Scroogled? The Big Boys Get Ready to Rumble

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I just caught my first view of what is probably a Declaration of War.  It’s the new Microsoft commercial on television in  metropolitan Seattle area —- a broadside fired at archrival search engine giant, Google.  

Google-Microsoft Map
While Google’s world headquarters is in California, a few years ago they built a new Google Campus in Kirkland, WA, less than 8 miles away from Microsoft’s headquarters and main campus.
I found the video on Google-owned Youtube.  The map is courtesy of Google, too.  LOL!
Slide show of the Microsoft Campus Redmond                                                               Slide show of Google Campus Kirkland

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0 responses to “Scroogled? The Big Boys Get Ready to Rumble

  1. Better then either, try DuckDuckGo…

  2. Funny. That made me think of 3 things:
    1. Might they have meant “Are you getting Screwgled?” :-/
    2. There used to be a search site called Scroogle that did not record your searches. I still have the link in my folder:
    …but it now connects to some other site. So Scroogle must have been Scrapped.
    3. There are 3-4 volcanos in WA. If another 1-2 “tech giants” move to WA (Yahoo, Apple?), one for each volcano, things can really begin to rumble & blow each other into orbit & we can all go back to slower times of pen, paper, ink, & stamps. 🙂


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