Seattle to shut down tiny homeless village, opened in 2017, after crime skyrockets 100%

Licton Springs tiny homes/Seattle Times photo

You tax dollars at work, Seattleites.

Seattle bureaucrats continue to try and solve their homeless crisis keep the homeless industrial complex alive. In 2017 they opened the Licton Springs tiny home village which is a “low barrier” facility meaning residents can freely drink and do drugs.

I couldn’t find the exact cost of Licton Springs but found that the city will pay the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI), an affordable-housing nonprofit, a combined $1.75 million this year to operate six of the city’s villages, including Licton Springs, with SHARE/WHEEL and its sister nonprofit Nickelsville as partners for on-the-ground staff. reports that the city announced they are closing Licton Springs next year. From their story:

“According to Seattle Police records obtained by KIRO 7, crime in Licton Springs increased 100 percent in just one year. During the same time-period, crime in the larger area covered by the North Precinct dropped 7 percent.”

Read the whole story here.

That’s what happens when you allow criminal activities to go unchecked. See examples here:


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You mean to tell me that this didn’t work? I’m amazed (not!). Whenever large numbers of anti-social people congregate the situation is ALWAYS improved by concentrating them and spending bags of taxpayer money.

Just think how many long rides out of town $1.75M would buy.


What do you mean it didn’t work? Crime went down in the surrounding area….. because it became concentrated in one area. What failed is the seattle brain trust didn’t some how take advantage of all those homeless being in one place. Re: $1.75M worth of rides out of town.

Jackie Puppet
Jackie Puppet

Hmmmmm…not so coincidentally: According to The Pulse Of Radio, PEARL JAM held a press conference on Thursday (September 27) to announce a statewide effort to end youth homelessness. A statement from the band read in part: “Every year, more than 13,000 unaccompanied young people under the age of 25 experience homelessness in the state of Washington — 1,500 experience homelessness on any given night in Seattle and King County alone.” The band continued: “Every person deserves a safe and stable home. To achieve this goal, PEARL JAM is banding together with two efforts — working in coordination — to… Read more »


Ever notice no matter how much taxpayer money goobermint confiscates and spends to fight poverty, poverty continues to survive?

Giving money to drug addicts and the mentally ill will always ensure a certain percentage of the population will remain living on the streets – or in other people’s backyards.

My gut tells me this is not an “unintended consequence.”


“Compassion” backfiring…


[…] Seattle to shut down tiny homeless village, opened in 2017, after crime skyrockets 100% […]