Security guards evict man for confronting Joe Biden about his pedophilia

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Last Tuesday, March 27, 2018, former VP Joe Biden spoke at the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts, Long Island University (LIU).

Biden engaged in a “conversation” with former Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY), who is Chairman of LIU’s Global Institute.

A brave man in the audience stood up and confronted Biden, asking:

“Why did you molest all those girls on C-SPAN, at the Senate ceremonial swearing in? Why did you molest those girls? It’s all over YouTube.”

Someone in the audience yells, “Get out of here.”

To jeers from the audience, the man asks Biden, “Do you deny it?”

Addressing the audience, the man says, “Just look it up on YouTube! Molesting children. Right on YouTube. Look it up! Look it up!”

As he’s led away by security guards, the man yells to Biden: “You’re a pedophile!”

Led outside the Center for the Performing Arts, a campus police officer grills the man, demanding to know his name and see his driver’s license.

The man says his name is Howard Caplan and that he has the First Amendment right (to free speech), to which the officer says no, Caplan doesn’t have First Amendment rights because he’s on private property.

The officer demands to see Howard’s ID, where he lives (Philadelphia), how he “got here,” and whether he has a car there. Caplan says no, and that he took public transportation (Long Island railroad).

Caplan asks the officer if he’s seen the video (of Biden groping young girls). The officer replies, “I’m not interested in that.”

The officer looks at Howard’s ID, then says, “We’ll have somebody drive you to the bus stop to the train station.”

This is one of the videos on YouTube showing Biden, at the Senate swearing in ceremony, repeatedly groping young girls. The girls display their discomfort at being groped.

And here’s a GIF of then-Senator Jeff Sessions swatting Biden’s hand away from a young girl (Sessions’ granddaughter?).

Howard Caplan is a Pizzagate political activist.

Last December, he heckled Hillary Clinton when she promoted her book at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. For that, as in Long Island University, Caplan was also escorted out evicted from the premises. (Gateway Pundit)


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59 responses to “Security guards evict man for confronting Joe Biden about his pedophilia

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  2. We had a ‘Funny Uncle’ in our family. We were always reminded not to be alone with him. Liked little kids a little too much. Didn’t get any mail at home. Had a post office box. I remember him looking kinda creepy. Everybody tried to look the other way as long as somebody had an eye on him.

  3. Howard Caplan = USA HERO.

  4. The people who were in the audience for Creepy Joe’s speech probably don’t have any qualms about Joe or anyone else being a pedophile. I can’t imagine anyone with any principles attending one of his speeches.😎

    • What could Shotgun Joe POSSIBLY say that would remotely interest me?

      • In a sense, he’s the face of the Democrats. A smiling clown. He smiles while he feels up little girls on camera? He smiles while he poses with bikers’ and gropes one of them’s old lady? How does he stay alive?
        Look at Hillary. She’s as evil as the day is long. She can’t open her mouth without offending someone. Nothing she says is the truth. But there she is, like the rest of them, useless as boobs on a boar.

    • Those attending have sold their souls for his promises and actions to free their “rights’ and protecting their abilities to be gay/trans/queer in opposition to God and the Right, as well as his dedication to abortion “rights” over the Right to LIFE. It was JackAss Joe, not Obama, who first publicly brought up the former administration’s plan to make Gay Marriage the law of the land. Obama, in his weakness and in opposition to what he’d campaigned on, simply went along with it, and thus garnered the LQBTQ’s undying adoration.
      I seriously believe that, were Joe to manhandle most of these idiots’ own children in private OR public, they might wince, but they’d instruct their kid to just tolerate it, and they’d allow it… because he’s their guy in government.

  5. Ha! Sure, even Sessions slapped his hand away from his granddaughter. Everyone knows what Biden is. Not only did he plagiarize a Brit’s speech in 1988, and get exposed for it by Maureen Dowd, but he loves to use the “F” word in public, AND…he likes to touch little girls and even women way too much. Remember the airport scene with Hillary and she couldn’t get his hands off her. Oy this guy is just a deep sick lech. I wouldn’t let this guy near a granddaughter of mine, no matter her age, baby to adulthood.

  6. Looks like campus police officer values his job more than pursuing the truth. Shame in him for being not available to protect those that can’t protect themselves. Some people do tend to avoid things that make them uncomfortable. Howard Caplan did the right thing, thank you sir.

    • Probably. He’s probably a rent-a-cop or an off-duty cop. Private property does not take away anyone’s right to speak. Of course, in a private gathering they can remove you.
      I don’t know what he would do if Caplan just refused to answer his questions. I would.

    • Public sector unions… even FDR thought they were corrosive.

    • Glenn47 . . . . I agree Howard Caplan certainly “did the right thing!”
      The question uppermost in my mind is: If an event is open to the pubic, which I would imagine this particular event was, even though it was on private property . . . . Does that negate the First Amendment, the right to free speech? In my mind it does not, since the public has been invited onto this private property, perhaps those in attendance even paid for admission . . . why would this circumstances “take away this man’s right to free speech?’ He did not swear at Biden, he did not use profanity, he simply asked the question. This is the very reason why Libtards are so dangerous . . . . they would do away with anyone else’s right to free speech, if it differed with their opinion.
      Any reasonably minded person, who has viewed the various clips of how Biden caresses, strokes, goes out of his way to touch young girl, after young girl . . . cannot possibly come away with any idea other than that he suffers from Pedophilia! It is high time that the public knows this. The best clip, and my personal favorite is that of Jeff Sessions “swatting Crusty Ol’ Biden’s hand away from his granddaughter.” That few seconds of time, tells the viewer all they need to know.

    • Just “doing his job” and waiting for his pension.

  7. I’m a big fan of stuff like this. I think they should be chased through the streets. Instead they get feted everywhere they go. If Biden visited your home you’d have to count the silverware.

  8. The President should give him a Medal for doing what he does. SOME day he’ll get America to understand what a big deal this is.

  9. Every honest person in Biden’s audience should have walked out with Mr. Caplan. That would have sent the correct message. Watching the comatose, p.c. parents during those creepy Biden’s touchy-feely ceremonies shakes my faith in humanity.

    • Yes, but you should consider why they were there in the first place. I wouldn’t walk across the street to pee on him if were on fire. To actually get up, travel to where he is, and sit there to listen to him means they actually like him.
      I suppose it’s the same impulse that kept Jim Jones in business.

      • Yeah, to make it even weirder there is very good evidence the whole thing was financed by the CIA. I worked with a woman once who’s sister was a registered nurse and ended up in Guyana in the Kool-aid party. She was really sensitive about it.
        There are many pictures of Jones with known CIA agents all over the Bay Area. They did indeed kill the Congressman. He went there to follow up on complaints that some of the followers were held there against their will.
        He was trying to smuggle some of them out.
        My intention in the mention was merely to point out that there’s no accounting for what people will do. Some are born suckers. Evil takes many forms and thrives on the weak.

        • One thing that needs to be remembered is that Congressman Leo Ryan was accompanied by a young woman named Jackie Speier, who is now Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA).

    • But Howard Caplan should reaffirm that there is hope left!

      • Called it as he saw it – good for Mr. Caplan. “Why did you molest all those girls on C-SPAN, at the Senate ceremonial swearing in? Why did you molest those girls? It’s all over YouTube.” And I’d have added “why do all you slimeball parents allow this to happen”?

    • Notice that one of the “parents” was Elaine Chao (clad in pink suit). Though not a parent, she was there with the two young Chinese girls, probably part of her extended family. Chao is married to RINO Sen. Mitch McConnell, and is herself Secretary of Transportation in the Trump cabinet. ZeroHedge has an article on McConnell’s very lucrative China connection (through his wife).

      • Chao was born in (western-democratic) Taiwan, not (communist) China.
        For those who don’t know it, the two separated in ’49 when Gen. Chiang Kai-shek took his nationalist army and split from Mao’s communist army on the mainland. China (PROC) is still actively trying to regain “their” southern island of Taiwan (ROC) and its superior economic, scientific, and medical resources.
        Are Mitch’s holdings actually in Taiwan, or mainland China? Taiwan is our western ally, so if he’s invested there, I don’t really have a problem with it.
        Quick Google search shows it’s via Foremost shipping, a business started out of NY by Chinese businessman “Chao” (aka McConnell’s dad-in-law), doing business with PROC, and depending on whose word you take for it, manned by mostly Chinese crews. So maybe there’s something to it. Pretty decent expose:

        Interestingly, Biden (among others from both parties) is also implicated.
        I don’t blame McConnell for helping to elevate PROC to a trade ally (“Most Favored Nation” status) the way it’s being proposed by folks like the video’s “Government Accountability Institute” President, Peter Schweitzer; that effort was something begun by Nixon. And likely for the better of our world economy, scientific/space/medical exploration, and political stability… as well, it may seem, as for making certain American politicians very wealthy.

    • They’re proud it was their kid Biden groped…

  10. Let him run! I’m alright with the Republicans getting a free bye in 2020.

  11. What a creep!

  12. Who do you all think the left is gonna run NEXT—-this old, broken-down creep of a pedophile( who was marginally qualified to even clean OR test/fire my firearms……from way back….he is the “gift that keeps on giving” politically to the right), or racist, left-of left Black Ellison ( substitute Eric Holder, who is still making up his mind)…..or, fake Native American, Warren? Is there a surprise awaiting us out there….like BARACK HUSSEIN?

  13. As I’ve said before, I used to give Biden the benefit of the doubt because of a severe car accident he had back in 1972; I thought the man had sustained some sort of brain injury. But after having read FOTM’s posts on Biden’s wandering hands and listening to some You Tube videos, sadly, I am convinced that he has a severe behavioral problem. I would further add that, in addition to being removed from the political realm permanently, I lean to the conviction that, absent any evidence of a crime, the man—in all seriousness—should be committed to a mental hospital.
    As for Caplan, YES, he has given us all a CRINGEWORTHY moment. And THAT is what free speech and the First Amendment are all about. The security guards are but paid drones—it’s their job, I get it. But, YES, Caplan had EVERY RIGHT to induce this cringeworthy moment because he spoke the truth: There are numerous You Tube videos on Biden’s behavior. Caplan may have been on private property, but he was in a public forum, nonetheless.
    And let us not forget the malleability (and gullibility) of the mob. Seated or not, one could say they wanted to see Biden, therefor, they would shout the man down. But be that as it may, I believe their reaction would have been the exact same had Biden appeared as a surprise guest, simply because Caplan made THEM cringe. Get a load of this: Caplan’s rights DO NOT END where the feelings of the mob begin! Ditto Frankenhands!
    And moving aside from the pedophile question, one has to ask: Given their venality, crime and psychopathy, HOW DARE the Clintons, or the Obamas, of the Bushes or Biden, or almost any other politician show their faces ANYWHERE?!

    • “because of a severe car accident he had back in 1972; I thought the man had sustained some sort of brain injury.”
      If they follow through with using people’s mental health history (re:brain injuries,chemical treatments,etc.) BIDEN wouldn’t be able to own guns EITHER.

    • “I used to give Biden the benefit of the doubt because of a severe car accident he had back in 1972; I thought the man had sustained some sort of brain injury.”
      Steven, I’ve corrected you on this before, but you persist in repeating a falsity.
      Joe Biden was NOT injured in the Dec 18, 1972 car accident, even less sustaining brain damage. He wasn’t even in the car. His wife and one-year-old daughter Naomi were killed in the automobile accident while Christmas shopping in Hockessin, Delaware. His sons Beau and Hunter survived the accident, with some injuries.;_recovery_and_new_family

      • I forgot all about this. At any rate, I can’t stand Biden. But I don’t think he’ll be going away any time soon….

      • Could it have been a payback/sacrifice for getting to the Senate as young as Biden did? Just conjecture of course, but knowing what we know about these types of people and their obsession with blood and blood lines and sorcery. …

  14. Posting articles with embedded youtube vids is a short half-life

  15. While Biden is indeed horrible, his actions are well known. What troubles me more at this point is how the 1st Amendment has officially been neutered by the police state. So long as you’re on private property, you’re essentially muzzled.
    But just about everything is private property by some description. If he did this on sidewalks they would still come up with an excuse to silence the man.
    this continues to spiral out of control. Especially when considering liberal “values” and “arguments” are perfectly tolerable but anything else isn’t.
    I’m firmly of the opinion the police or enforcers of any significant rank are patently engaged in these kinds of practices, are are part of of the Cabal’s workings on a not too insignificant level.

  16. Stovepipe . . . . You are absolutely correct. That is why all the dog & pony shows with Biden all of a sudden. They feel they have found their golden boy. That POS, old fart had no business being VP, much less we the people considering him for POTUS. For one thing, he is incapable of keeping top secret information private. He spills the beans on things, just so that he can gain the admiration of those around him. For instance (and I have told this scenario before) when there was a time that the VP had to be sequestered in a secret and secure location, in order to ensure the continuation of our government . . . that old Bastard disclosed the location one evening when he was at a dinner party; this was done evidently so that he could display to his fellow dinner guests how “in the know he is,” “how witty,” “how very important to our government he is.” He remain a POS.
    He told them that he had been sequestered at Annapolis. There is nothing like as dumb-ass in your own government that blabs the secrets of one’s own country!
    In my mind this joker can report to Hell as soon as possible. He is not fit for living around decent people.

  17. traildustfotm

    That took courage!

  18. There was a time when infringement of the First Amendment (or any other for that matter) would have been met with outrage by either political persuasion. That has changed in my lifetime. Growing up, and in young adulthood, it was a given that people had the absolute right to disagree and to vocalize it.
    I do think we should be careful in equating that to “heckling” someone in a private gathering. If it is a forum open to the public where opinions are allowed, then any and all should be welcome. If it is a private gathering where discussion is not part of the event they have a right not to allow it.
    In general, in public venues where speakers are invited it is expected that opposition voices will be there as well. As long as they are respectful and not presenting some danger to the assembly they should be heard. If the venue is private and not funded by public money, there is no requirement to allow opposition groups a voice.
    As to Biden, he is a career politician. If he wasn’t doing this he would be disturbing everybody’s dinner by selling vinyl siding. We have allowed this form of parasite to infest the body politic. For my money politicians should not exist. There should be people who volunteer their talents for very limited terms in the service of their fellow citizens.
    Bribery should be on a par with child molestation when it comes to crimes. Those laws should be intensely enforced and publicly used as examples to anyone with a view to profiting from their authority.

  19. Ha, ha, that makes me want to laugh. Where’s Maxine Waters and Zippy the Pinhead?

  20. Howard Caplan is my hero!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    That rent a cop is helping to cover up the crimes of creepy Uncle Joe. And so are all that are remaining silent regarding the pedophilia of Biden! And who knows what else he’s guilty of!
    May God keep Howard Caplan safe from the evil that he confronts. Amen.

  21. Wait a minnit…this was at Long Island University. Universities typically take tax dollars from citizens as funding for a large part of their budget. So, how is this “private property”?? It’s taxpayer funded, so wouldn’t that be public property?
    When people say ‘defund the arts’, what I see passing as ‘art’ these days needs defunded.

  22. Tilles Center at L.I.U. (Long Island University) C.W. Post campus is located in Brookville, a ((monied)) area of Long Island nestled between Upper Brookville, East Hills, Muttontown and Old Westbury. It’s natural for NYC and Long Island people in that area to be interested in attending a ‘conversation’ between Steve Israel and Joe Biden. The perennial question, “Is it good for ….?”
    If you care to read between the lines, this is about the Global Institute which has a campus associated with L.I.U in ((Brooklyn)) New York as well as in Costa Rica (read CIA), China, Australia, Spain, and Italy. The “history” section is quite interesting, again, if you are able to do some reading between the lines:


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