Seattle's ex-Top Cop Recalls WTO Riots – Nov 1999

After the disastrous WTO protest that shut down Seattle in 1999, progressive Chief of Police, Norm Stamper decided to retire and progressive Mayor Paul Schell lost re-election.  The following Seattle Weekly 9-page  article   is an excerpt from Norm Stamper’s book that recounts the events leading up to the disastrous protests that resulted in the Mayor declaring Martial Law.   Click the title to read the entire excerpt~LTG

Snookered in Seattle: The WTO Riots

Veteran cops told me they’d never seen so many people on the streets. There was sea of sea turtles and anti-WTO signs, choruses of chanting, and street theater performances, replete with colorfully costumed actors on stilts playing out the various points of opposition to globalization. That night, thousands of protesters filed into Key Arena where the Sonics and the Storm play their basketball. They heard speeches from local politicians, including the mayor (who at one point bleated, “Have fun but please don’t hurt my city”) and various protest leaders and organizers. There were songs by Laura Love and other politically active musicians. Day One ended peacefully.

Video includes 60 Minutes inteview with anarchists who look and sound like the OWS thugs who’ve been trashing our cities for the past 2 months.


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8 years ago

What a fiasco that was….and it’s going to happen again if the mayors don’t start getting control of these OWS thugs currently defying laws throughout major cities.