Seattle City Councilmember Sawant stands by her Islamophobia comments

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Like any good proggie/commie/socialist, she’s a master of Alinsky tactics.

Socialist Kshama Sawant (far right).

Socialist Kshama Sawant (far right).

Kshama Sawant is a socialist and a member of the Seattle City Council. She says the most absurd things, too. She once attended a rally of union supporters and said Boeing workers should take over the factories, and shut down Boeing’s profit-making machine (because that will really work to keep your paychecks coming). She said that after workers “take-over” the Everett Boeing plant they could build things everyone can use. She said, “We can re-tool the machines to produce mass transit like buses, instead of destructive, you know, war machines.”
She’s now saying more things that only make sense in her head.
On December 5th, 2015, Hamza Warsame (age 16) fell from a Capitol Hill building in Seattle. The King County Medical Examiner announced that investigators determined the fall was an accident. Before the investigation was even completed, proggies were claiming the death was a hate crime caused by anti-Muslim sentiment in Seattle. reports that after claims were made that Warsame was allegedly beaten and thrown from the building in Capitol Hill, Sawant issued a statement calling for “justice.” Even though no foul play was found to have incurred, Sawant told KIRO Radio’s Jason Rantz that her point remains valid.
SJWs agitating before knowing all the facts

SJWs agitating before knowing all the facts

“At that time, when (victim Hanza Warsame) unfortunately met his demise, Islamophobia the rhetoric was heated,” Sawant said. “(Donald) Trump was really stirring it up. The attacks had just happened. Bernardino had just happened. There was a lot of buzz about that. At that moment it was understandable that the communities in Seattle were anxious that this might be motivated by that kind of hatred against immigrants, against people of color, against people of a certain ethnicity,” Sawant added. “And what I said in my statement is that the police should conduct a thorough investigation, and if the death to Hanza was linked to a hate crime then the police should carry out the full justice process in order to get those perpetrators to justice. So what I said was conditional.
She offered no clarification for her statement. “Read my statement carefully,” she said. “What I said was that, first of all … I hope most human beings would agree with me regardless of why the death happened, is that it was a very tragic occurrence. A young person, a young person of color — this is tragic. And what I said is… that this might … be an attack that might be motivated by bigotry and hatred.”
KIRO’s Rantz noted that Sawant used this particular case to get into the topic of Islamophobia as a result of Right Wing rhetoric. “Yes, of course, that is true,” she said. “Regardless of what the police found…”
Of course she said her statement speaks to the bigger issue (one that is oh, so political, of course). “This was not about that case; the issues are much larger,” she said. “The issues are about the real anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-people of color, and frankly, sexist and racist rhetoric being generated by the Trump campaign, and it’s speaking to people because people are looking for a way out. So it’s not that tens of millions of people in America are racist, but they’re looking for a way out. Bernie’s campaign is an alternative to that.
All her “care “and “concern” was nothing more than an attempt to promote Bernie Sanders. What a good little Alinskyite.

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  1. “Sawant issued a statement calling for “justice.” Even though no foul play was found to have incurred”
    And that’s why liberals/progressives/socialists (same thing!) are mentally ill.

  2. Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Washington!!

  3. Son of the Rabbit People

    They should build buses instead of war machines at Boeing, war machines like airliners that can carry more people further and faster than any bus…

  4. wow, simply wow…she had no clue what happened
    people always say their “statement speaks to the bigger issue” when they screw up

  5. So, every once in a while, I wax eloquent: I often wait with breathe held, and hope to live long enough for the day when I see this example of “sheeple” (and many others….maybe even, perhaps, Obama himself) “hoisted by their own petard.” If you look this antiquated phrase up…it means: to be destroyed by your own plan to do harm to others……In other words….”Poetic Justice.”
    Like, this particular person, and others of her ilk, —they might encounter (with grave results) an Islamic terrorist at the local mall or movie theatre…or maybe in a business meeting at a local government venue…..or on a military base….in a local public school or college/university campus….or at church or at work or at a museum…..or any one of PLENTY OF THE PLACES we, the American Citizens, are now subject to harm out of “nowhere,” ( and——because there is no information/relief from our leadership to the contrary, I guess it’s on a DAILY basis…….).


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