Seattle bans throwing food and food waste in trash

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I’m a recycler since my undergraduate student days, long before curbside recycling pickups were instituted. In every city I’d lived in, I would haul my paper, metal, and plastic to for-profit recycling businesses in the grungy industrial part of town.
But I would never support a mandatory and punitive recycling policy as Seattle’s because I fear an expansive all-powerful government more.
green Nazis
Elizabeth Harrington reports for the Washington Examiner, Jan. 6, 2014:
Seattle residents can no longer throw food away in their garbage due to a new law that went into effect Jan. 1.
Families can be fined $1 on their garbage bill for putting “food-contaminated cardboard” in their trashcan, as a result of the compost mandate.
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports:

Starting Jan. 1, it will be illegal to throw food and food waste in the trash in Seattle, when a new ban takes effect to increase recycling and composting in the city.
Currently, Seattle residents are allowed to throw food and food waste – pizza boxes, dirty napkins, soiled paper towels – in the garbage. Residents are required to have a food and yard waste collection service, but they don’t have to use it for food. (Backyard composters are exempt from that requirement.)
Similarly, multi-family building owners are required to provide a compost collection service for residents, but residents don’t have to use it.
But on Jan. 1, Seattle will ban food and food waste in trash.

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) will begin issuing $1 fines when enforcement begins in July if more than 10% of a family’s trash is food. Property managers and businesses will face $50 fines.
The “composting requirement ordinance” will not just prohibit food from the garbage, but also “food-contaminated cardboard, paper napkins, and paper towels.”
The city joined Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco, and New York City, which already have food waste laws.
Seattle residents are on board with the nanny state as 74% supported the measure, and only 11% opposed.

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0 responses to “Seattle bans throwing food and food waste in trash

  1. Of course, the lemmings and sheeple love the collective. Do they get a shiny new shovel to bury themselves with as taxes keep necessarily skyrocketing??

  2. This should be interesting. They have no way of knowing whose trash is whose. Who walked by and disposed in yours, etc. Sounds like another commie control grab. If I were the collectors, I would just ignore the order, they have enough to do.

    • Of course now they will have to organize a committee and look into hiring more collectivists to snoop into your trash so you can be properly fined and then sent to a ‘re-education’ class or seminar that you pay for as part of your fine which will be sure to go up, to be sure to fund the $15.00 an hour wage set forth by the free thinking red diaper babies who are in charge of the insane asylum known as Seattle, Portland etc. Remember, only one shiny new shovel per family and size does not matter.

      • Washington does have it’s issues, can’t build a road for S@!t! But I really wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I’ve gone as far north as I can without moving to Alaska. I don’t want to live in Alaska.

  3. What are they planning to do with all the skunks that will be swinging by for free food in the compost bins ?

  4. What do you expect from a city that banned the words “Brown Bag” All because it might offend someone. Plus you are not important the racoons are more important to these people.

  5. The Seattle Refuse system was set-up with with 2 basic cans. One for regular trash and one for recyclables: paper, cans & glass. During the gardening season & year round if one choose; many had the “option” of renting a garden/green recycling bin. Now, the city wants everyone to have the garden/green bin year round. They apparently have a long term contract on the table for this waste matter, a compost making company. At their processing center if they don’t have a contract on the table for glass, cans or paper, they will send the accumulated waste to the landfill over holding it until a contract comes in.
    I’m in the North Sound and have yet to have this imposed on me. I’m a gardener and compost all my green “garden & kitchen” waste. I do not compost animal matter “fats, bones or meats” and this gets put into a white plastic grocery bag, tied in a knot and tossed in the regular garbage. I do get small rodents from time to time but they are veg & fruittarians. The are common to any garden or orchard.

    • You use plastic grocery bags? I thought those were banned in Seattle…watch out or the garbage police will be mad!

      • Grocery stores here still use them and I save them for the kitty litter box clean out. I’m not in King County “Seattle area”. I’m in the North Sound, 2 counties away.

        • LOL! We use them for the same things Sheri.

          • If I ever run out I’ll have to start buying them! lol!

            • Contact me here Sheri. I have a nice stash and have used them for ‘packing fluff” for friends in various places were plastic bags have been banned. I am sure where I reside will ban them soon as the red tide is spilling over the Cascades, up from the south and down from the north into the once sleepy hinterlands known as “Poverty with a view land”.

              • I’ve been stashing mine also. I save empty tissue boxes and shove them in. But I understand your idea of using them for packing material, did that when I moved the last time. Worked great!

  6. Another example of liberal run governments overstepping they bounds BIG TIME and no one kicks about it. Communism, coming to a community near you.

  7. Son of the Rabbit People

    As a consequence, I foresee people tossing their garbage in the streets or someone else’s neighborhood. You really don’t need to be a wizard to know these things.

    • Son of the Rabbit People . . . you are so right. My garbage can is located out by the garage (unattached from the house) perhaps 25 ft from the house. One day I caught a woman, who had walked up the alley, was crossing my driveway–carrying a bag of garbage, making a beeline to my garbage can. When she saw me, she actually made a “U turn” and went back the way she had come. I had wondered why I had seen “strange” letters in my recycling bin, which were not addressed to my address. When the cost of providing garbage for oneself becomes to expensive–there are those who just steal this service from those who do pay. I wouldn’t live in Seattle on your life, at least here in Portland, we do have year round yard debris cans, which are used for both lawn and yard clippings, and food garbage.

    • People in our area don’t do that. ( people tossing their garbage in the streets or someone else’s neighborhood.) They drive out on dirt roads and dump their trash THERE. To be more specific,MOST of the offenders are from “out of State”,working in the mines,occupying the lowest cost housing and sending their paychecks back to Wyoming,Montana,etc. to pay their family bills. (It’s not MY home,who cares…)

    • Wish I was a wizard. I would use me powers on communists and those who suck on the tits of Agenda 21 and want it imposed on all. Then of course I would give up said power. Power corrupts as we have yet not to learn from.

  8. Here in Northern Nevada we have a recycling program;the regular trash goes in one container,and recyclables (plastics,cardboard,paper) goes into a different container,and they have different pick up dates (once a week for trash,once every other week for recyclables) and we have to pay for this. I cancelled my service and haul my own trash;one trip per month costs around $10.00 (there’s a $5.00 minimum charge),and isn’t that big a job. Sometimes I go down the alley and load misc. stuff the neighbors can’t get the trash disposal people. to take. (old TV’s,furniture,cans of paint,yard trash,etc.) So far they don’t recycle glass at all,that I know of. Any metals go to scrap and that usually buys me about half a tank of gas per trip.

    • truckjunkie, I like your style. I agree it’s better to haul your own garbage rather than feed the communist infested garbage bureau at city hall. I wish I had the ability to do that myself.

  9. A few years ago I read a few articles that in England they are already passing draconian trash laws. With out close to 900 fema extermination and reeducation camps just waiting to be filled, the elite are creating entire classes of criminals that never existed before, along with the white patriots who stand against the NWO mulllticulralist agenda

  10. Seattle just raised the cost of yard waste pickup – right after gushing about how much money they are saving with the new law. And the 2nd slap in the face is they make a lot of money selling the composted yard waste. Basically enacting laws that directly correlate to more money from their business interests. Even if the business is a good one I do not like that.


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