Seattle landlord wonders why he can’t choose the ‘nice and clean’ renters

The landlord has no choice because demorats run Seattle.
From  As long as he isn’t discriminating, a Seattle landlord asks why he can’t choose who he rents to. Hugh Brannon told KIRO 7 that before the Seattle City Council passed a renter protection ordinance on Monday, there was already a “whole list of protected classes.”
“As long as you’re following that, is there no human element left in this business?” Brannon asked.
Brannon says landlords should be free to screen people and choose those who they believe will be a responsible renter. That includes the ones who look “nice and clean” and will take “better care” of the rental unit, he says.
But in about a month, the decision won’t be left to the landlord’s discretion. Under the council’s ordinance, landlords will no longer be able to choose which tenants they believe will be best. Instead, they will have to choose the first applicant who qualifies. The goal of this, KIRO 7 points out, is to prohibit discrimination against people with different forms of payment, such as vouchers and subsidies.
The only exception is for landlords who are living in a house in which they are renting a unit from the same property.
lisa herbold
Council member Lisa Herbold* said Seattle is the first city in the nation to require a “first-in-time” policy. “It’s considered to be a best practice among rental housing providers,” Herbold said. “When rental housing providers can establish that they follow a policy like this, they can also use that policy as a basis to argue that they’re not discriminating.”
Brannon said there could be a problem if landlords are forced to accept short-term vouchers. Herbold told KIRO 7 that about 80 percent of people with short-term vouchers stay in their housing by paying for rent on their own.
The approved ordinance follows investigations into renters experiencing unbalanced treatment. Twenty-three property owners were accused of housing discrimination in May. Some building owners advertised move-in specials for tech employees, along with employees of other large businesses.
Landlord groups say the measure will backfire, because a first-come-first-served system will benefit those with access to a car or the internet.
The city will conduct an audit of the new policies 18 months from their taking effect.
*Herbold is also spearheading regulations for employers to provide “livable schedules” for employees.

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Attention, “Syrian” refugees, welcome to Seattle.


Around here,we endured a somewhat similar issue,only all the affordable rentals were going to employees of the Gold Mines and mine-support businesses,who could afford to pay rent several months ahead plus a fairly large security deposit. People who were “outside the mining loop” couldn’t find a rental anywhere. But of course THAT wasn’t discrimination,it was merely renting to the “better” renters.


Lord, that’s the truth. The mayor recently decided that they shouldn’t “allow” single-family houses in Seattle anymore. He acted surprised when people called him on it. Seattle is run by the most socialist, social-engineering proponents one can imagine. It is TOTALLY disgusting. The surrounding area is not like that at all. It is like a boil on the bum of humanity. In my town we have a city council that is similar. They are completely into A-21. They want to engineer and control every little detail of everyone’s life. Most people hate them. Sorta begs question of what they’re doing… Read more »

Roodles Prease

Heres one solution. Find a corporation that checks the applicants… or just dont abide.


“Seattle is run by the most socialist, social-engineering proponents one can imagine. It is TOTALLY disgusting. The surrounding area is not like that at all. It is like a boil on the bum of humanity. ” REALLY?? I guess you have NEVER heard of Edmonton Alberta Canada. I have lived my entire life and since the late 70’s its been circling the toilet. One mayor decided she thought it was a waste of money to plow the roads- what happened FIRE TRUCKS were getting stuck. We have had numerous wasteful things like unused mass transit etc rammed down our throats… Read more »


Too bizarre to comment, other than it is a ‘no brain/brain dead’ concept, IMO [Victoria, BC].