Seattle repeat offender attacks man outside courthouse; was just released from jail earlier this month

Like many progressive-run cities on the west coast, Seattle has serious problems: homelessness, criminal activities openly committed on the streets and attacks by repeat offenders. See the following:

Homeless harassing King County Courthouse workers: “It’s a reflection of the courthouse location”
How many convictions does it take for Seattle City Attorney to place a homeless criminal in jail after his latest assault?
Resident in liberal utopia of Seattle who has been targeted by homeless: “Our community is just falling apart
Violent repeat offender in Seattle assaults toddler with coffee, two days after his jail release

Now this past week a defense attorney was attacked from behind by a repeat offender in downtown Seattle. The victim landed on a fire hydrant after the hit and the repeat offender tried to push him in the street.

The perp was just released from jail earlier this month and has been arrested four times in the last two months. His crimes include trespassing and assault. The perp pleaded guilty to the assault and received a deferred sentence, meaning he was let out of jail.

If you have any plans to visit Seattle, I’d either change my plans or stay far, far away from downtown. It is no longer a safe city for law-abiding citizens.


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East coast Liberals are just as mentally deranged as these Seattle legislators. Even in the 1980s, I had conversations with friends who were liberal on subjects like law enforcement. What struck me then was that they could not be reasoned with. They were locked onto their position with a religious fervor. It was a point of faith t0 them, blind faith.


In MA the liberal consensus is so deeply embedded that stuff like this flys under the radar. Like that case in Berkshire County where the guy was stopped and 2000 bags of heroin were found in his trunk but the case was thrown out because he was detained for 45 minutes before being arrested. Since that inconvenienced him the State Supreme Court ruled that it was a violation of his civil rights and allowed him to sue the Pittsfield Police Dept for 30 million dollars. The only outrage here was directed at the cops with suggestions that they were motivated… Read more »


Time for vigilante cleanup crews .
Start with the judges


Now that is the best cleanup ever and offering a lending hand to the authorities.


This guy again? Wasn’t he just here on FOTM? There are so many it’s hard to keep track. “Our community is just falling apart”. Yup, that’s the plan


I respectfully ask that you cease showing this photo of the Seattle City Council. It triggers me 🙂 If you must show it the impact could be mitigated by photoshopping John Bolton mustaches on the womyn and Ronald McDonald wigs on the myn