Seattle, you have a problem: Council, police & animal control ignore woman’s pleas for help; 3 dogs from illegal RV encampment maul her & her dog

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Seattle has a serious, serious problem with homelessness and criminal activities. I’ve done many posts about these issues. See the following:

Every week I read another story about the homeless committing crimes against law-abiding citizens. The bureaucrats are allowing the criminals to rule the city and they are non-responsive to citizens’ calls for help.

The latest example? A woman complained for MONTHS to officials about an illegal RV encampment and the dangerous dogs in that RV. Not one person took any action. She was later mauled and her dog was injured as well by the squatter’s dogs.

Here’s the story from

An illegal RV encampment resulted in one SoDo business owner being mauled by dogs — and the city has still not forced the RVs to move.

Leslie Clifton noticed a few months ago that two RVs had set up camp across the street from the business she owns in SoDo. She was alarmed by the behavior she witnessed, notably the way that they let their three aggressive dogs run around freely. “I’ve been very concerned with their actions and the way that they’ve reacted to us,” she said.

Clifton called Seattle City Councilmember M. Lorena Gonzales’ office, as well as the Seattle Police Department and King County Animal Control, over and over for the past few months, yet the RVs remained. She worried for months that a violent incident would occur.

(Remember, councilmember Lorena Gonzales is the one who blames “privileged voters” for possible homeless deaths.)

“I’ve warned them that something was going to happen, and it did,” she said. “And I still feel like they’re not going to do anything.”

Last Friday, Clifton said, “things just escalated to the worst case scenario.” While Clifton was taking her 150-pound Great Dane, Lily, for a routine walk, one of the RV inhabitants opened the door and let the three attack dogs out.

“They literally came full bore running at me and my dog, teeth bared down, and just ready to take us down,” Clifton said. “And that’s exactly what they did.”

Two of the dogs attacked Clifton’s dog, Lily, giving the Great Dane over 15 puncture wounds that needed stitches. While Clifton was trying to tear the two dogs off of Lily, the third dog — which Clifton believed was “the most aggressive of the pack” — charged at her.

“After he basically split my finger in two, he then decided to keep coming back,” she said. “And fortunately I was able to turn, so he just primarily got my one leg and an elbow pretty good.”

While the dog viciously ripped into her skin, Clifton said, at least six of the RV-dwellers were simply standing on the sidewalk and watching.

“They were all standing on the sidewalk just watching this whole thing play down while I was screaming for my life, begging somebody to help me, to call 911, asking them to get control of their dogs, and they did absolutely nothing but stand there and watch it happen,” she recalled.

Because she was bleeding so profusely, Clifton’s son rushed her to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.

Clifton said that what is killing her is that she has been repeatedly calling the city and begging for anyone to hear her pleas. She even made sure to go about things the right way and not take up the Seattle Police Department’s emergency line.

“We had been literally calling for months now — calling the Seattle Police Department, reporting 911, telling them it’s not an emergency so we could dispatch to a different department,” she said. “And they’re really wonderful to work with, but there is only so much that they can do, and only so much that the city will actually enforce.”

Now, even after this local business owner was mauled by dogs, the RVs are still sitting on the same SoDo street. Clifton has been told that the RVs will be asked to leave on Friday, but she knows that they will be back after a few days. “To be honest with you, I don’t even know if they really got a citation,” Clifton said.

Tired of squatters — she does not call them “homeless,” as she feels they choose to take over city streets — making life dangerous for innocent residents, Clifton testified in front of the Seattle City Council at Monday’s meeting, while still recovering from her injuries. She said that she after the attack, she has been “pushed too far” and now is “not going to stay quiet anymore.”

“I am sick and tired of being a forgotten voice … what about the people who are law-abiding, tax-paying, hard-working individuals, that are just trying to get by day-to-day and live in a very safe environment?” Clifton said. “That’s all we want — that’s all we want. But we have no rights; it’s such a double standard in this city that it’s gotten out of control.”

Clifton is determined that she is “not going to be a victim anymore” and will speak out until people vote for a change on the Seattle City Council. “Every single one of those people on the city council should not get re-elected ever, for any position,” she said. “They are totally ineffective, and they do not have the heart and soul of every citizen in this area … they don’t care about us.”

You’d better wake up Seattlites. You city is heading toward chaos right before your progressive eyes.


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10 responses to “Seattle, you have a problem: Council, police & animal control ignore woman’s pleas for help; 3 dogs from illegal RV encampment maul her & her dog

  1. Seattlites voted for these people, so they get the gov’t they DESERVE. Serves libtards right!

  2. That’s horrible. The fact is that these creatures are the definition of “anti-social”. Maybe the city fathers (and mothers) don’t have to deal with this but others do. They need to go through there with a fire hose and flush them out of there.

  3. I grew up in the Seattle area, my HomeBase in Bellevue, Washington, 1958-1963, when I departed for the SF-East Bay, California. I took up residence in Berkeley, worked 6 months for Flowerland Nursery, Albany, then started my own landscape design/build & maintenance business 55 years ago and have never looked back since.

    I write all that so you have a general idea of what I encountered at age 19 way back then. When I read about Seattle’s present day state and compare it with what I knew 60 years ago, I am beyond depressed, it’s nearly unbelievable how bad things are now.

    I knew Seattle before I-5 split it into schizoid conurbation; was that the start of its downward slide into civic mindlessness?

    I note that the city council seems composed –w/the exception of perhaps one person–entirely of what I think today are known as white European ethnicity, so I wonder who speaks for the homeless and or squatters?

    Even the very lowest in any society deserve some kind of legal representation, if for no other reason then the others can say “You were not forgotten; we were aware of you, and we did take you into consideration.” All conservatives foster the primacy of civil law over lawlessness, which these vagrants, squatters, and campers favour more likely than not.

    • There’s a gentleman who writes about Seattle’s homeless problem. He blames it on: Ideology, Paid advocacy and Lack of accountability. Also:
      Of course there are other factors, such as the drug epidemic and high rents, but those exist in other cities that aren’t having nearly the problem we are. There must be something different about us. And indeed, there is.

      He also has written about the relationships between the bureaucrats and those they are paying to “solve” the problem (paid advocacy). There’s some good reads on his blog, if you so desire to check it out.

      I grew up on the eastside of Seattle and can’t believe how utterly disgusting the city has become in the last ten years. I’m going for a visit to Washington state next month and WILL NOT be heading anywhere near Seattle…

      • To me there is no doubt but that all of those problems are involved. Nonetheless, that is precisely WHY we have City Councils and other officials. Their job is to take on problems that we can’t fix individually as citizens.

        There should be jobs for those capable of working. There should be drug treatment for addicts. There should be mental facilities to take in the insane. The others (the lazy) should get the bum’s rush down the road.

        • Lophatt . . . . Very tell words, “The others (the lay) should get the bum’s rush down the road. I firmly believe that one of the reasons that homelessness has grown exponentially is all these cities who come up with hundreds of thousands of aid money, and millions to build subsidized housing. Why would anyone want to work if you can live on the largesse of all the foolish people who feel sorry for the homeless. I do not feel sorry for them, that only exacerbates their problems. It was a very sad day when liberals decided to empty out the mental hospitals and asylums, putting those who are mentally ill out on the street, instead of being sheltered and under the guardianship of someone who still has their mind.

          It will only be that when the city council members, police, etc. crack down on these folks that there will ever be a change in homelessness. The saddest thing of all is that todays homeless people are violent, and in many instances pose a real threat to the hard working citizens that inhabit Seattle (and Portland for that matter.)

  4. Round here any dog running lose and displaying aggression would be fair game with out hesitation.

    • I would have no problem with the policy shooting any vicious, uncontrolled dog. If the owners love their animals–then keep them under control.

  5. It’s not just the homeless who let their dogs rampage and cause mayham. I was riding my bicycle with my pug in the basket at an Oregon park when a man walked towards me with a German Shepard and a Rottweiler off leash. I stopped and asked him to restrain his dogs. He refused. Suddenly both dogs lunged at me. They knocked my bike over, and had my pug by the thoat. I fought them off, getting bitten in the process, while the owner just stood there and watched. By the time I had reported the incident to the park patrol, the man was gone, and anyway, all they could do was give him a citation. The Oregon State Patrol advised me to sue him. How? He didn’t stick around to give me his name.

    A year later I moved to the Puget Sound area, where I learned the problem was much worse. I was attacked so many times walking my leashed Pug in public parks, I would start shaking when I saw another dog approach. I began carrying a small hatchet with me. People in this part of the country are scofflaws when it comes to leashing their dogs in public. The level of privilege they claim for their “fur babies” is off the chart.


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