See any seniors?

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See any gray or white hair or any older retired folks amongst the crowd?
Social Security Office In Milwaukee

A friend went to the social security office this week to file for Medicare because it is the only way to keep medical insurance when you turn 65. He took a picture of the waiting room. Please tell me if you can find a retired person in the place!

It’s called “disability” insurance! You no longer have to wonder why SS is broke!
These people do not pay into the system nor are they disabled!
Our country is going broke on this fraud! Go down to your SS office and check it out!

Remember in November 2012!

h/t Anon

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0 responses to “See any seniors?

  1. Americans are using Social Security Disability as a form of welfare. The surge of individuals claiming disability began exactly two years from the beginning of the financial crisis, when the 2 years of extended unemployment benefits began to run out. Today, more than 28 million Americans who are of working age claim have a disability – a level higher than at any other time in recorded history.
    In just 4 years, by 2016, Social Security Disability will be the first of “entitlements” to go broke. This automatically will trigger a 21% cut in SSD checks.

  2. You CANNOT blame humans for taking advantage of a system like this, when the government gives billions of dollars FREE to other countries.
    Elementary, my dear doctor!

    • Government doing insane things doesn’t justify taking advantage of anything. It’s called personal responsibility, self respect, and integrity.

    • Hey, sure can… there’re lots of people who DON’T do that.

  3. One of my husband’s biggest frustrations with this administration has to do with disability. For all of his 35+ years of Family Practice, Voc-Rehab has been a blessing to those American workers who need help for various reasons, such as hearing aids, unexpected surgery,etc. The purpose of this WAS to get the person back to work as soon as posssible. He has seen in the last few months that Voc-Rehab refuses to help a person UNLESS they go on disability first, thereby forcing them out of the work force and dependent on the fools in DC!

  4. Good grief….

  5. We aren’t turning into a welfare state.
    We are already there, and have been for some time.

  6. Where do I sign up, looking at this photo made me ill!

  7. Yes, since FDR we have slowly become a welfare Nation. Shame on us for sleeping and letting this happen (Dems and Reps alike, but the Dems take advantage of the Reps tolerant attitudes).


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