Seattle Mayor Durkan says economic recovery will be made with an eye towards “equity” and “social justice”

On Tuesday Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan tweeted the following:

“As a City, we are rethinking how City government can respond to the urgent needs of our community & create a foundation for recovery, and our decisions about our emergency response and economic recovery will be made thoughtfully, with an eye towards equity and social justice.”

Because those who are unemployed or were forced to close their small business are really concerned with social justice rather than paying their mortgage or feeding their families.

The mayor’s office prepared a new economic forecast in response to the Wuhan virus in which they predict the impacts to the City budget will range from $210 million to $300 million. If their forecasting capabilities are anything like IHME, the city will be WAY OFF target.

Want to know what the city is doing to help prepare for their impending, massive decrease in revenues? They’ve implemented a hiring freeze, a freeze on contracts and expenses not related to COVID-19 or essential services and “curtailing” discretionary spending not related to COVID-19 response or mitigation.

Heaven forbid the city look into furloughing non-essential workers in order to curtail spending. After all, #WereAllInThisTogether, right?

The city of Seattle (population roughly almost 750,000) has nearly 10,000 employees. How does their bureaucrat expenditures compare with those of other large cities? Let’s take a look, shall we?

According to Ballotpedia (data from 2015), the average spent per citizen in the largest 100 cities was $2,605. The median city budget in the largest 100 cities was $800 million.

The city of Seattle spent an average of $6,744 per citizen and their budget was $4,400 million. See the statistics from Ballotpedia here.

The city of Seattle’s 2019-2020 total budget was $5.9 billion.

Jobless claims in King County have been 40,000 or more per week since the stay at home order issued by Gov. Jay Inslee. The number of City of Seattle employees who were furloughed? ZERO.

In 2017, full-time Seattle city workers earned a median of $99,184 in salary and overtime, a 12 percent increase over five years, remaining above the median household income for city residents of about $80,000.

How “equitable.”

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan


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8 months ago

Does she know the harm she’s causing, I wonder? Or is she a true koolaide drinker?

8 months ago

[Ed.: This is the guy who was recently touted as a potential candidate for the Presidency.]

8 months ago

Smells like social communism to me.