Seattle Bike Trails and Agenda 21

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There’s a local hub-bub in Seattle.  It’s all about bikes.  The director of the Cascade Bicycling Club recently resigned the position he’s held for 8 years to join the mayors staff as an “advisor” on Bicycle Policy- annual salary  $95,000 !  
When local news channel KOMO TV wanted to question the mayor about it, they tried to contact him at public events and his home .  He was not pleased and sent out an email to the media.  The story has generated 217 comments to date, mostly unfavorable to the mayor and disgust with the city’s preoccupation with The Bike Plan that disrupts traffic and business access and costs millions of dollars — all  to build miles and miles of bike trails.    Seattle is not alone in this.  It’s going on all over Western Washington.  
Naturally, I had to put in my 2 cents worth in the comments.  It resulted in a very interesting exchange:
LTG:  This Bicycle issue was all started by former Mayor Greg Nichols to comply with the “sustainability” requirement of the Kyoto Agreement. Check out the City of Seattle Bicycle Plan —- It may be a pain in the a$$, but, It’s a Big Deal! Treaties have consequences. 
JET:    The United States did not sign the Kyoto accords….. There is no treaty and no obligation.  Seattle has no legal ability to sign a “treaty” with anyone.
LTG:  I agree with you completely. However, in 2007 Greg Nichols cited compliance with the Kyoto accords as the justification for the City of Seattle Bicycle plan. It’s all related to the Rio agreement the UN calls Agenda 21 that Bush, Sr. signed in the early 1990s. It mandates all the “sustainability” crappola that isn’t proven to work and costs a fortune. Read the pdf file link in my comment. It’s all laid out there. Kyoto Protocol references are on pages 9, 26 and 85 of the 174 page plan.
Also, Seattle and King County are members of ICLEI that is the local component to implement all the Agenda 21 “sustainability” mandates. Google ICLEI and see what they have up their sleeves. City by city and county by county, it’s all being implemented on the backs of the taxpayers. Each time a local government meets a target, they get a wall placque and a banquet. LOL! We are so screwed!
JET:   I work for a fairly large city in Washington. I’m a manager of an enforcement agency within that city government. Our city is about as green as green gets. Every initiative that comes before the mayor or city council is filtered through how green it is. Frankly, while I support some of the reasonable sustainability measures, the vast majority are worthless “feel good” items that simply drive up costs with very little benefit other than fitting into the “green” agenda.
Our city is partners with Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and a couple of others in adopting a “green” building code. The group of cities is calling itself  The Cascade Collective.      The intent is to force an energy conservation code that’s far more restrictive than what we currently have and what we currently have is the toughest in the nation.
So look out. If these cities have their way, you’ll soon be paying a toll on every major roadway you drive on unless you’re on a bicycle. You’ll be living in a 600 square foot condo next to a bus stop that will take you to the main bus line that will take you to another transfer and after a few hours, you’ll eventually get to work. This is the vision of the large cities around Puget Sound. They’re implementing it as fast as they can get the laws changed to do it.
Welcome to the Cascade Collective, comrade.

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0 responses to “Seattle Bike Trails and Agenda 21

  1. Mad Angel is on FB

    Wow….didn’t he just agree with you? (spooky)

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Yes, he did agree with me. Anyone with a lick of common sense can see this is not a future any normal people want. It’s horribly expensive, inconvenient and “big-brotherish” in the extreme!
    Both Democrats and Republicans have signed on. The Repub/RINOs are the most dangerous because they’re so two-faced about it. They rant about it at Tea Party events to sucker the voters, then vote for it behind closed doors.

    • Sounds like Scott Brown smooth talking the voters of Taxachusetts and doing the very opposite thing.

  3. Mad Angel is on FB

    There it is…Gerald Celente said these “parties”. they act like they hate each other in public, then in private, they have a drink, and make deals…

  4. “You’ll be living in a 600 square foot condo next to a bus stop that will take you to the main bus line that will take you to another transfer and after a few hours, you’ll eventually get to work.” No wonder left/libtards called Detroit a “model city,” that sounds like living in the ghetto… probably complete shopping for re-dated milk at the overpriced corner convenience store, rabid gun control toward anyone law-abiding and lousy police response if they not too “overwhelmed” to show-up. This is the “rest of the world” that left/liberals feel guilty about American exceptionalism from and it’s none too “green” either.

  5. lowtechgrannie

    When I was a kid in the 1950s and 1960s, downtown Seattle was bustling on Saturdays. There were 5 department stores, 6 or 7 movie theaters and lots of inexpensive cafes serving traditional American diner-style food at economical prices. You could shop, go to lunch and a movie and bring home change from a $10.00 bill.
    Not any more! The only action downtown on a Saturday is at the Pike Place market and at the cafes on the waterfront that cater to the cruise ship tourists. Downtown itself is locked up and dead quiet. You could starve looking someplace to grab a bite to eat that’s served on a real plate with metal cutlery.
    We’re down to only 2 department stores; Macys and Nordstroms. The movie theaters are gone. The restaurants are either Starbucks – style Latte shops that don’t actually serve meals or hole-in-the-wall ethnic places serving Ethiopian or El Salvadoran cuisine. The streets and buildings are dirty and there are beggars everywhere!
    They call this “World Class”. It’s a town that sold it’s soul for a seat at the head of the table of the Cascade Collective.

    • LTG, your description of DT Seattle mirrors what I found on my last visit.
      The only “green” coming out of the Green Movement is what travels from your wallet to the coffers of Big Government and its partners (in crime).

  6. I love the bike trails around Seattle. I’m more physically fit than ever due to being able to safely ride around all the time. If you don’t like it, you can always leave this state. We don’t like your conservative sort around here anyway.

    • lowtechgrannie

      I have nothing against recreational biking. We have many, many miles of trails available already.
      You do know that Collective is a Communist term, don’t you? If your sentiments support a communist mentality, you should consider moving ….. I hear Cuba has excellent weather and nice flat bike lanes. According to Michael Moore the healthcare system there is World Class, too.

    • Right, A L E,
      That freedom and liberty thing is such a bitch, isn’t it, comrade?

    • You’re missing the point. No one’s stopping you from riding your bike and become oh so “ain’t I lovely” physically fit. The point is why you and cadres like you seek to impose this collective plan on everyone else. The United States was not founded as a socialist or communist state. It is “your commie sort” who should leave.

      • Eowyn,
        LOL – Well, he could just wait until we show up in the middle of the night, jerk him out of bed, frog march his red behind to the nearest airport, and hand him a one-way ticket to the illiberal left’s land of milk and honey.
        That would be North Korea. 🙂
        After living on a diet of boiled tree bark and roots for a while, maybe he won’t think so ill of freedom-loving Americans.

        • Dave,
          It continues to be a mystery to me why the Left still pant after communism, when the Marxist “experiment” had failed everywhere it’s been tried in the world.
          Wasn’t it Einstein who said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”?

          • Eowyn,
            It’s really all just about power and control.
            Modern liberals (as opposed to the rapidly vanishing classical variety) have an inherent desire to control most or even all aspects of the lives of others, as they have deluded themselves into believing that they alone know what it best for the “unwashed” masses.
            They believe they can do communism (which is a natural draw for them) better than those who came before, because they have deluded themselves into believing they are so much “smarter” than their predecessors.
            Only problem is, they are too stupid to recognize the fatal flaw that was built into communism from day one, which is why it has failed everywhere, and will continue to do so.

    • Bill Ascherfeld

      My name is Bill Ascherfeld. I am not hiding behind 3 letters. I am 76 yrs old and can still ride my bike. We have some “bike lanes” in San Diego too. Not very many, Thank GOD! They are as usless as Elephant ears on a jackass. I grew up in Washington D.C. and rode my bike DOWNTOWN. I had a great time. Needless to say, there were NO BIKE LANES then, and I was still safe, as long as I stayed where bikes are supposed to go.
      I grew up, and, though I can still ride a bike, I bought a car when I was 16. Now my main transportation is by car. It is air conditioned comfort and I listen to classical music or Michael Savage on the radio.
      Why don’t YOU grow up and get a car too????

      • lowtechgrannie

        Mr. Ascherfeld, I think you misunderstood the thrust of this whole issue. It’s not against bicyclists. It’s against the Agenda 21-related UN Treaties pushing local governments to adopt all these invasive green regulations onto the backs of burdened taxpayers without their consent. Bicyclists are not the issue! Go and ride in peace!

    • You love the bike trails? Great. Notice how you don’t comment on the fact this bike czar is unqualified as a transportation advisor and makes an absurbd amount of money for doing nothing more than promoting an agenda. You must be a member of the Cascade Collective…

  7. Steve,
    Whaddaya wanna bet that A L E’s parents were among the thousands upon thousands of other Bay Area residents who packed up and fled north to Oregon and Washington State in smoke-belching VW buses and Volvos to escape the increasingly confiscatory taxes that they themselves voted for?

  8. “LOL – Well, he could just wait until we show up in the middle of the night, jerk him out of bed, frog march his red behind to the nearest airport, and hand him a one-way ticket to the illiberal left’s land of milk and honey.”
    You try that and I’ll stick my shotgun to your temple, pull the trigger , and spread your brains all over my nice new wallpaper job… Bring it.

    • Bingo, A L E.
      You just won the boobie prize of getting kicked out of this blog, for violating our “no threats of violence” policy. The police in Annapolis, Maryland, will be notified.
      Such charming tolerant pro-diversity open-minded warm-and-fuzzy people you lefties are!

    • Wow, some people just can’t take a joke, can they?

    • I doubt you own a shotgun commie…
      sorry I missed this post while I was out of town. Mayor McScwhinn shows his true colors as does libs…

  9. Only a libtard could endorse gun control, hang wallpaper, and threaten violence with a handgun. Do they inhale airplane glue or drink koolaid?

  10. lowtechgrannie

    Don’t be too hard on ALE, those spandex biking shorts are too tight and have cut off circulation to his brain.

  11. If these cities have their way, you’ll soon be paying a toll on every major roadway you drive

    Hey, that would be a first! Motorists paying the full cost of the roads they dominate. For all of this talk about “marxism”, “socialism”, and “liberals” you guys seem to have forgotten that the auto industry in the U.S. is state subsidized, that all the roads you drive on are paid for by all tax payers (yes, even the ones that don’t or can’t drive), and that your entire system of highways and suburban tract housing is more deeply subsidized than even the socialists and communists in Europe wildest dreams.
    Fannie Mae? Freddie Mac? The highway trust fund? Does any of this ring any “beware the hand of the nanny state” bells for you folks.
    Bicycling is a viable means of transportation – it is cheap, it is relatively fast, and it is healthy. Cars have their place – but not at the heart of every American city. Bicycles will allow true freedom and independence – and that is not part of some baloney U.N. faux-conspiracy.
    How you can believe that the incompetent and weak U.N. (do you remember what happened in Rwanda and in Yugoslavia in the 1990’s?!) is responsible for the rational decisions of urban citizens and their elected officials is beyond me. The only conspiracy is your fear of being stranded in a cul de sac overriding your intellectual faculties.
    Please, reconsider your views on bicycle projects in the U.S. It is not about recreation – it is about transportation.

    • The auto industry is subsidized as are many other industries. What’s your point?
      The roads are paid for by all taxpayers? Well you better check your stats as to how many people in the US really pay taxes. Betcha it’s not a number that is as high as you believe.
      Bicycling is relatively fast? Give me an effen break. How long do you thing it would take me to ride from Bothell to downtown Seattle, then change and appear appropriate for showing up on the job?
      Cars do have their place. In my driveway and on the road. Guess you’ve never been to China or India to see how those individuals get around on bikes and make a living doing that.
      Bicycles in the US – it’s not about recreation but transportation? BS. It’s about the government controlling our behaviors.
      I have the right to drive a car and will not give it up. You expect me to drive a bike to work, shower, change, apply makeup and get there in a “timely” manner? You are delusional.
      And I don’t need a bike to be healthy. I work out without a bike TYVM.

  12. Wow, reading this, I feel “they” have already won!! it is not about Liberal or Consrvative! we are being purposefully divided that way. Then,as Americans, we totally go down the tubes and I also see nothing Christian about making all these horrible comments. Car pollution is NOT the problem! carbon Dioxide is NOT the problem! the problem is we only have enough known reserves of oil to get our global population thru the next 50 years! the idiots on earth assume all of our natural resources are bottomless! well, oil is NOT! and Fracking is a horrible thing. Try making your baby a bottle when natural gas comes out of YOUR water faucet! no one wants to be relocated or give up the American dream. We need to get a he’ll of alot smarter. Try watching the film,Thrive!


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