Seattle Police officer being treated with anti-HIV cocktail after stepping on needle in a park

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If you’ve read my many blog posts about the homeless crisis in Seattle, this will come as no surprise to you.

From  A police officer was stuck in the foot with a dirty needle while walking through a Seattle park on patrol this past Monday. Now, he’s receiving intense treatment to protect him from diseases, including HIV and Hepatitis, renewing concerns over police and resident safety in Seattle parks.

“This officer was simply walking through the grassy field of a city park, near where children were playing, when he stepped on the needle, which was hidden in the grass,” Sgt. Rich O’Neil, vice president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “The officer was taken to the hospital and is now undergoing ongoing, debilitating treatment to prevent HIV and other diseases.”

The officer works with the Navigation Team, the SPD’s unit that focuses on Seattle homelessness.

According to SPOG, the officer was on a routine walk through of Baker Park, a tiny residential park in the Crown Hill neighborhood. As the officer was walking, he felt a sharp pain between his toes that became so strong, he wasn’t able to stand.

Upon inspection, the officer saw a needle hub on the sole of his work boot. After removing the needle, the officer and his partner immediately traveled to a nearby hospital, along with the needle, so that it could be tested. He was met by colleagues at the hospital, who offered him moral support as he became concerned and was described as in a bit of shock, according to a SPOG source.

The medical protocol following exposure is lengthy and emotional. The officer is currently taking an anti-HIV cocktail, followed by additional tests to see what diseases he may have been exposed to.

Also from the story:

The officer told SPOG that he would rather it be him that got suck, instead of a child enjoying the park. He has kids and fears for their safety even more after this incident.

Just weeks ago, another father, former FBI operative and current Seattle City Council candidate Naveed Jamali, was walking in Seattle, near the waterfront, when his young children found needles and used condoms in the open.”

Read the whole story here.

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9 responses to “Seattle Police officer being treated with anti-HIV cocktail after stepping on needle in a park

  1. If law enforcement finds more needles in parks, they should pick them up (carefully & safely), take them to the mayor & city council, & anyone else who supports handing out needles – then jab everyone of them until they come down with a myriad of diseases.

  2. Did he find it by the giant Lenin statue in the glorious people’s republik of Seattle?

  3. So sad for this officer. I hope he is able to ward off any disease. Those bastard politicians should be sued.
    I used to work for an oral surgeon and handled needles every day. More than once I or my coworkers accidentally jabbed themselves cleaning up the instruments after surgery, but at least we could go back and check the chart of the person who the needle had been used on to see what diseases they were carrying. That was part of the job then, but I guess this is part of the job if you are a cop who is working for a liberal city.

  4. Gee, I didn’t know they left their desks. Must have been quite an emergency. Anyway, how about the kids? Do they get a “cocktail” of treatment when they get stuck?

    They should package all the needles up and send them to City Hall. It always amazes me how a cop has to get hurt in order for some sort of action. I don’t like anyone getting hurt, but the public should be safe from this garbage as well. Somehow, when a cop is involved, it’s “Katy bar the door, we gotta DO something”. Frankly, if a cop notices needles in a park they should tape if off until its cleaned up.

    Well, we’ve (at least DCG has) been saying this forever. Suddenly it serious?

    • I just got back from a vacation to Seattle. I never went downtown but did drive through Lake City (the area where they are removing the planters that the homeless are using as toilets).

      I saw lots of homeless walking the streets in Lake City and a fire truck/responders talking to a wasted/drunk homeless man on the corner of one street. It was a ugly…

      • Oh, I believe that its bad. All I can conclude is that the city fathers (and mothers) don’t care. I would think, however, that dirty needles in parks isn’t conducive to good health for children or anyone else.

        They spend money like drunken sailors for a host of idiotic reasons, maybe they should clean this up and chase the junkies out of their. Just sayin’.

  5. I respect righteous police officers, and anyone else that puts their life on the line for me. I do not believe for one minute that needle penetrated his boot and unfortunately for him he will have to reconcile all that follows on his own…

  6. The odds of contracting HIV from a needle on the ground is remote unless it the person who dropped it had used it within a few minutes of the cop stepping on it.

    • That is scenario can be possible. Have you not seen the amount of homeless and open drug use going on in Seattle? Also, there is a rise in HIV-infected homeless people in that city. If it was me, I’d be concerned…


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