Seattle to “transform” police department & “re-imagine” community safety; Seven people injured in two shootings after announcement


On Sunday night Mayor Durkan announced a plan to transform Seattle Police and “reimagine” community safety.

From Durkan’s announcement:

“Mayor Jenny A. Durkan and Police Chief Carmen Best have been conducting a thorough review of the Seattle Police Department’s (SPD) budget and the impacts budget reductions would have on services to the residents and businesses of Seattle. On June 18, the Mayor and Chief asked SPD leadership and the City Budget Office to comprehensively analyze the department’s current services. Based off that analysis, the Mayor and Chief today announced early actions to transfer programs and functions currently within SPD out of the department and identified some preliminary reductions to the 2021 budget. In total, these early steps would lead to a $76 million reduction in SPD’s budget for 2021.

“Chief Best and I believe we can build a new model for community safety in Seattle by reimagining our approach to policing and investing deeply in community,” said Mayor Durkan.

“The Seattle Police Department has been very clear – we are committed to a community-led re-envisioning of what community safety should be,” said Chief of Police Carmen Best.”


Good luck, Seattle, You’re going to need it.


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22 days ago

Let me get this straight. Burn down what you have now with no idea what to replace it with”? Why not just give the police budget to all of the criminals and call it a day.
I’d bet that Jenny and Carmen are doing the horizontal mambo when they’re not destroying the city.
Maybe if we could bring John Lennon back he could write the follow-up. Re-Imagine.

Carl Hassell
Carl Hassell
22 days ago

Maybe they can do what was done at Woodstock in 69, throw pies & squirt seltzer water at the troublemakers.

22 days ago

I just tuned in to CSpan to watch Homeland Security hearings on domestic terrorism by the US House. Silly me, I’d thought maybe they would be taking on the idiots we ALL saw cause chaos not only during Trump’s Inauguration, but ever since, including taking over blocks-wide areas of our American cities. NOPE! they’re going on and on (led by the majority Democrats) about “accelerationist” groups such as “Boogaloo” and their Hawaiian shirts. Seriously. WHAT? I’d never heard of either term. Seems like the left has created their own versions of anarchist groups to blame for insurrections in various cities… Read more »

21 days ago

Can we say Seattle deserves this, or are these governors and mayors in power because of engineered elections?