Seattle school is a killjoy!

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Gone are the good ol’ days…

Seattle Elementary School Bans Halloween Costumes

CBS Seattle: A Seattle school has banned students from celebrating a new holiday this year: Halloween.

Lafayette Elementary School has decided to not allow students to dress up in costume for Halloween this year. And there is still some discrepancy between parents and the administration as to why the ban has been implemented this fall.

The decision was first reported by the district (Seattle Public Schools) as being a preventative measure in the event that Halloween costumes could offend and upset students who come from other cultures. Dozens of parents complained to the school over the measure demanding a detailed explanation.

Lafayette’s principal, Shauna Heath, e-mailed media outlets, including The West Seattle Blog, arguing the decision was made because of the limited instructional time that falls on Halloween this year. Seattle Public Schools observe a half-day of instruction on Wednesday, October 31.

“This decision was made by the entire staff after two deep and detailed discussions. The initial conversation was initiated by staff members who suggested that since Halloween falls this year on a half day of school, we not allow costumes. It takes students a while to change into their costumes, and students are distracted taking away from the already limited instructional time.

“The Lafayette Staff met again on Monday, revisiting and recommitting to their decision of no costumes so that we can focus on academics during the limited time we have available. The staff has committed to continuing the conversation throughout the year before deciding on what we will do in the future about Halloween celebrations.”

“I was just really sad and I had to fight back tears,” fourth-grader Leilani Nitkey told KCPQ-TV. CBS affiliate KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reports the school announced it will be hosting a “Harvest Party” in lieu of a costume party.

One parent told The Seattle Time that earlier in the week a school vice principal told him the costumes were banned because observing Halloween might be offensive to some students, but the school said that wasn’t the case. Some parents say that although Halloween has its roots as a religious observance, it’s now a secular holiday that shouldn’t be considered offensive. “It seems like another one of those things where kids are no longer allowed to be kids,” parent Hart Rusen told KCPQ.

However, the root of the ban is still up for debate in the township.

So no time to dress up in Halloween costumes yet time for a Harvest Party? So much for the “limited” instructional time.


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0 responses to “Seattle school is a killjoy!

  1. Hell, it was the Mexicans who came up w/ the Dia de la Morte (Day of the Dead) to begin with! These guys have picnics on ppl’s graves! If they think WE’RE strange or offensive, when was the last time you went to Grandma’s grave, decorated it w/ all kinds of death images and food, leave some of it for Granny to eat and stay up all night? At least we have our kids in at about 8 pm or so. What part of this holiday *aren’t* they familiar with??? (Actually, it’s an ancient pagan New Year, in Celtic pronounced “Sowen” but spelled Samhain, but that’s not the point here, pagan vs God.) The Mexican kids were doing this thousands of years before WE WERE!!! (And if I hear the word “OFFENDS” one more time, I think I’ll have to gak! Crimeny…. smh)

  2. This is a conservative Christian website and you pick the articles and what headlines to give them, right?

    If so, why are you complaining about Halloween being banned in a public school? That’s exactly what the conservative Christians want, right? You’ve won in this case. That’s why homeschooling is so big among you guys, so you don’t have to deal with “Satanic” things like Halloween.

    What do you really want here anyway? Just another opportunity to bash a public school? To bash Seattle? Bash anybody in general? Be a confused mass of hate and contradictions?

    Who is killing the joy? Who is behind about 80 per cent of the joy-killing going on in this country? It is you guys, the fundies. You just love, love, love to hate. And with any luck, your Mormon joke of a presidential candidate will lose in Nov. Wow, can you imagine a government run by Mormons? That will really kill the joy.

    • Beyond the admin’s different reasons for banning Halloween costumes, they flat out lie about the costumes distracting from instructional time yet are ok with a “Harvest” party, which also distracts from class time. Talk about contradictions…

    • Hey, Passerby1, you rank bigot over there in Seattle, WA,

      I would take — in a heartbeat — a Mormon who is a genuine patriot, loves America, a successful businessman with executive experiences, and has kind eyes and a kind heart


      a self-proclaimed faux Christian with evil eyes who hates America, has no business experience, wears an Allah ring, carries a Hindu monkey-god emblem in his pocket, and who is not just pro-abortion but voted 3 times to kill babies who survive a late-term abortion.

      We’ll bury you on Nov. 6th. Count on it!

  3. Political correctness… no more fun of any kind, it’s bad (and not cultural Marxism)!

  4. The vedio I try to post; didn’t post? ….Tried several times?

  5. Halloween is as American as Baseball, Hotdogs and Apple Pie..The liberals just hate anything fun for the kids..I’ll never give up these traditions, its part of our heritage.


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