Brett Kavanaugh sworn in as Supreme Court Justice!

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UPDATE (Oct. 9):

Justice Brett Kavanaugh is already at work! He hired his clerks — all women — and will participate in oral arguments before the Supreme Court today.

This afternoon, Brett Kavanaugh, 53, was sworn in as 114th Supreme Court justice, hours after the Senate voted 50-48 to confirm him.

Chief Justice John Roberts administered the constitutional oath and retired Justice Anthony Kennedy administered the judicial one.

The quick swearing-in enables Kavanaugh to begin work immediately in advance of arguments at the court Tuesday.

Kavanaugh’s wife, children and parents were in attendance. (New York Post)

The Senate voted today to confirm U.S. District Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Associate Justice on the Supreme Court, replacing pro-abortion Justice Anthony Kennedy following his retirement.

Kavanaugh was confirmed on a 50-48 vote:

  • All Democrat senators, except Joe Manchin (WV), voted “no” against Kavanaugh’s nomination.
  • All Republican senators voted “yes,” except pro-abort Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), who voted “present”, and pro-life Steve Daines (Montana), who supported Kavanaugh but was absent due to his daughter’s wedding.

Dianne Feinstein badgering Lisa Murkowski

Kavanaugh secured enough votes yesterday when Senators Susan Collins (R) and Joe Manchin (D) agreed to support him.

Last night, Sen. Collins delivered an extended defense of Kavanaugh’s record and announced her intention to vote in favor of his confirmation. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) took to Twitter to praise Collins’ “strongly held principles” and to denounce the Left’s threats against Collins:

“Most will never know the full extent of the efforts to intimidate & threaten @SenatorCollins on the #Kavanaugh vote. I am not talking about political pressure or people screaming at her in an elevator. I am talking about vicious, vile & dangerous actions.”

On Twitter, deranged Leftists call Collins a “traitor to women”, a “rape apologist”, and demand she be forever harassed in public as a punishment for her vote to confirm Kavanaugh.

Yesterday, when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell filed for cloture on Kavanaugh’s nomination, he said:

“This evening, the Senate will receive the results of the FBI’s supplemental background investigation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. This is now the seventh time the FBI has looked into Judge Kavanaugh’s background. And this information comes on top of what has already been one of the most thorough, most exhaustive Senate reviews of any Supreme Court nominee in our nation’s history.

Five days of public hearings. Sixty-five private meetings with Senators. More than 1,200 responses to written questions from members. More than 500,000 pages of documents for review — the most produced for any Supreme Court nomination in history. And the 300-plus opinions Judge Kavanaugh has issued during his 12 years on the D.C. Circuit. And now, Senators will have the evidence collected by this additional [FBI] background investigation for their consideration as well.”

Source:; Breitbart

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34 responses to “Brett Kavanaugh sworn in as Supreme Court Justice!

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus!

    • Can’t wait to see how insane the mentally ill America hating Bolshevik Democrats do for the next supreme court justice President Trump gets to nominate.
      “The mask has been ripped off the false face of liberalism, and behind the mask is totalitarianism”

      • First, we MUST keep both houses of Congress, otherwise that will NOT be an option! Can you imagine what would happen if the Dems control the Senate?

      • Yeah, it would be funny to team stalk her all day asking how she felt. Don’t let her sleep. Keep her away from her booze.

  2. I am doing a happy dance at this great news. Kavanaugh was put through hell and deserves our admiration for toughing it out. In regard to his “Wall Street Journal” op-ed, no apology for his behavior is needed–although he gave one. He trusted his gut at the hearing and spoke the truth. Those who called him emotional and having a unworthy judicial character were out to get him. Such people should not be pacified. God bless Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.

    • The left are vile. If he would have maintained a even keel and spoke like a robot they would have protested that he didn’t deny things emphatically enough.
      I feel bad for the guy and his family too. What should have been an amazing day – one of the highlights of their lives, has been tainted and must have a bit of a bitter sweet taste.

  3. Someone on Fox just bragged that Kavanaugh will be exactly like John Roberts, that their philosophies are identical. Let’s hope not. Please, no more rewriting of laws passed by Congress.

  4. It is shameful and disgusting how the demoncrat party conducted themselves throughout this whole farce. No candidate from the left has ever been put through such a terrible character assassination, nor have they seen any scrutiny or opposition from the republicans. Only conservatives are ever subjected to this kind of unhinged debacle. The sole reason for the hearings is to verify the qualifications of candidates. And each time republicans seek to nominate, this insanity ensues.

  5. Looks like 51 Senators (including Sen Daines of Montana, whose vote wasn’t needed) believed this:

    • I’ve seen that picture…is that really her?😂 That is the worst hairdo I’ve ever seen on a kid! It’s a hair don’t.

      • I haven’t seen their yearbook pics, but I’d like to think that it is indeed her.

        There’s no beer goggles thick enough to make her look average.

  6. One senator still bitching because the FBI investigation was a sham??
    Hadn’t they already done like 6 investigations….before the blame game????

  7. Lets get to crackin’ the seals on the thousands of indictments & start up the military tribunals!

  8. It would be nice if he announced that he was beginning his lawsuits immediately. He could use some of that “Go Fund Me” money.

  9. I wonder what we may have missed during all the dhemmie noise?
    I think I’ll go check which bills Congress or Senate may have passed while nearly everyone was distracted.

  10. Congratulations are in order not only to Justice Kavanaugh and his family for their perseverance, but for President Trump and the abusive and selective treatment he continues to endure as he proceeds to continue governance.

    But, more importantly, Congratulations are in order for the Rule of Law in America. As former CIA operative Robert David Steele has rightly observed (yesterday’s X-22 Report), Brett Kavanaugh will rule in the affirmative on military tribunals for deep-state criminals and traitors. The swamp cannot be drained without this operation being secured.

    As for a reversal of Roe Vs. Wade, I doubt that this will ever happen, at least in my lifetime. (Even if Roe is struck down, that, in and of itself, will not stop the abortion industry in the United States). But it can be seen plainly that President Trump is assembling a more traditional and rational Supreme Court that will “interpret the Constitution as written,” and this is FOUNDATIONAL in the restoration of the Republic, as advocacy does not belong in the Supreme Court. (Regrettably, I would imagine the damage done by the Earl Warren and Warren Burger years will remain.)

    In the meantime, the little lugubrious leftist lemmings of doom endure, as does its main patron and sponsor, George Soros, as real a threat to America as the Bushes, Clintons and Obamas. Soros & Co. must be stopped before they are able to wreak their promised violence upon our Congressmen, police and citizenry! Once again, WHERE’S WALDO? WHERE’S SESSIONS??

  12. Thank you Holy, Blessed Trinity! Thank you Holy Virgin Mother! Thank you to the great angels, martyrs,and saints!
    When I woke up this beautiful Sunday morning, this news greeted me on tv. It brought tears to my eyes, as I strongly believe God’s hand in this。There is hope for you,America! 

  13. It’s nice to see our side get a WIN for a change! Susan Collins gave a good speech yesterday. And who would have thought that Lindsay Graham would grow a pair, eh? Miracles can still happen!

    One thing we must always remember is that we’ll have to keep fighting tooth and nail against the mentally deranged leftists (redundant?). Justice Kavanaugh’s (feels good to say that!) confirmation fight is but one battle; we have many more ahead of us to fight. This was our Midway or Guadalcanal; we have a long war ahead of us yet. Say what you want about the left, they do NOT give up easily; I dare say we can stand to acquire some of their persistence and tenacity from them. We need to be like the left and KEEP ON GOING, folks! We cannot give up!

    Speaking of battles, can you imagine what the left will do when Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg finally retires or kicks the bucket? Can you imagine what they’ll do? To quote BTO (and betray my age here), you ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet! Before we can think about that though, we need to vote straight R in November, so as to keep the committee chairmanships, not to mention the majorities. I know there are Republicans I’d rather not vote for, but they’re better than the Dems; we can worry about cleaning out the RINOs later. First, we need to keep both houses of Congress, so we can continue fighting and winning The Hundred Years Political War.

    Anyway, it feels good to say Justice Kavanaugh; that has a nice ring to it! That said, this is only a battle; the war is far from over. The left is persistent and tenacious; we need to bring more persistence and tenacity to the fight, because the left WILL fight us. If we want to keep America America, then we need to step up. Those are my thoughts…

  14. A small margin but a great leap forward.

    The number of FBI investigations prove there is NO satisfying the liberals until the result is in their favor.

  15. Charles H Slate

    What we have won is what Field Marshall Alfred von Schlieffen referred to as an “ordinary frontal victory”. We have met the enemy head-on and have prevailed. The enemy has been defeated and they have backed away but they are still organized and operating. A celebration is justified but it must be brief and focus should now be on how to reinforce this success. Senate censure of Feinstein, Pelosi and Schumer would be a good immediate goal.

  16. Praise the Lord ! This Liberal Shit Show is Over ! Dr. Fraud is a stain on humanity. My bullshit sniffer was going off the minute I saw her. This whole drama has made me and many others physically ill. Thanks to FOTM for the updates and for keeping the faith.

  17. I knew it would come to pass. Divine intervention!

  18. Shed the blood of the wicked not the innocent

    EVERYTHING about totalitarian Antichrist atheists is rooted in one thing, the legal allowance for them to be able to murder their babies. The murder of babies is the largest genocide in all human history by far, greater than all the Islamic and Communist led genocides worldwide in the last 1400 years combined. In the last 70 years the genocide upon babies is over 500 MILLION+. The antichrist totalitarian atheist movement has never existed in all of human history, just like their global baby genocide agenda has never existed in human history, it is what will be the basis for THE Antichrist globalist government which is already being put in place. All will bow and obey it or be imprisoned, made bankrupt or executed. Only war and killing off millions upon millions of these totalitarian atheists will cleanse the world of their evil. It is the only way.

  19. Justice Brett Kavanaugh is already at work! He hired his clerks — all women — and will participate in oral arguments before the Supreme Court today.


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