Senate Demorats Fear Drudge

This is a no brainer.
Whom do you believe: Drudge or the Senate Dems?
Senate personnel are warned to stay away from the conservative Drudge Report. The popular news site is accused of spreading computer viruses.
We access Drudge every day, but our computers are not contaminated. And Republican Senator Jim Inhofe (Oklahoma) agrees. He told CNSNews “We would encourage people to continue to use Drudge. That’s a great source.”
This latest Democratic ploy will boomerang: Now, even more people will visit Drudge. Ha ha ha. CLICK HERE!
~Eowyn & Steve

FoxNews reports that:

An e-mail is circulating warning U.S. Senate staffers not to view one of the most popular news sites on the Web, claiming it could spread computer viruses.
The Senate Sergeant-at-Arms, the chamber’s official gatekeeper, said the Drudge Report, a  news aggregator, and, a telephone directory site, “are responsible for the many viruses popping up throughout the Senate,” according to an e-mail from the Environment and Public Works Committee obtained by
Another e-mail from a separate office warned that staffers who had visited the Drudge Report or White Pages had experienced viruses on their PCs. “Please avoid using these sites until the Senate resolves this issue,” the e-mail read. “The Senate has been swamped the last couples (sic) days with this issue.”
But the Drudge Report suggested that politics might be behind the warning, noting in an original story that the e-mail came as the “health care drama in the Capitol reaches a grand finale.” The Drudge Report noted that it served more than 29 million pages Monday without an e-mail complaint about “‘pop ups,’ or the site serving ‘viruses.'”
“The site was seen 149,967 times since March 1st from users at and 244,347 times at [10,825 visits from the White House,]” the Drudge Report wrote.

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More duplicity and deception! No kidding: we have a group of people running this country who are of the calibre of King Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell!