Seattle and their "progressive" policies in action

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Seattle is a true, blue progressive city. They’ve elected democrat mayors time and time again. The current mayor, Ed Murray, is a die-hard proggie. In 2013, The Seattle Times recommended voting for Murray as he “offers a return of pragmatic, effective leadership to City Hall.”
How’s that “pragmatic, effective leadership” working out? Let’s take a look and see what’s happening in Seattle, shall we?

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray

Thanks to democrats’ new tax in Seattle, a gun store is packing up and moving out of Seattle.  Sergey Solyanik, owner of Precise Shooter, is closing his gun shop and moving it to Lynnwood (just north of Seattle) after a December 2015 court ruling gave Seattle approval to impose a tax on gun sales. See my post on that story here.
Last December I did a post about how some Seattle neighborhoods are hiring their own security because police are a rare sighting in their areas. A week later, I did another post on how Seattle neighborhoods started a petition for more police. The petition states that criminal activity has become an epidemic in the area, but police presence remains lacking, and response to 911 calls continues to be slow.
How did the good mayor respond?
Murray told KIRO Radio’s Jason Rantz that the city is adequately staffing the police force, and is further expanding it. He also said, I inherited a police department that had basically stopped policing.” (Gee, where have I heard that phrase before?)
Maybe the mayor should paint more “rainbow” sidewalks to prevent crime.
Ed Murray and his rainbow sidewalks to prevent crimes.

Ed Murray and his rainbow sidewalks to prevent crimes.

The mayor issued an emergency order on homelessness in November and opened “safe lots” for homeless people living in RVs. Many residents aren’t happy with that at all.
"The Jungle" homeless camp in Seattle/AP Photo

“The Jungle” homeless camp in Seattle/AP Photo

The Jungle” is a homeless encampment area that is approximately 100 acres in size. From Wikipedia:The Jungle increasingly became a haven for criminals in the 2000s. Criminal activity has included assaults,  rapes, prostitution, and murders. Residences in the Beacon Hill neighborhood have been burglarized by those staying in The Jungle. Gang members basing drug trade in the woods also became a concern. The Jungle is generally considered unsafe at any hour. Just the other day, five people were shot (with two dead) at the The Jungle.
How did the good mayor respond?
He issued a statement (read his full statement here):

Mayor Murray calls for end of divisive rhetoric on homelessness. But this is a national tragedy. It should be a national emergency and it needs a national response. So part of what I am asking today is that we challenge each other to do better without denigrating each other.  Instead of cooperation and a shared voice, we have seen too much division and extreme rhetoric about who homeless people are and how to solve the crisis. The reality is, to provide emergency shelter to the almost 3,000 people that remain on our streets would cost us another 49 million dollars a year – or double our current investment.”

And without federal funding to find a solution for the homeless problem the mayor said, “We would have to slash programs throughout the city, layoff hundreds of employees to do that.”
Pragmatic! Effective!

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0 responses to “Seattle and their "progressive" policies in action

  1. The disconnect between Seattle’s policies and their dysfunctional results clearly points to Liberalism/Progressivism/Socialism (same thing!) being a mental disorder.

  2. Is he any relation to that brilliant Senator Patty Murray ? …..

  3. What a mess . . . when will the citizens of Seattle wake up? If they won’t vote in better people, then I guess they either need to settle for this garbage, or move out of the city. It is truly sad.

  4. The liberal loons just keep on coming!

  5. If he had saved all the money and labor he spent painting pretty pictures on the streets, he might have a better budget to work with.
    The guy is an idiot. 49 million a year for three thousand people. Wow, what management,
    If he spent time and labor developing jobs, he could slow down the homelessness.
    Stop making it so easy for people to sit home and vegetate.
    And sadly the whole country is being led into the same direction.

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  7. why isn’t there any federal funding? those rainbow crosswalks aren’t going to do shit for crime except to look pretty.

  8. Murray is no Socialist, the socialists in Seattle are his bitter enemies. He is a corporate hack, he is as right wing as they come, but to be in Seattle politics one has to have a “progressive” veneer.

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    For your information.

  10. I couldn’t help but note that he offered zero solutions to homelessness, other than more funding. How would more funding help?
    We used to have laws about vagrancy. You couldn’t simply hunker down on the street and camp. If you did the police arrested you.
    I suppose “Step One” would be to not allow them to congregate in the first place. If they’re crazy, they need to go to the crazy place. If they’re criminals, they need to go to the criminal place. If they’re just squatters, they need to move on.


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