Secret Service investigates man for empty chair

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In Amerika today, you’re called “RAAAACIST!” if you criticize the POS squatting in the Oval Office. And if you put an empty chair out on your property, you just might get a visit from the Secret Service, as a Virginia man found out.

Dangling empty chair in VA

David Sherfinski reports for The Washington Times, Sept. 21, 2012:

A Centreville man who hung an empty chair from a tree in his backyard with a sign reading “Nobama” attached to it denies that it was meant to represent any inference to lynching or had any racist connotations, though he did manage to “get on the radar” of the Secret Service.

Doug Burger said he was “Eastwooding,” according to local Washington news outlet WJLA. “I loved Clint Eastwood’s speech” at the Republican nominating convention, he said.

Mr. Eastwood delivered a free-form speech on the final night of the convention in which he addressed an invisible President Obama supposedly sitting in a chair next to him on the stage, drawing applause from some but ridicule from others. “Saturday Night Live” lampooned the incident during its TV season premiere on Saturday.

Mr. Burger said that people always steal his political signs, so he thought he’d at least make them work to take it away this time, and that he failed to see what all the fuss is about. “I am not a racist in any fashion,” he said. “I know how to build a noose, really. If I wanted to make a noose, I could do that. I did not. I had no intention for that to occur.”

He has taken the chair down from the tree, but said he felt the whole hubbub was “really an attack on free speech.”

Mr. Obama is scheduled to make a Friday campaign stop in Woodbridge, Va.

There is also another dangling empty chair in Texas:

Being a patriot, I have a tip for the Secret Service on — GASP! — an even more shocking dangling empty chair.

You guys had better investigate the soldiers who did this! I’m SHOCKED! Just SHOCKED!

Meanwhile, Glenn W. Smith, the director and consultant of Progress Texas PAC, hyperventilates on HuffPost:

“Depraved haters in Texas and Virgina are lynching empty chairs — Clint Eastwood’s symbolic President Obama. In Texas, the story was broken by BurntOrangeReport. In Virginia, it was BlueVirginia. The question is, are these hateful protests from isolated crackpots? Or do they exemplify a larger fringe America so lost in bigotry and anti-Obama zealotry that they’ve lost all moral bearings?”

Gosh, I wonder why Smith and his fellow Lefties didn’t condemn “Death of a President” — that 2006 faux-documentary movie on, not an empty chair, but the assassination of President George W. Bush?

I know, I know!

Because liberals/Progressives/Lefties are HYPOCRITES!!!!


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0 responses to “Secret Service investigates man for empty chair

  1. I have to say, these pictures gave me the biggest laugh I have had in a while!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. I’m gonna hang mine today!

  3. The lesson, boys and girls, is never kick, shout at, or otherwise abuse furniture.

  4. You’ve done it again Dr. Eowyn! You have made me laugh wherein I have had to run to the bathroom! Such a bad influence on me! (LOL!!!) When the Romney/Ryan yard signs come in to Republican Headquarters, I will put that sign through a very nice looking yard chair and put it by my mail box. What an absolute riot! And yes, look at the hypocrisy of the left. A very serious matter regarding President Bush threatening assassination and that means nothing to them. Idiots!

  5. I’m waiting to see a picture with an empty chair tied to the roof of a station wagon! LOL

  6. What’s the Secret Service doing investigating a suicide? Judas did it and it’s not illegal 🙂

  7. Is this steamrolling H.R. 347?? Hopefully our prayers will be answered soon!!!

  8. If we’re all so suddenly racists and bigots, in the numbers and quantity that “they” are seeing and reading about, etc., how the hell did Obama get elected in the first place? Did about a half a million “African Americans” suddenly show up from Kenya or someplace and vote for him and we all just dreamed about voting? Hallucinated it? White people – in droves! – voted this man in! If he can’t keep his own promises HE made, that if this mess wasn’t fixed up by now, “he deserved to be a one term president”, how did we all of a sudden become so rabidly racist? SOME one put him in there! And a lot of those SOME ones were white as the driven snow! I know, liberal foaming-at-the-mouth insanity.

    • “racist, it’s just the latest label they’ve come up with”

      Actually it’s not the ‘latest label’ they came up with at all. It’s the ULTIMATE label they USE over and over to try and shut people up! Democrats & liberals have always done this but since 2008 it’s become BLATANT! It’s sickening to me how since Obama’s ‘faux’ election so much of the progress we’d made concerning racial harmony in the U.S. has been nearly DESTROYED by this administration and it’s minions. Other than those in Congress who actually think like Obama (sadly there’s LOTS… in BOTH houses!) those left with an ounce of morals are apparently scared stiff of being ACCUSED of being labeled AS racists! Why else are they cowering in their seats and just allowing this pathetic excuse of a ‘leader’ and his corrupted administration get AWAY with their illegal power plays that are exercised almost DAILY?

      No…. racist isn’t a new label. It’s a time honored way for liberals to try and quiet any opposing viewpoint(s) they don’t like.

    • steve desgarennes

      God willing , I think this country is going up – or down – in smoke –
      I think He is tired of all the crap that goes on here ( and the world )- the murder of millions of unborn – the lack of human decency – inside deals – the list is endless .
      I read the end of The Book – just waiting to fill in the blanks

  9. I made my OWN ’empty chair’ and posted it on the Facebook page created for that very reason. I’d LOVE to upload it here but don’t see anyway to do so (turned out VERY good if I do say so myself). 😉 All I can say about the ‘hanging chair’ is OMG O S H !!! :O A man hangs a chair in HIS tree on HIS property and the SS feels the need to invade HIS life and give him the 3rd degree? And WHO in his neighborhood actually REPORTED this man?! Sounds like he’s got Obama SPIES living next door (poor guy!). The U.S. was getting pretty PC weird before the ‘Obama Twilight Zone Brigade’ invaded the nation but since then it’s just……….. NUTS VILLE!

    If this progressive/socialist/communist administration ISN’T voted out in Nov….. well I can’t even begin to describe how horrible our lives will be. These nearly 4 L O N G years are the very TIP of the iceberg. NOTHING can prepare us for the awfulness of how it will be!

  10. OMGOODNESS!! Eowyn… thanks again for posting my ‘Empty Chair’ graphic. I had NO idea it would be at my original high res and feel bad that it’s taking so MUCH of your blog space! Next time I’ll send a lower res version of graphics if you post more of mine. Thanks again however! 😉

  11. The guys in the Blackhawk are wearing out of date BDUs and it predates the Eastwood appearance.

    • You are referring to this pic in my post:

      Give us your source for the BDUs (Battle Dress Uniforms) — worn by the soldiers in the Blackhawk helicopter in the pic — being out of date.
      This YouTube shows the same BDU as in the pic. The video was uploaded on June 5, 2012:

    • The uniforms look current to me. And I’ve recently seen the ones soldiers wear to Afghanistan on a military facility.


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