Seattle commies try to extort private business

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My (reporting Brandi Kruse):  A historic Seattle bakery has been targeted by a group of protestors who claim the owner has unfair labor practices.  Borracchini’s Bakery has been located in the Rainier Valley for nearly 90 years, and owner Remo Borracchini said his customers have become like family. Which is why when he started to get complaints that an employee was being rude to customers, he decided to let her go.
“I said, ‘We can’t do this anymore, we just can’t do this anymore,” Borracchini said. “She said, ‘You mean I’m fired?’ I said, ‘Yes, you are.'”  The worker had been with the business for nine years.
But not long after he let the woman go, she showed up at the bakery with a group of more than 50 people. The demonstrators marched inside the small shop, and delivered Borracchini a letter that demanded he pay his former worker $7,901. The letter claimed that the employee was denied breaks as required by law, and therefore entitled to 10 minutes pay for every four hours she worked.
“We hope and expect that this will be done soon, within no more than two weeks,” the letter read. “Otherwise, we will take further action.”
Local talk show host Dori Monson interviewed both the shop owner and the commies from Seattle Solidarity.  Listen here.
Lee from Seattle Solidarity Network talked to Dori. The fired employee claims she never took a break in her nine years of employment. In lost wages, that adds up to $8,000, she and the group claim. They say if the fired employee doesn’t receive $8,000, they’ll protest and drive business away, and eventually shut down the bakery permanently.
Remo said he has surveillance video showing the woman on her breaks.
Things definitely got a little heated between Dori and Lee, especially as Dori asked him, point-blank, if what the protestors were doing to the bakery was extortion. When Lee couldn’t laugh off the questions any longer, he finally hung up.
From the Seattle Solidarity website:
Our goal is to support our fellow workers’ strikes and struggles, build solidarity, and organize to deal with specific job, housing, and other problems caused by the greed of the rich and powerful.
We are loosely affiliated with the Seattle branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), a radical labor union. 
So why did this woman continue working at the bakery after 1, 2, 3, even 5 years if she wasn’t allowed to take breaks?  Sounds like the commies from Seattle Solidarity want nothing more than to extort money from this private business owner.
Dori is asking folks in Seattle to support the bakery and prevent the commies from ruining his business.  If you are in the area and want to go to the bakery, it is located at 2307 Rainier Avenue South.

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0 responses to “Seattle commies try to extort private business

  1. I will be there Saturday to support the bakery. I am so sick and tired of this pompous, pretentious, pr*cks from the left that wants to shakedown small businesses.

  2. I have a few friends in the Seattle area and will make certain they know about this. They will forward to all their contacts! WE have to stick together to combat this commie intimidation.

  3. Criminal gangs have gone mainstream, under the guise of OWS and “social justice.” This is extortion, plain and simple.

  4. And the commies plan backfires….the bakery is being supported by tons of people. Owner stood at the door for 3 hours this a.m. shaking hands will all that have come out to support him.
    And the commies planned protest for tomorrow? They say it’s at 6:00 a.m. unless they cancel. Please, these commies won’t be dragging their butts outta bed that early on a Saturday 🙂

    • Hooray! I’m glad the patriots came through for the bakery owner.
      I agree with your prediction, DCG. Commies in Berkeley, too, don’t emerge until about 10-11 am, or when the sun comes out. 😀

      • Just heard the owner on the radio. He says it’s even busier there this afternoon! And his hand is ready to fall off from all the handshaking 🙂
        Take that commies! I’m going to try and go there tomorrow too.

  5. This dreadful! I have gone to Borrachni’s and bought a treat in support of Remo.
    This woman has to be the dumbest employee on Earth if she doesn’t know to take a break after ten years. Also, since 10 minute breaks are on the clock meaning you are paid and if you skip the break you are still getting paid, where is she losing income? This has been my experience in over 30 years of work both Union and non-union. I have been a union shop steward and president and there is no Wobblies union. They were around in the early 1910’s.

  6. invite anyone who believes that the owner of this bakery is a man of integrity to view this link, and at length:

    • Lady you still got evicted. He won not you. Probably because you were a poor tenant. Landlords will work with tenants who keep their units neat and pay rent on time. You don’t state how well you kept the place and if your rent was late constantly. Also, no one is saying he’s a saint. We just don’t like public shakedowns. You have a wage problem? There is a legal way to get this resolved. Pro bono. What these morons have done is set this poor woman up to be arrested for extortion if charges are pressed and ruined any chance of favorable references for future employment.

    • My post isn’t about this man being of high integrity…it’s about the THUGGERY tactics of the commies trying to shut him down. The fired employee should get an attorney and sue in court. Extortion is illegal.

    • Just because you may not like the way someone treats you doesn’t give you the right to commit extortion. Handle it in court.

  7. We came, saw commies, and bought goods. Friend there said commies tried to block front door and cops removed them.Kept commies off property. Lots of patriots there!

    • Make sure you take lots of pics! You’re reporting on site for FOTM! 😀

      • Oops, forgot to. Commies were across street just standing there. Left 5 mins after we got there.nothing really to photograph. Good stuff happened earlier in day, and not at 6:00 am 🙂

  8. Abused Tenant, If you were my tenant with your skulls etc , I would use any excuse to get rid of you. If you knew of the code violations and accepted them, you are complicit. So now it is sour grapes at best to mention it. Nothing to see here!

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself.
      Heard that someone got hurt at today’s protest. Does anyone know who started it? Is the woman okay?

      • From (KIRO 97.3 radio):
        Fights broke out among patrons and protestors after a customer offered cookies to one of the demonstrators, a bakery employee said. According to witnesses, a female member of SeaSol hit the plate of cookies out of his hands then slapped him during an argument, and the man pushed her to the ground.
        We purposely went as late as protestors were there because we didn’t want to be exposed/involved w/violence, for personal reasons. Heard for the most part cops had it under control.

        • The commie turned violent when she was offered a cookie, which is an act of kindness. Amazing.

          • These folks are a humorless bunch. Kindness is wasted on them.
            Hope they enjoy being in Jail for Easter. I’ve been in jail during Easter. Not fun.

          • I know…sad, angry people. We were offered free cookies for having to wait in line to make our purchase inside store. They were yummy!

          • You are right about that. But in her eyes she would be eating the fruits of those being oppressed. Still a simple “No thank you” would have got the message across. She got what she really wanted when she struck the man and he forgot to “turn the other cheek” as Christ also taught. Neither came off looking goof in my opinion.

  9. The bakery did so well these past few days that they are making a $10k donation to the local Children’s Orthopedic Hospital and giving bonuses to their employees! Commies are helping the kids and the store’s employees, go figure!

    • Seasol’s website said that if they got Gladys her backpay they would give it to charity. Looks like Remo is doing that rather than pay her. And he is donating more than she asked for plus she is helping her former co-workers get a bonus. So in away they are helping the laborers. Wonder if Seasol will realize they have won but keep up this nonsense.


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