Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took orders from George Soros on how to handle unrest in Albania

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Some in the Alternative Media say that presidential candidates and even presidents are selected by and serve at the pleasure of powerful élites behind the scenes — The Powers That Be (TPTB).
Now an email has surfaced from the time when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State in the Obama administration which gives credence to that penultimate conspiracy theory. The email was released by WikiLeaks.
The email, dated January 24, 2011, was from Jacob J. Sullivan to Hillary Clinton, on the unrest in Albania — a former Soviet-bloc country in Eastern Europe which became the Republic of Albania in April 1991.

Note: Despite his relatively young age of 39, Jacob Jeremiah “Jake” Sullivan is a long-time Democratic Party apparatchik, with close associations with Hillary Clinton. He was Hillary’s deputy chief of staff when she was Secretary of State; deputy policy director for Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign; deputy assistant to President Barack Obama; national security adviser to Vice President Joe Biden; and currently the top foreign policy adviser in Hillary’s 2016 presidential election campaign. Sullivan is widely rumored to be a front-runner for the position of U.S. National Security Adviser in a Hillary Clinton administration if she is elected President this November.

Hillary Clinton & Jake SullivanSullivan’s email to Hillary consists of a forwarded email from George Soros, the billonaire international financier and currency speculator who funds and foments protests in the U.S., as well as the refugee invasion of Europe. (See “‘Arab Spring’ in America: NAACP joins Soros-funded coalition for massive protests in D.C.,” “List of persons/groups paid by Soros to protest in Ferguson & Selma,” and “Soros aids invasion of Christian Europe by Muslim refugees, says Hungary prime minister”.)
Soros had sent the email addressed to Hillary to his Open Society Foundations flunky, special adviser Jonas Rolett, who forwarded it to then-assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs Richard R. Verma, who forwarded it to Jacob “Jake” Sullivan.
Here’s a screenshot of the PDF of Jake Sullivan’s email. I provided the red color emphasis.
Soros email to Hillary Clinton 2011Here’s the text of Soros’ email to Hillary, dated January 23, 2011:

Dear Hillary:
A serious situation has arisen in Albania which needs urgent attention at senior levels of the US government. You may know that an opposition demonstration in Tirana on Friday resulted in the deaths of three people and the destruction of property. There are serious concerns about further unrest connected to a counter-demonstration to be organized by the governing party on Wednesday and a follow-up event by the opposition two days later to memorialize the victims. The propect of tens of thousands of people entering the streets in an already inflamed political environment bodes ill for the return of public order and the country’s fragile democratic process.
I believe two things need to be done urgently:
1. Bring the full weight of the international community to bear on Prime Minister Berisha and opposition leader Edi Rama to forestall further public demonstrations and to tone down public pronouncements.
2. Appoint a senior European official as mediator.
While I am concerned about the rhetoric being used by both sides, I am particularly worried about the actions of the Prime Minister. There is videotape of National Guard members firing on demonstrators from the roof of the Prime Ministry. The Prosecutor (appointed by the Democratic Party) has issued arrest warrants for the individual in question. The Prime Minister had previously accused the opposition of intentionally murdering these activists as a provocation. After the tape came out deputies from his party accused the Prosecutor of planning a coup d’etat in collaboration with the opposition, a charge Mr. Berisha repeated today. No arrests have been made as of this writing.
The demonstration resulted from opposition protests over the conduct of parliamentary elections in 2009. The political environment has deteriorated ever since and is now approaching levels of 1997, when similar issues caused the country to slide into anarchy and violence. There are signs that Edi Rama’s control of his own people is slipping, which may lead to further violence.
The US and the EU must work in complete harmony over this, but given Albania’s European aspirations [to become a member of EU] the EU must take the lead. That is why I suggest appointing a mediator such as Carl Bildt, Martti Ahtisaari or Miroslav Lajcak, all of whom have strong connections to the Balkans.
My foundation in Tirana is monitoring the situation closely and can provide independent analysis of the crisis.
Thank you,
George Soros

Note that in his email, Soros — who was neither elected nor appointed to conduct U.S. foreign policy — instructed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that:

  1. Albania’s Prime Minister Berisha must be brought under control.
  2. The unrest in Albania requires a mediator.
  3. The mediator should be an European, e.g., Carl Bildt, Martti Ahtisaari or Miroslav Lajcak.

Sure enough, on January 26, 2011, two days after Jake Sullivan forwarded Soros’ email to Hillary, EUbusiness reported that:

Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha on Wednesday [January 26] cancelled a planned weekend rally of pro-government supporters after talks with a European Union mediator….
Berisha’s decision came after a meeting with EU Balkans envoy Miroslav Lajcak who arrived earlier in the day to mediate the growing political crisis.
Apart from Berisha, Lajcak also met President Bamir Topi and was to due to have talks with opposition leader Edi Rama.

In other words, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton followed George Soros’ instructions to the letter.
Now we know who’s Hillary’s puppeteer.
George Soros evilSee also “Democratic Party operative Bob Beckel calls for assassinating WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange”.
H/t FOTM‘s josephbc69

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0 responses to “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took orders from George Soros on how to handle unrest in Albania

  1. another reason she should be behind bars….

  2. This proves what some of us have known for a long time. Soros has provided billions in funding to pull the strings of those he has bought and paid for. Oh my oh my, to sell your soul like this is beyond my imagination. May the Lord have mercy.

    • Mercy? I ask again: Mercy? For whom and for what? The likes of George Sorrows [sic] are heartless minions of Satan, and you wish them ‘mercy’?
      I wish them a public hanging, then burial in a common grave, back-filled using the same CATERPILLAR dozers they supplied to IsraHell & all the private armies of Islamomania to kill hundreds of thousands of innocents in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, and so many other places of Hell on Earth, even Christian church people and worshippers on Sunday.
      Thank God I’m Christian, or I’d want him publicly humiliated and tortured w/the Clintons and the rest of his fiends [sic], the same as done by the actors they hired & paid for w/our tax dollars and private donations to the Clinton ‘charities’.
      Was Evil ever so arrogant or so blatant?

  3. Seems like her swearing-in ceremony to the New World Order Luciferians took place some time ago. She is very close to Lynn Rothschild, and it seems likely that Soros works with the Rothschild family, but not openly. He was educated in the London School of Economics, a Fabian Socialist-oriented school that is globalist and seeks ridding the world of The Base, people deemed unfit to live, culturally and intellectually. He is opposed to free market capitalism, and avoids seeing how it can be directed fairly to profit society far more than command of all parts of an individual’s life by functionaries serving a very few ruling all mankind and possessing all the rest of the earth.

    • George Soros and Lynn Forester de Rothschild are both members of the Rockefeller/CFR, along with Bill Clinton, Sidney Blumenthal, Victoria Nuland, Strobe Talbott, Robert Rubin, David Rubenstein, Michael Bloomberg, Lloyd Blankfein, and CFR godfather David Rockefeller. See member lists at cfr dot org.
      The London School of Economics has long been supported by the Rockefellers. Lynn Forester’s billionaire hubby, Evelyn de Rothschild, was a Governor of LSE for many years.

  4. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    What the West is politically swimming in makes the waters off the beaches of Rio look like the best of spring water.

  5. Every enemy to freedom is slowly coming to light, and they’re just as well connected and organized as previously feared. They’ll get what they want though, there are more than enough moronic, Godless cannon fodder liberals to fill the trenches for a third Great War. The time has passed where people choose between worshipping God, and the demonic idols that are the bane of our existence. Those stupid enough to support Hillary have no hope.

  6. Wow! That anyone could think of voting for Hillary, is a testament to the ignorance created in the media and public schools.

  7. This demonic administration is under the control of Soros and Valarie Jerrett, both controlled by Satan. And where does that leave us? Pray for revival and the election of Mr. Trump as POTUS. The Lord has brought us back, as a nation, eight times–He can again! Hopefully, A Trump administration would arrest Soros and this administration, and try the lot for sedition and acts against humanity. All of their assets should be seized and metered out to those who have been victimized. Soros deserves a special treatment. He should be tried in Israel for war crimes. As well, Barry and Hillary should be tried for war crimes, for their Arab Spring initiative, the destabilization of the region, indeed the world, because of increased tensions brought about by Islamic terrorism. And the demonic-duo of Barry and Hillary should then be tried in the region for the overthrow of sovereign nations.

  8. Reblogged this on Dak's Bays and commented:
    reblogged without comment

  9. Soros is the one Nazi collaborator the Nuremberg Trials missed. Born to raise hell, that is what he does. Yes, the man should be HANGED.
    But let us also remember that War Criminal and Enemy of Humanity Henry Kissinger has done the same with other government and GOP party officials, and that he does so TO THIS DAY. As someone who is not elected or constitutionally appointed, this is ILLEGAL, just as Soros’s puppeteering of Hillary is ILLEGAL.
    The level of corruption is so fermented at this point, that I am loathe to admit it, but we have to come to agreement with Ann Barnhardt that the “former constitutional Republic of the United States is dead.” It’s been dead for a long time, and we have to snap out of it and realize that it’s rotten meat we’re smelling, and not the aroma of roses!

  10. Don’t you love Soros’s fear of democracies being overthrown, so much so that he calls the highest levels of our government to exert pressure to prevent it? Of course, he sees the need to create riots, she’d blood, take into bankruptcy, and overthrow government in our country in order to save us from ourselves. As long as good order can be turned into chaos, people like George Next In Charge/George Soaring will be valuable to some. “Soros”, a chosen name replacing “Schwartz”, means “next in charge” in Hungarian, “soaring” in Esperanto, a language spoken by George and his father and created to be used by everyone on earth, a lingua New World Order. At that time, French was the language of diplomacy, German, of science.

  11. Why is it that stinking commie scum like Soros seem to live forever?
    I mean, Fidel is still around at 90.
    Something just ain’t right.

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