Seattle Clown Councilmember believes "inclusive" Ping-Pong tables will help deter crime

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king county courthouse homeless seattle times photo

The homeless situation just by the courthouse/Seattle Times photo

You cannot make this stuff up.
About this council member, Sally Bagshaw:

  • Served on the council since 2009
  • Prior to that, she served eight years as Chief Civil Deputy Prosecutor of the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
  • Began her legal career as an Assistant Attorney General after graduating from Stanford University and the University of Idaho Law School
  • Has also served as business and finance lawyer for both Washington State University and University of Washington

From (by Jason Rantz): The area surrounding the King County Courthouse in downtown Seattle is dangerous. Crime is rampant. Homelessness is out of control.
It’s not safe to visit as a juror. It’s not safe to work in the buildings nearby. You can’t even walk around the neighborhood without olfactory offenses, human waste everywhere.
The solution? Ping-Pong!
Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw says that she’d like to bring a host of amenities to the area as an “inclusive” way to make the area safer. She’d like to see Ping-Pong tables, seating, and food trucks come to the area.
“This could be a place where we bring tables and chairs like we did at Westlake and Occidental,” Bagshaw told KING 5. “When there are places to be, and there’s food, and they can sit, then [the park] gets activated and there’s space for everybody.”
There doesn’t yet seem to be much support for the idea, certainly not from people most familiar with the area. “Playing Ping-Pong isn’t any more of a diversion than placing Volleyball nets up,” one Seattle police officer told me.
Indeed, this area has seen a remarkable amount of a crime. Former King County Sheriff John Urquhart was confronted by a homeless man with a knife. Things got so bad several months ago — with jurors and a half dozen courthouse employees being assaulted — that two judges spoke out.
Crime aside, the area smells of human feces and urine. Take a stroll through the blocks surrounding the courthouse and you’re likely to see someone using the nearby park or a random sidewalk as a toilet. Could you imagine eating a grilled cheese from a nearby food truck in a neighborhood like this?
Bagshaw says other nearby areas have benefited from the amenities she’s talking about. She points to Occidental Park, which has seen a decrease in the types of behavior we experience near the courthouse. She’s right, we have, but the context is so remarkably different. It makes a comparison a bit disingenuous because, she claims, her move wouldn’t displace the homeless folks who are near the courthouse for services.
Occidental Park is surrounded by businesses catering to tens of thousands of people visiting the area for Sounders, Seahawks, and Mariners games. During game days, they absolutely displace the homelessness population. And they don’t have to be there for access to services. The courthouse? They need to be in that spot for access to the services provided. And does Bagshaw realize many of the people who are living on the street and committing these acts of violence are living with an untreated mental illness or addiction? Access to a Ping-Pong table won’t stop them from acting out; treatment would.
Perhaps — and stay with me here as I’m about to unveil a radical and controversial idea — we continue to increase police presence and — wait for it — enforce the law.
People feel inherently unsafe when you let crime and homelessness envelop a neighborhood. Perhaps the council should give officers the green light to actually do their job and we can, for once, stop the shouts for affordable housing and, instead, call for treatment on demand? No, it’s not as fun as Ping-Pong, but it might actually save lives.
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0 responses to “Seattle Clown Councilmember believes "inclusive" Ping-Pong tables will help deter crime

  1. Perhaps James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong could give council woman Sally some pointers.😎

  2. “Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw says that she’d like to bring a host of amenities to the area as an “inclusive” way to make the area safer. She’d like to see Ping-Pong tables, seating, and food trucks come to the area.”
    Food trucks?? Last I checked, Food trucks worked via the capitalist system… The providers of food are going to want to be paid for their cost of goods, equipment, time, etc. How is that going to work??

  3. Midnight Basketball, Part II

  4. Reblogged this on PUMABydesign001's Blog and commented:
    The Communist utopia, urine, feces, crime and ping pong tables: This, I believe is, precisely why Progressives want to legalize marijuana and not just any marijuana but that which is regulated and controlled by the Communist ruling class who power is incumbent upon the populace being stoned and dumbed down? What makes me go there? Oh nothing except the fact that ping pong tables wouldn’t last a New York minute at a homeless camp in New York City. (Thinking out loud.) Ping pong tables in the middle of a homeless camp is an insult to the homeless and a weapon to bash heads in.

  5. One way to help them behave less animal is to not treat them as one. How about using the money to build them some indoor showers & bathrooms. Something you would see at a modern campground. Common Sense is on the endagered list with these Libtards.

  6. Dennis Godaire

    Ping pong tables aside, do the homeless of Seattle have sufficient disposable income to support food trucks?
    Sorry, I forgot … the food trucks would be there to lure the tourist. Now it makes sense … it’s a small circle but I can see it working quite well.
    The tourist are robbed of their money while trying to buy burgers and fries … the homeless, then buy burgers and fries with the stolen money … and then the food trucks can return for another day. I got it … I just had to think about it..

    • Food trucks would do nothing, are the homeless going to pay with monopoly money? Plus what’s to stop them from holding up the vendors, overwhelming the food trucks and then trashing everything, stealing the truck and taking it for a joyride? Nothing. If they’re going after the sheriff with a knife, you may as well stay the heck OUT of that area.

      • Since the Food Trucks’ “clientele” can’t even afford to pay attention,the City would have to subsidize them, (…Think a City sized version of the Railroads-The cost of using rail shipping keeps going up,but THEY haven’t operated on their OWN money since before WW-II.)

  7. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    From the looks of things in Seattle – their agenda is to make the homeless population “feel at home.” The homeless are fulfilling the agenda of the left. How could the mayor feel proud unless she is missing a “spark” plug which seems to be the case.
    Now, they can “write a book” about their experiences as street people which seems to be a new occupation in the Democrats socialist/muslim world – they have added the lowest rung on that ladder of success. You can’t have a socialist/muslim party with out that grain of salt.

  8. No matter what good this woman has done previously, the voters need to kick her to the curb the next time she comes up for election. Obviously, she is not operating mentally to a much greater degree than those who are urinating and defecating around the courthouse.
    I would think that any “prospective juror” would use any reason possible to get out of jury duty in order to avoid being a casualty. Good grief, doesn’t King County have a duty to safeguard citizens they call us to adjudicate court trials?
    What food court vendor would choose to park their truck in an area of high crime, and one where customer’s will not dally to eat their food–since the smell is so offensive?
    Our country is in such sad shape because of the ignorance of elected officials such as this woman.
    DCG . . . as sad as this story is, it is interesting to learn just how ignorant the Progressives up North in Seattle really are.

    • She is not operating mentally, that seems to be a prerequisite to get on the ballot in Seattle, don’t ya think? 🙂
      She is an absolute looney. Maybe its the result of the Russian Woodpecker being beamed at Seattle years ago.

  9. I’ve said this before. Give them jobs- they can get paid being pooper scoopers, picking up the dog and people crap in the parks, cleaning the place up, street sweeping, etc. This whole “give them this or give them that” does not work, as communist/socialism has showed time and time again.
    And, sadly the whole ‘medicate them’ won’t work, just look at Dr. Peter Breggin’s book “Talking Back to Prozac”. Many times antidepressants make people commit homicide and suicide!

    • They don’t want jobs. Heck, they won’t even clean up THEIR OWN messes when offered money to do so…

      • Well, if that’s the case, if they can get it done- say either clean up this or your ‘welfare benefits’ are done. So, work or forget the free cash. That’s the only way to get them to get off their lazy butts, apparently.
        Once they’re not getting free money, they’ll have to work. I didn’t know they were getting welfare- not surprised though.

      • In my home town,they used to pull a crew from Jail,chain ’em together at the ankles and put them to work on “Community Service”-painting curbs,pulling weeds in alleys,painting the local Churches,etc. Failure to do the work assigned would get the Convict informed by the Guard that it’s either do the work or this shotgun will give you a LONG rest. This town was looking pretty nice-until someone decided they could break the law but still keep their RIGHTS….(slight sarc)

        • truck . . . this kind of mindset is endemic in those who have been influenced by all the bleeding hearts. If they don’t want to work, and are able to work, then they shouldn’t eat. Plain and simple. Pay your own way, in one way or another.

          • “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” -2 Thessalonians 3:10
            What St. Paul said is good enough for me!

  10. What ever happened to mental institutions where these mentally ill homeless were kept. Oh yeah, That’s right. The liberals in order to give these folks dignity closed em all and released all the folks to the street with no plan other than to main stream them. Now instead of admitting the mistake they double down, increase taxes and blame the conservatives because they don’t like the conservative’s solution. House them in mental institutions where they belong. Hell, the homeless would probably be treated better if they were locked up at a southern border crossing facility.

    • Actually, Reagan closed them down in the 80’s. Not a dimes difference between democrat and republican. Even Trump ran as a democrat years ago.

    • MOST Liberals should ALSO get a rubber room. Their behavior since THEY LOST THE ELECTION is proof they’re insane. (OOPS-I’m sorry-the Caps were insensitive of me. sarc)

  11. What helps deter crime is a strong police presence, backed up by EVERY COUNCIL MEMBER in all cities, towns, neighborhoods in the US and crime will go down considerably. Hey, Sally Bags’oshit, be a better councilwoman to your constituents, remember they hold the key to your seat.

  12. Fire started in homeless RV spreads to nearby warehouse. The business owner has begged the city numerous times to do something about the homeless RVs. Not the first time a fire started in an RV.

    • DCG . . . When insurance companies have to “pay out” to cover these kinds of losses due to negligence on the part of the City–then Cities should be sued until they start doing the things that we expect cities to provide for us. I don’t expect my City to provide campgrounds for the homeless, nor do I expect that they steal tax monies from me and give it to lazy, shiftless Suzie Q, or Slovenly Joe in order that they maintain themselves. If you are a normal, intelligent, healthy person–get off your butt and get to work to maintain yourself.

  13. This is what downtown Seattle looks like now. What a sh@thole…

    • Why do Democrats/Progressives tolerate this? I simply don’t get it.

      • I don’t get it either. 90% of the comments I see on Seattle news sites trash the current leaders, whom they elected.
        I’m going to Seattle this fall (well, outside of Seattle) and thought about a drive to downtown to see the problems first hand.
        I quickly decided that’s not the best idea since I won’t be carrying. I’ll stick to the YouTube videos for the visuals…

      • Dr E., proggies do this type of stuff because of MASSIVE cognitive dissonance. They are SO brainwashed that they cannot begin to understand that liberal policies DO NOT work in the real world-they are theoretical in nature only. Add to that the fact that Libbies DO NOT understand cause & effect as well as human nature, and there you go. Libbie: “Well, that Program didn’t work, so let’s try another one. Oh, that one didn’t work either. Well, let’s re-do the first Program, but this time with more money ( for more gibs). Oops, didn’t work again… hmm…….can’t possibly be that free stuff doesn’t change people’s minds and make them accountable, and I know I’m a good person (COGNITIVE DISSONANCE). Maybe these programs didn’t work in the past, but the people running them weren’t as smart as me. I got an idea, we’ll triple the amount of money towards Program A, and this time it will definitely work!” And around the wheel they go. Over, and over, and over again…. worst part is, these Libbies always use OTHER PEOPLE’S money to get their “feel-goods” on… as Q likes to say, These people are Stupid

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  15. I can actually see ping pong deterring crime – if the criminals were spanked with the paddles for their punishment [/sarc].
    I lived in Washington state for 3 years (3 of the most miserable years of my life), and it was always a liberal shithole with only San Francisco being worse. I’ve always wished that America could swap Vancouver, B.C. for Seattle.

  16. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    Maybe Ms. Bagshaw can take her lunch hour and hang out on the seating and play ping-pong in the park with her new besties. I’m gonna guess NO! And will the winner of the match get a free taco from her food truck buddies? Just asking.

  17. traildustfotm

    How do we even address such lunacy?!

    • You can’t fix stoopid…
      When mayor Durkan was running she had a TDS platform. I remember reading anti-Trump language on her home page of Durkan for Mayor.
      This past week she went to a detention center in TX to protest Trump. People in Seattle were mad she spent time on this instead of city issues.
      I’m like, did you not know who you voted for?!? Did you not read her platform/issues? Voters there need to wake up instead of voting straight D all the time.

    • There’s also the question as to whether or not Seattle politicians really want to solve homelessness.
      I found a blog that has some good insight into what they call the “Homeless Industrial Complex” in Seattle. From the blog:
      “Today Joe sent me this diagram he made explaining how the Homeless Industrial Complex thrives off the homelessness that is manufactured, in a sense, by its own actions. I like this diagram very much, and I have dubbed it The Swindle Cycle™ in accordance with my theory that Seattle’s homeless “crisis” is in fact nothing more than that: one giant swindle.
      Of course Joe’s diagram is an oversimplification; there are many other factors that affect the cycle – things like corrupt politicians, pressure groups, lazy news media, a distracted citizenry – but this diagram captures the process in its essentials.”
      There’s some good stories on the relationships politicians and other prominent figures have with those who profit off trying to solve the homeless crisis.
      See the blog here:

  18. So what happens when they start beating each other with the paddles?

    • You gotta laugh. They can’t even get people into the courthouse for jury duty so what do they do? They want to put up ping pong tables and bring sandwiches. That whole council should be sleeping with the homeless.
      They actually gave them the keys to the safe. They throwing money at stupid stuff like there’s no tomorrow. The solution is tar and feathers.


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