Sen. Elizabeth Warren is ‘hottest’ U.S. politician: poll

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NY Daily News: Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the “hottest” U.S. politician, a new poll shows — but it’s not exactly what you think.

The popular Democrat got the highest score in a Quinnipiac survey that asked respondents to rate lawmakers on a “temperature” scale of 0 to 100 that correlates with favorability — and possibly, presidential prospects.

Warren topped the list with a score of 48.6, the poll found, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came in second with a score of 47.8.

Wisconsin representative and 2012 GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan came in third with a score of 47.4, while Republican governors Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Scott Walker of Wisconsin rounded out the top five with scores of 47.1 and 46.6, respectively.

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio scored a 46.3, which was good for sixth place, whereas Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul netted a 45.7, the survey found.

Meanwhile, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, once one of the most popular politicians in the nation, came in ninth with a score of 45.2, slightly ahead of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who scored a 44.7.

Coming in dead last, of 20 candidates listed, was former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer with a score of 37.5.

The survey conducted March 26-31 among 1,578 registered voters, was meant to gauge the prospects of success each politician might experience if he or she launched a 2016 White House bid. All of the lawmakers asked about in the poll have been mentioned as possible presidential candidates.

Warren, despite her first-place finish, has repeatedly stated she will not run in 2016.

2016 is still a couple years away – too early to call. I’m not happy with any presumed Republican candidates they list in this article. Let’s take a poll:



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7 responses to “Sen. Elizabeth Warren is ‘hottest’ U.S. politician: poll

  1. Are they SERIOUS?? That’s IT?? Is there even ONE Democrat that isn’t a 5 or less on a 1-10 scale for beauty? And I’m talking ANY kind of beauty-looks,attitude,intelligence,ANYTHING beautiful?

  2. Ten thousand “No, No, No, No, No, No…………” to Jeb Bush.

  3. NaturalBoredCitizen

    Sorry I refuse to take polls that knowingly and deliberately list ineligible candidates like Jindal. Rubio, etc. etc. It’s wrong as it normalizes these cowards and traitors.

  4. Uh, no…

  5. Wasn’t Warren caught claiming to be a ” fake” Native American” to drum up votes? Maybe to the casual American history student (or the “casual” American) this doesn’t mean anything…but to me….who worked 6 years on an Intermountain West U.S. Public Health Service Indian Reservation,…this is a BIG SIN……there are proscribed “blood quantums” for which you must PROVE and be “enrolled” in a particular tribe….like it or not…for any and every tribe in the USA…determined by the govenments of each tribe (Domestic, Dependent NATIONS, per the Supreme Court)……Warren was not ONE OF THEM. False and baseless lies and claims …thinking she could “get away with it” b/c most of us in the USA are ignorant of this stuff… but there are enough of us around that walked the walk… she COULD NOT…and WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH IT.

    • I want to add to Elizabeth Warren info….she did not 1st claim to be a Native American to get votes (though–might have happened, later)…she FIRST claimed Native Americanism to benefit fr ‘Affirmative Action” provisions, giving her preferential treatment in applying to colleges, Harvard inclusive….so, that means…she took a slot fr , maybe, someone else more qualified —based on a LIE…or at the minimum….an unproven claim….while others who had the same claim probably had proof of tribal enrollments in their records…in their hand….at application time. What a MOOCH….What a GRIFTER! ….Reminds me of a certain someone who worked Affirmative Action & foreign aide system to his advantage, & THEN sealed records of such as his FIRST act as POTUS…& I MEAN the FIRST ACT….walked back into the Whitehouse (& retook the oath b/c Roberts delivered erroneous verbage) & THEN signed his first official act…sealing ALL his records….as we’ve noted bef. on this site). Birds of a Feather……

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