Secret Service agent who refused to protect Trump is a rabid feminist

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No surprise there.

Secret Service agents are supposed to guard and protect (“take the bullet”) the President of the United States with their life.

Kerry O’Grady is a senior Secret Service agent at the Denver, CO office.

In 2016, O’Grady wrote on her personal Facebook page that, if Trump was elected POTUS, she would rather face “jail time” than take “a bullet” for him because she considered him a “disaster” for America, especially as it relates to women and children.

After the media reported her anti-Trump comments, she said in an interview and written statement that the Facebook post should not be taken literally and that she would in no way shirk her duties to protect the president because of her opposition to his presidency and her support for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. An internal Secret Service misconduct investigation led to her forced departure from the Denver office, where she hasn’t been seen since, although she remains on the payroll.

Now we know what O’Grady has been doing with her free time.

Susan Crabtree reports for The Washington Free Beacon, Jan. 10, 2019, that for a second year, O’Grady is helping organize a “Womxn’s” March on Denver on January 19 as a member of the event’s executive leadership team, according to the march’s website.

The website says organizers included an “x” in the word “woman,” “because we believe in equity and we act with purpose to make space for trans, non-binary and genderqueer persons in our name.”

O’Grady bio on the march’s website says:

Kerry O’Grady spent 25 years as a special agent in the mostly white, male-dominated field of federal law enforcement. She is a witness to the fact that institutionalized disparities and unconscious biases continue to prevent women and minorities from obtaining equality in the workplace and in the criminal justice system. She is determined to use her privilege and energy to mobilize around a movement that uplifts women and strives to dismantle systems of oppressions.

Although the premier group for retired agents, the Former Agents U.S. Secret Service, expelled her from the ranks of associate members, O’Grady appears to remain on the Secret Service payroll and continues to live in Denver. Multiple sources close to the Secret Service told the Washington Free Beacon that although she has been sidelined from her previous role as the head of the Denver office, her name still appears on an internal agency “locator” of all active Secret Service agents and their contact information without any type of restriction or qualifier.

In recent months, she crowed to other agents that she “beat” the Secret Service’s misconduct charges for her anti-Trump Facebook posts and that she plans to retire within the next 60 to 90 days. According to Truthfinder, Kerry O’Grady is only 48 years old.

Congressional leaders have recently faulted other Department of Homeland Security agencies for the use of paid and unpaid leave to allow favored employees facing substantiated claims of misconduct to remain long enough to attain full retirement benefits.

Outgoing Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) last week released the results of a nearly four-year investigation into the U.S. Marshals Service, an agency where a flood of Secret Service agents have transferred in recent years. The new report specifically criticized the U.S. Marshals Service for allowing employees with substantiated misconduct to remain on paid or unpaid leave long enough to reach key retirement dates. Grassley said the probe uncovered a culture of misconduct that echoed similar problems his committee and others have uncovered at the Secret Service.

The Hatch Act is a federal law that restricts certain federal employees from engaging in partisan political activity. But according to Sean Bigley, a partner at Bigley Ranish, a firm specializing in federal employment cases and security-clearance denials, O’Grady’s involvement in the Womxn’s March would probably pass legal muster. He said: “A government employee speaking in their capacity as a private citizen on a matter of public concern generally retains their First Amendment rights. But if she were speaking about matters that were of direct bearing on her employment and her job duties—speech that was disruptive in the workplace, for example—her agency would have more latitude to restrict that speech or prevent it and discipline her for that.”

Bigley also said O’Grady’s paid administrative leave is rare because all of his Secret Service clients facing misconduct charges were placed on unpaid administrative leave.

Echoing Bigley, Cheri Cannon, a partner at the law firm Tully Rickey, said Secret Service managers often impose unpaid leave and revoke security clearances in misconduct cases in order to force a person to quit rather than go through the lengthy appeals process to try to get their security clearance reinstated.

The Secret Service declined to comment about O’Grady’s employment status or any other matter related to her, nor did O’Grady respond to an email to her Secret Service email address seeking comment.


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27 responses to “Secret Service agent who refused to protect Trump is a rabid feminist

  1. I am outraged that an employee who is being paid with US taxpayer dollars is still on the payroll after having being charged with misconduct. None of the rest of us would be still drawing a paycheck if we acted in an untoward manner while being employed–we would be kicked to the curb!

    This is a huge problem amongst Federal employees; there is the feeling that since Uncle Sam has very deep pockets, those who misbehave should still receive their paycheck–and still be entitled to their entire pension. These miscreants ae not held accountable for their acts of misbehavior.

    As far as her saying, “Aw, well, ya I wrote that on FB, but I really didn’t mean what I said.” How many times have we heard that very same excuse from those who have said evil, disparaging things about our President. Probably so many times that we would have to start using our toes to count the times, since we would run out of fingers when counting.

    This gal needs to “man-up” and accept what she did.

    Until people who commit these act are held to pay the uttermost price . . . such as losing not only their paychecks, but their full pension as well–we will continue to have misbehavior amongst the ranks of those who are employed by Federal agencies. It is an outrage to the decent men and women in this land who pay their taxes that employ these misbehaving snot nosed brats.

    • Well, Auntie, as I wrote here more than 2 years ago, Trump will be regarded just as Teddy Roosevelt is now in our history: likely amongst the 12 greatest, but half the electorate will hate him, while the other half will love him. So I know which side she’s coming from!

  2. one word. Gitmo,

  3. This is why our government is rotting from within and everywhere it has a grip. No justice anywhere. If that were one of us “common little people,” we’d lose our job, our likely nonexistent pension, and yes, they toss us in jail. This is the true meaning of “Just us.”

  4. Many important points brought up by Auntie and others…two tiered justice, no one held accountable etc. I would also note this:

    “The website says organizers included an “x” in the word “woman,” “because we believe in equity and we act with purpose to make space for trans, non-binary and genderqueer persons in our name.”

    I glance at her countenance and it is obvious she identifies as a womyn. Lesbiatics don’t like the fact that the word woman even contains the word “man” within it such is their trivial and disdainful focus which is nothing but a mirror of the hate, inner disorder, and chip on their shoulder nature. The problem here is that an inordinate amount of homosexuals see everything through the lens of their sexuality. This is a highly distorted and unbalanced way of being human. Who knows, maybe she is not being fired because they are afraid she will scream discrimination. That would be about par for the course these days too.

    • Good points to you and AL. Anyone, man or woman, who has so debilitating an obsession should be folding laundry in the nut house, but of course gets preferential hiring and promotions from the federal government. Secret Service agent no less. Our country’s foreign enemies aren’t missing any of this rot, that’s for sure.

      I like to check photos before getting too far into these issues myself, because more often than not the photos prove that whatever we call the msm’s fabricated reality, it’s more often than not a literal freak show.

    • There seems to be a common thread with these leftists causes. Not only do they serve to destroy civilization, they attempt to legitimize mental illness as some acceptable condition.

      What I don’t understand is how or why a woman would feel substandard or mistreated in the first place. It is hard for me to relate to being unhappy about my condition or my chromosomal makeup.

      In order to get to where she is it is obvious that one would have to begin by feeling that she’s been unfairly treated. Further, it seems that the “source” of this injustice has to do with the sex she was born as rather than any other outside force.

      Oddly, this mutates into males being responsible for her “plight” (probably WHITE males), who have somehow conspired to oppress her. Not to put too fine a point on it I would consider that as quite insane.

      In general terms, I like women, always have. I don’t think they’re inferior. Do they really go around feeling inferior? I realize some do. I think that is not good. I don’t think that is the fault of anyone other than their own self-esteem.

      In dealing with all sorts of people over several years I can’t help but make observations and some generalizations. The women I’ve met with these issues seem to over-compensate. It usually doesn’t get as bad as our subject here, but it can be irritating.

      I have actually had borderline arguments with women over some of what I consider to be rude behavior that emanates from these imaginary feelings. In short, some seem not to understand the difference between assertive and aggressive behavior.

      In addition, some seem to think that men act aggressively toward each other and women as a matter of routine. So, when dealing with men they over-compensate and try to “bump bellybuttons” to get their way. Speaking from a male perspective, this is the absolute worst thing a woman can do. It is threatening to the man and likely to bring out the worst of male behavior.

      Of course, when this happens they blame the men. They would say that it “just isn’t fair” that they can be rude and insulting and get away with it. In essence this is wanting their cake and to eat it as well. “I can say or do anything I want because I’m female and ‘wronged’, but you must treat me special and let me walk all over you”.

      These people are sick and they’re being used. They don’t need “empowerment”, they need treatment.

      • CogitoErgoSumantra

        ” In essence this is wanting their cake and to eat it as well. “I can say or do anything I want because I’m female and ‘wronged’, but you must treat me special and let me walk all over you”. ”

        And they’re not the only self-entitled “identity group” that feels this way and demands their “rights” and special privileges. I think they’re ALL being duped by certain “controllers” who use the media (cable/network TV, magazines, papers, Internet sources, social media, etc.) to spread their seditious venom in an on-going attempt to spread their anarchy. They get a group of non-critical thinking individuals (who feel “deprived”) together and develop a mob mentality in them –to do their dirty work of over-throwing our gov’t and any sense of central authority or law & order.

  5. Our tax dollars at work! Don’t you just love it?

  6. Jonathan Miller

    She needs to be dismissed with cause and denied her pension as well. Crow about that, you loudmouth, perverted and twisted twat. Not doing her job should have gotten her walked to the door after her keys, ID and phone were surrendered…

    • Please tone down your language.

      Although I understand the depth of your feelings, there’s no need to be overly vulgar. There are very many people here aware of the problems, but remain civil in discourse. Mind you, I do feel she is a semi-mindless idiot….

      • I do agree about the language, and I do my best to avoid it, but the use of the term “tw*t” may not be totally off. My (limited) knowledge of the term is that it is of British origin, and that it does refer to the female genitalia, but the intended meaning is “idiot” or idiotic. If memory serves me correctly, I first heard it used around 1975. At least it seems better than the dreadful “c” word. (A word women used to avoid like the plague until about 1995).
        If anyone out there has any knowledge about the etymology of the “t” word, I’d like to hear it. (To the best of my memory, I cannot recall Monty Python ever using it, but I think I recall George Carlin using it once.)

        • “The word twat is widely used as a derogatory epithet, especially in British English, referring to a person considered obnoxious or stupid. It is also used informally as a verb in British English to mean ‘to hit or punch a person’…. Twat is also used in British English as vulgar slang for the vulva or female genitals in general.”

  7. I retired after 35 years of federal service. People in federal service used to be held to a higher standard. There is no place for partisan politics. In fact, there should be no room for this social engineering garbage the left spews.

    Everything isn’t, and should not be, political. I can’t help wondering if “politics” has taken the place of “religion” for a lot of them. They are busily trying to make their own universe that appeals to THEM.

    She should have been fired immediately. I don’t know how she plans to retire at her age since the minimum retirement age and length of service is a long way away for her. Nonetheless, if the President can’t even count on sworn officers to protect him she has no business being anywhere near him.

    People like her are precisely why this behavior is not allowable. What if she decides she doesn’t like someone’s politics? Is she going to let them be attacked, or even participate? I wouldn’t trust her. She’s too deranged.

    • Wonderfully and perfectly said! Many thanks, as always.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      Couldn’t agree any more strongly. She publicly said she would refuse her primary duty of protecting the PotUS. GONE!

      BTW, for those who don’t know, you can post things publicly OR privately (to friends only, or even only to certain friends) online via FB. Unless she posted that twaddle privately and somebody re-posted it publicly, there’s no excuse.

  8. Do we even have any federal agencies that are trustworthy??
    Maybe it’s all part of the overall attack against America.

  9. Obviously, she didn’t take her oath very seriously. But look on the bright side, she isn’t on the secret services duty list. Why she is still getting paid is part of the usual corruption in the government.

    She is an embarrassment. They said while Ovomit was soiling the White House, the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc, was in a mutiny war, against each other.

  10. If I were president, I wouldn’t want some chick guarding my life, to begin with! Thanks, but no thanks. Women bodyguards – SHEESH! – where has *REALITY* gone in the U.S.A.?

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends’

  11. Thanks, Obama!!

  12. There’s a reason she’s organizing a march instead of working for a federal contractor. She’s done in that field because she’s a whiney loser.

  13. “The website says organizers included an “x” in the word “woman,” “because we believe in equity and we act with purpose to make space for trans, non-binary and genderqueer persons in our name.”
    Ah, I see- this woman is mentally deranged and we are all better for her not having her job.
    So glad to see her on administrative (ie: cray cray) leave.

  14. O’Grady and her intellectual rabies needs to go! But I get it: Once the ACLU got rid of loyalty oaths, it was only a matter of time before advocacy entered the scene.
    I get it: Kennedy’s assassination was not the end of the matter, as far as the psychological warfare was concerned: There has been a war on the Presidency every since that fateful day. Not only did they trash JFK for decades after, they had to destroy Nixon and trash him for years, also. Then it was Reagan’s turn to run the gauntlet.
    Funny thing: The trashing of Presidents stopped with Poppy Bush. Only with Son of Bush did the “entertainment” resume (who had it coming, in my opinion).

    So what’s one womxn with an axe to grind? The Left loves advocacy, as long as it doesn’t happen to THEM. The sooner she’s gone, the better. But Trump has bigger battles to fight.

  15. I am a teacher. If I refused to do the job for which I was hired by the standards for which my job required, as in….refuse to teach a child or person who qualifies for my services….my arse would have been FIRED immediately, no suspension, no suspension with pay, no worrying about my pension…… and it would be the right choice for my employers. Why are we paying for this dead-beat reprobate? There are no “sympathy” and “appreciation” clauses written into public/Federal employment standards, much less a breech of duty/danger to self and others (including an elected POTUS, no matter who) in the Secret Service.


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