Seek professional help: Writer/director Joss Whedon wishes President Trump would "just quietly die"

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Joss Whedon is a Hollyweird proggie worth $100 million. His claim to fame is being a writer for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV show and some “Avengers” movies.
Because he’s a liberal, Joss is “welcoming to everyone,” does not have a small mind, and has “given more to the population of the United States than any other group.”
Whedon tweeted out the above on April 3. (Update: From what I can see on his Twitter timeline on Thursday night, the COWARD deleted the tweet.)
Any wonder why we say liberalism is a mental disorder?
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0 responses to “Seek professional help: Writer/director Joss Whedon wishes President Trump would "just quietly die"

  1. How do writers wind up being worth $100M? The guy’s no Hemingway.

    • His lucrative career began with the TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” then he went on to making lucrative and execrable “super heroes” movies.

    • He wasn’t just a writer. On “Buffy” he was the creator of the series and executive producer plus the main writer. That series put him up front and its spinoff “Angel” also made him a ton of money. There’s no end to his super ego. He’s a legend in his own mind. Those two hit series ended years ago and Whedon has not had any other similar successes since. His anger and hate are with himself and he doesn’t have the sense to know that he’s deflecting it on to President Trump.

      • Naturally, a “supernatural” show. It’s a freak show. I hope everyone realizes that the Obongo group is orchestrating this whole thing. They will continue to do this unless stopped.

  2. Whedon also created the ongoing TV series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

  3. What in the world are these idiots thinking? Oh yeah I guess they’re not.
    I was recently expossed to someone that has some diagnosed with some sort of asberger/autistic/ADHD/Blah, Blah, Blah. Damn scary. He was telling me how he has this spoon he hates. It’s not like the rest of the spoons in the drawer. He started telling me his plans to make it go away and they were quite detailed. He’s been plotting the spoon’s dissapearance for some time now.
    Perhaps many of these nutcases like wheden are simply walking around, undiagnosed and untreated. Maybe we need to round them up and check out this theroy. I’m sure that if it were consevatives acting like this the looney liberials would be demanding legislation to address the problem.
    Oh, by the way, the spoon guy has a concealed carry permit. How’s that background check thingy going?

  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Considering the actual definition of “liberal” (taken from webster’s), it is reasonable to extrapolate that being liberal minded means having no principles, moral values, productive goals other than self indulgence, just no useful contributions to a thriving culture at all, of ones own. Even to the point of striving for the extinction all that makes a nation sovereign.
    Just who or what is it that [I]s destroying this Country?

  5. And how many illegal immmigrants are living at the empty bedrooms of Josh’s mansion????

  6. Let’s ask Josh about his parties…..about the age of the young men that attend? Tell us Josh,…tell us about your deviant, pedophile parties. He’s a filthy animal deserving a cage.

  7. Liberalism gives me conflicting emotions; I feel somewhat sorry for their failed mental health and I despise their attempt to drag us down to their level.

  8. I’d like to ask MyBrainHurts if I can borrow their name simply to say, my brain hurts…..and for that matter my stomach hurts hearing this kind of sentiment. The garbage and negativity that emerges from the mouths of these libtards is what should die because it’s based on NOTHING but the free associations they make in their fantasy adled minds as the fake news blurbs waft through their brains. But I guess because he is a writer that does indeed make him a legend in his own mind where every thought and word uttered is seen as a great profundity, that the world should hang on to.

    • Well put, “wafting” passes for consideration and logic. There are now several cable channels that devote all of the broadcasting time to ripping Trump. Why doesn’t anyone find that strange?
      There has never been anything like it before. I don’t like everything he does, but he certainly doesn’t deserve any of the coverage he gets. In truth, no matter what their persuasion, people should be insulted by their approach. They would rather howl along than demand respect.
      We live in a cesspit.

      • You’re right, of course. I was thinking about this this morning. It has now come down to being a “globalist, anti-sovereignty type” or a “nationalist – which equates to “white supremacist, dangerous extremist”.
        I believe this isn’t accidental. They are forcing a sort of civil war (although I’m not sure it will become a shooting war). People will be required to pledge allegiance to globalism.
        The media and the politicians, as well as “entertainment” are all working in concert. They are not doing this accidentally.

        • Well yes. What sort of a moron would encourage enslaving oneself to a non-democratic super entity? This is the polar opposite to everything we were raised to believe.
          Our ancestors were not stupid. It is difficult to control a tribe. Anything larger becomes exponentially more difficult. This is why we have different levels of government, to enable them to be manageable.
          This “globalism” is nothing less than the old Communist “International”. “One World Government” has been a Communist (read Jewish) goal forever. There is no benefit of any kind to normal people.
          It would be unbelievable enough if there were just the usual suspects trying to fool us into this. Now we have these morons openly discussing this as a prospect that has merit. It doesn’t.

      • Ha, ha, I kept looking for another word other than wafting because I think it is associated more with smells, but I just couldn’t find the right word that captured the effect of something that happens to drift by in a haphazard and ephemeral way…..actually when I think of it, that describes their brains as well.
        And yes, I think all here agree Trump is far from perfect but considering the options….
        i give him a big Bravo though for ending the catch and release yesterday!

        • Lana . . . . I’m with you all the way. What a ludicrous, and expensive way to deal with these jokers– to arrest, give them tickets to appear, and then just let them go. I am so grateful that our President corrected that asinine way of dealing with these illegal jokers who are attempting to break into our country. Except that the rest of our recent Presidents were obviously brain dead when it comes to how they were dealing with the issue of illegal immigrants . . . at least now, we are on track.

      • Stovepike . . . . Thank you for adding the above blurb about this joker, “A historian of conservatism looks back at how he and his peers failed to anticipate the rise of the president.” I suspect the reason he and his buddies failed to anticipate that turn of evens . . . was that they each separately, had their heads so far up their own kazoo, it was very, very hard to have the faintest idea what was going on in the real world.

  9. Shouldn’t his photo, address, and a map of where he lives be published far and wide. So his fans can wait for him when he leaves his home.

  10. Saw this article about what is planned for May- Trump is just another NWO Zionist “Player” (don’t forget he ran for the democratic ticket for president years ago):

  11. What does he mean by “Russia”? I don’t even understand why they are constantly trying to go to war with Russia. The Jews hate Russia. I think that says it all.
    Precisely WHAT has Trump done to them? They are farther along on their quest for Satan than before the election. What have they “suffered”. Why do they hate him so?
    There is something truly spooky about this. I can understand the controllers pitching a fit. I can even understand their employees. But how do they get ordinary Americans to hate along with them. I don’t get it.
    Whenever someone says something disparaging about Trump I ask them, explain what you mean. They usually just stand there with their mouths flapping like fish out of water. They actually don’t know what they hate about him, but in order to “belong” to the group, they do. It’s the same with Russia.
    I ask, what have they done, exactly? I have yet to get a coherent answer.

    • I don’t get the animus against Russia either, like I don’t understand the hatred for Pres. Assad of Syria, under whose rule Christians are not being abused. Maybe the common denominator for both Russia and Assad is Christianity, or rather the virulent hatred of Christ and Christians.

      • Very good point. He was freely elected in a UN supervised election. We have no business there. He invited Russia to help and they did. We, on the other hand, are supporting terrorists that we trained to overthrow the government.
        Israel is the one that wants Syria broken up. It is part of the Eretz Israel plan. Unfortunately, we are controlled by Israel, not the other way round. Trump is much too close to this to do anything about it. It is impossible to imagine that he doesn’t see that dynamic.

      • They “hate” Russia because their Jewish owners tell them to. That’s the long and short of it. There is no other reason.


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