. My heart is breaking, watching & listening to Judge Kavanaugh.
    These Democrats are EVIL. They’re destroying not just this man’s Supreme Court candidacy, they are destroying his reputation, his job, his life.

    When did America become so suffused with utterly evil, demon-possessed people?

    • All we can do is strive not to let this be considered “normal”. They are destroying something that may not have been perfect, but was often something to be proud of. They are beneath contempt.

    • No kidding. It’s like a vicious cycle- they’ve gained their evil powers through the sacrifice of children via Roe vs. Wade, and now are trying to use that power to stop this man who might be able to put an end to that.
      It’s mind boggling.

      • Yeah, in the end this is all about abortion.
        The Demonrats are determined to keep KILLING tiny unborn humans legal.
        They are the spawn of devils.

  16. This must be the payoff. Keep your eye on the magic envelope:

  17. I haven’t watched any of this circus.

    My derision for the commie-lib traitors has reached the point they literally make me physically sick to even look at them – much less listen to them.

    • Hear, hear. I can’t watch it. I can’t stand to watch those smug talking heads lie their derrières off. This isn’t about differences in policy or opinion, this is a total overthrow.

      All these creatures are soulless servants of evil.

    • I was watching a little then, fortunately, I had a lovely distraction…a tan lab ended up on my front porch. I spent the last couple hours getting River back to her owner 🙂

      I saw on Twitchy that Kavanaugh did a good job with that evil b*tch Feinstein!

      • That’s nice. Better get him inside before the homeless get him. Oh, I forgot. You don’t live in Seattle anymore.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      Ditto that revulsion, especially with Kamala Harris; her face, her voice, her posturing, and the way she cuts off Kavanaugh and treats him like a juvenile boy caught drunk and cheating on her… what a poseur.

  18. CogitoErgoSumantra

    hee hee hee…
    Looks like a policeman at the hearing is getting interested in something Alissa Milano’s doing there behind Kavanaugh. I kept seeing him go over to look her way, but just now they had a bit of an interaction. She doesn’t look happy.

    Let’s see now if she lasts the rest of today’s hearing, or if she gets escorted out.

  19. Let’s see they questioned her about what, an hour? Where were they questions on her drinking and her behavior. And now we are into the third hour of questioning him about his drinking and behavior.

  20. CogitoErgoSumantra

    “I do not think it means what you think it means.” – Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride.

    “Credible testimony”, “Credible allegation”, “Credible witness”, etc.

    I don’t think Booker knows the meaning of the word, “credible”.
    There has been no credible testimony to back Ford’s allegations, nor those of the other accusers. He and the rest on the Left keep trying to paint a false picture to influence the emotions of women and others on the progressive end of the spectrum of insanity.

    All they need do is convince a doubt in Murkowski and/or Collins (or Flake?) to vote against Kavanaugh and his career is over. And then the SCotUS will sit one juror short next month when they begin a new session, and yet another judge/nominee will go through the same gauntlet.

    • Well you’re surely right, of course. That’s the plan. Trust me, I get it. I just keep trying to point out, as DCG says, “its Kabuki theater”. On paper “we’re” in charge, right?

      OK, who’s “we”? Is it the old Republican/Democrat thing? Or is it the New World Odor thing? How is it that there has been as much (maybe more) damage done since Trump took office as when Obongo sat their laughing at our collective ignorance?

      It’s a rhetorical question. If WE had any say in it we wouldn’t be looking at this today. They are BOTH playing their roles in shifting the definitions of what constitutes “normal”. As we can see, the presumption of innocence no longer applies.

      Those who have a passing familiarity with normative court procedure know that this is a total fiasco. Try going to court with “evidence” like this. But, it isn’t a “trial”. So, WHAT is it and WHO is in charge?

      My pea brain tells me that the committee chair is in charge (or should be). He has a gavel and everything. If he’d loan his gavel to me I’d make short work of this.

    • Flake wants to run for President. Does he really think he is going to vote no on Kavanaugh and get votes from conservatives?

      • Well, the same applied to Mc Stain and, until recently Swishy Graham. It’s hard to make it look legitimate if there aren’t some “wild cards” in the play.

  21. Palo Alto was going to have a watch party. This is the same crappy little city that Zuckerberg lives in. For those of you not from the bay area, boy I do have stories, for another day though.

  22. Well, I never thought I’d praise Lindsey Graham but I’ve got to give him credit for this:

    • That’s what I thought too. Haven’t been a fan of his, but he said what we all feel and know to be true, and God bless him for that one at least.

  23. Herr Doktor Ford doesn’t know what “exculpatory” means?

    • I suppose that should be “Frau Doktor Ford”.

    • Shows the quality of education the professor has gone through….or her pea brain.

      • As I’m sure you know, Stanford is Spook Central when it comes to mind control. Being in the Psychology department at Stanford is extra “special”. Remember Holmes of Aurora fame? He wasn’t from Stanford, but he was in the PhD program to do what our heroine is doing.

        Now look at her. Unbrushed hair. 1,000 yard stare. Squeaky little voice. I wonder which “alter” they’re interviewing?

        That’s really how we got Obongo you know. They just sort of snatched him up out of his beach hustler lifestyle and dipped him for ticks. Mom and the grandparents had a long history with The Company.

        Now Rothschild, er, I mean…Soros (sorry), is paying big money to do this thing. The Odor is hot. So they send one of their handlers down there to Palo Alto and trigger her.

        Don’t worry. She won’t even remember where she’s been when its all over.

  24. Just had to check in to see the crazy stuff y’all are saying about this hearing. You have NOT disappointed! LOL

    As Dr. E has said, there are real conspiracies. But man, the folks who frequent this site see conspiracy EVERYWHERE. You whine that Dr. Ford is a political operative, but that would be a better description of Judge K. You whine that this is a smear job on a good man, then publish a photo of a passed-out, topless woman and claim it’s Dr. Ford, with zero evidence other than what resides in your fevered imaginations.

    This is not a trial, it’s a job interview. I am 100% sure Dr. Ford is not lying, and here’s how I know: if this were a made-up story, with the intention of derailing this candidate, Dr. Ford would never in a million years add Mark Judge to the mix. His denial buttresses Judge K’s denial, and hurts her credibility.

    If the majority party rams this guy through, November’s Blue Wave gets ten feet taller.

    Finally, since there is apparently no low to which you won’t go, you make fun of her speaking voice. Pathetic!

    • Uh oh, lobster stalking in process. How much are they paying you?

    • “You whine that, … blah, blah, blah…”

      You seem to be the one doing all of the whining. Besides, you whine that this is NOT a smear job on a good man, and yet, there’s absolutely no credible evidence against him. Nothing but lies meant to derail his nomination.

      “Dr. Ford would never in a million years add Mark Judge to the mix. His denial buttresses Judge K’s denial, and hurts her credibility.”

      If you’re 100% sure that Dr. Ford isn’t lying, then you’re 100% S4B. You act like the Democrats have a world of options at their disposal when it comes to defeating Kavanaugh. They don’t. In fact, I think we just saw them throw their “hail Mary” this afternoon–attempting to get this hearing closed and replaced by an FBI investigation. It shows just how much the Democrats are both losing and sweating.

      “If the majority party rams this guy through, November’s Blue Wave gets ten feet taller.”

      Ooooo, we’re all shaking in our lederhosen!!! And of course, for Democrats, your threat no doubt means that they’ll expend even more effort attempting to steal the election. LOL!

      “Finally, since there is apparently no low to which you won’t go, you make fun of her speaking voice. Pathetic!”

      Thanks! We learned that kind of shit from you guys! We also make fun of the fact that she lies about being afraid of flying in for Monday’s hearing and then she turns out to be all but a world traveler. What a lying globalist-supporting slut and you defend her! What a total butt loaf.

  25. If you step back and think it through, just what, exactly, would anybody do about someone touching someone inappropriately THIRTY-SIX YEARS AGO? Rape would be hard to prosecute. “Copping a feel” isn’t even a crime as far as I know.

    I frankly do not know any girls or women that weren’t “touched” during their youth. If they said “no” or “stop that” that’s what usually happened. If they went nuts and resurrected it THIRTY-SIX YEARS later, I’d call that insane.

  26. Here’s what Juanita Broderick thinks of the whole thing:

    Just look at ’em! What sort of unholy, soulless reprobate do you have to be to associate with this lot?

  27. I think this day is a watershed moment in America. The mask has been torn off the Democrat party, and the ugly snarling wolf is showing for all to see. This could be an answer to prayer, the awakening of more people to the true nature of the people who are resisting President Trump. (Just my take on this. You are entitled to your own view.)

  28. She has no creditiblity, a woman with supposedly multiple degrees and didn’t know what exculpatory was. She is an admitted drug, alcohol and rabid sexual experiences at a very young age. She has also admitted she usually didn’t know where she was or whom she was with. She couldn’t even tell us who drove her the 6 miles to the party. She couldn’t say who paid for her lie detector test, how can that be?
    There were screen shots caught of her now deleted FB page where she wrote, someone should claim Gorsuch raped them while he was waiting for his confirmation, and suddenly here she is with her own claim. Her attorney has connections with Soros. The Dems are getting sloppy with their plans.
    She has no credibility.

  29. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Senate Judicial Committee Vote on the Nomination of Kavanaugh:

    And there they go, a walk-out of the progressive left I KNEW would occur.

    Kamala and others *didn’t even vote*. Booker merely shook his head. They knew from Day 1 that they couldn’t win with a *vote*, so even today, Blumenthal began by trying to delay it once again… and was squashed, decisively. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

    Way to represent your peeps!
    Good for Grassley in finally following rules.

    Looks like the local networks stopped carrying coverage after the vote. Fox, NBC, and CBS covered that much, at least; ABC did not. Don’t want to miss Ripa and Ryan in the morning. Now it’s just Feinstein blathering on about Ford being denied justice and the general attack on women, and Kavanaugh being a nasty boy. Combs and Klobuchar remain at the table from the moderate left; For whatever reason (maybe it’s too much work to get up and leave), Leahy is still there, too. Many from the audience are also leaving now, as Grassley gives *his* summary statement on the hearing.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      BTW, Flake has reportedly committed to voting with Kavanaugh now. As the vote to continue (end of interrogations) has passed, I guess that will hold.

      The SJC final meeting to vote for Brett comes at 1:30pm today; the full Senate is set to vote Monday (and Tuesday?)… which will be too late for Kavanaugh to begin the new SCotUS session, but apparently he will be able to sit with the court once confirmed? I dunno. They’re also likely to hold a special session tomorrow, on Saturday(!)

      Why can’t the full Senate vote take place this afternoon? Anyone?

      Leahy now blathering on about how Kavanaugh has LIED under oath before the SJC. He keeps calling it “untruth”. Claiming the Right is against giving ear and relief to victims of sexual abuse. What a cow. What a butt loaf.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      Shellie Whitehouse and Dick Durbin are also still in session on the left. I know at least Kamala, Mazie, and Blumenthal left because they held their own mini-conference to bitch & moan to the media right outside the hearing room after leaving. For whatever reason, Booker remained behind in the session as well.

      Lindsey Graham’s explaining why, legally, Ford’s story didn’t hold up.
      Now it’s Durbin’s turn, joining in on the Ford bandwagon.

      • Thank you, Cogito, for your reports on this morning’s Senate Judiciary Committee’s voting!

        • I know this is off topic (but in a way its related, human behavior-wise), Abp Vigano just released another letter:

          If you read it carefully he is accusing Francis of bypassing his authorized procedures for appointments of bishops in favor of letting his gay “friends” nominate new bishops.

          It is a wonderful letter and worth reading.

        • CogitoErgoSumantra

          I had to take off for a doctor appointment, so I missed quite a bit. Got back home and found out Armageddon has apparently come about.

          So much for my info on Flake’s vote…

          I didn’t see that coming except perhaps for when Graham noted that “Jeff” was out reconsidering while he (Graham) was giving his final statement. I *didn’t* know Flake had walked out to a private gathering (as Ford’s side decided to re-brand “a party”) with Democrat legislators.

          Maybe the Left will STHU once the FBI probe shows there’s no case.
          And then all but the most jaded will come to the same conclusion, as the Left will no longer be able to lie about who did what to whom, when, or where. But I think the long-term damage to Kavanaugh, and to those who supported him, has already been done in the eyes of the public.

          The crazy thing is, the FBI already got the info, and already said it wasn’t a matter worth investigating further; the Senate KNOWS that.

  30. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Shellie Whitehouse is now *slandering* Kavanaugh in the SJC.
    Total fabrication and speculation about what was meant by entries in Kavanaugh’s calendar/diary entries. It’s like a novella… what BS.

    I hope he loses his Senate seat for this, at minimum. A century or more ago, he’d have been cane-whipped, justifiably IMHO.

    Still trying their best to destroy Kavanaugh’s reputation and ability to function in the future. On false allegations. Definition of defamation.

    • This is a travesty. Just like the Russia, Russia “investigation”. How dumb do you have to be not to understand that these assholes are not your friend? They should not have given her a hearing. They should have just confirmed him and let them do whatever they were going to do.

      If they thought they had something criminal on him they still would have it. I can’t stand watching them sit there all sanctimonious and smug. Lying pieces of filth, that’s what they are.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      I saw that. I found her testimony neither compelling nor credible.
      I think Trump was told to say that to maintain an air of non-partisanship. Diffuse the target from his own back, and by extension, from that of the GOP.

  31. Backfire! Apparently the #walkaways are rolling in. Adiós ola azul!!!

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