Seattle to spend “about” $450,000/unit to build “affordable” homes

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan

Unlike private developers, Seattle doesn’t have to worry about making a profit (or even breaking even). There’s always more taxpayer dollars available for the taking!

From Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is moving forward with her about $90 million plan to redevelop Discovery Park’s Fort Lawton into more than 200 affordable homes.

Fort Lawton is a former military base located in Seattle’s Discovery Park and near the Magnolia neighborhood.
The plan includes 85 homes for seniors, approximately 100 homes for low-income individuals and families, and up to 52 homes designated for ownership opportunities.

Senior housing will come equipped with support services. Rentals will be priced for households making up to 60 percent of the median area income. Homes for sale will be reserved for households under 80 percent of median area income.

Sixty percent of the site will be reserved for park and park-related uses.

The Army currently leases the land to Seattle, but avoids tax burdens if it transfers the acreage to the city. One catch: The land must be used for parks or homeless housing to get the tax breaks.

The latest draft updates the 2008 plan to make it consistent with the Fort Lawton Army Reserve Center Environmental Impact Statement issued in March 2018. The city also did community outreach and hosted public hearings to get additional input.

Durkan has scheduled a public meeting for Feb. 11 to take comments and said she would send the plan to Seattle City Council in upcoming weeks.


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Dr. Eowyn

Both Seattle & Portland, OR are spending money like the proverbial drunken sailors. What deficits do the 2 cities have?

Joseph BC69
Joseph BC69

When I consider that’s US$ (I’m experienced in costing residential building), and I’m positive they’ll be 1000 sq ft ea., it’s $450/sq ft, it’s ridiculous: we do the same in BC for C$350, that’s considered adequate for a very nice middle-class house.

I suspect there’s going to be favouritism shown to certain contractors who’ve been tight with the city over the years….


Won’t this be lovely? Rolling geezers in the dark while strolling through acres of discarded needles and rampaging schizophrenics? Where do I sign up?

It’s amazing how they always get it backward. Encouraging low achievement and thus lowering everyone’s standards is not conducive to the overall success of a society.

Instead of isolating and dealing effectively with a disruptive minority, they insist that producers foot the bill and live with the consequences. As long as they’re free to go home to their gated communities and avoid encounters of the “strange kind” themselves, they’re good.


It is well documented that Liberalism is a mental illness, this is just reinforcement.
As a great example of liberal doublethink, Stacey Abrams said that “Identity Politics” (dividing Americans) will “Unite America”. They are insane and a true danger to us all.