Screw You UNC and Chapel Hill

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Media UNC Chapel Hill Tells Radio Station to Stop Mentioning Its Sports Program During Limbaugh’s Show


UNC Chapel Hill Bars Radio Station From Mentioning Its Sports Program During Limbaughs Show
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has asked a local radio station known as “Rush Radio” to stop mentioning both the school and its Tar Heels sports program during the broadcast of Rush Limbaugh’s talk show, the North Carolina News and Observer reported.
The university has similarly asked for no references to Limbaugh’s show during broadcasts of its football and basketball games on the station, WRDU 106.1.
The school’s actions, announced last week, are a direct response to Limbaugh calling Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” after she testified in favor of insurance coverage of contraceptives. Local residents petitioned the school to sever ties with the station over the controversy, according to WCHL 1360.
In a statement, UNC said it was “unfortunately and awkwardly connected” to Limbaugh by having its games broadcast on the same station that airs his show.
“Limbaugh recently made rude, inappropriate and offensive statements,” the statement said. “That connection spurred many people to email us and prompted a petition campaign, both with the goal of urging us to drop our broadcasts from the station.”
It continued, “We have asked – and the local station has agreed – to end the practice of referencing the Tar Heel Sports Network or the University’s name while promoting the Limbaugh program and vice versa.”
UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp told the student radio news magazine Carolina Connection that “a lot of our faculty and some other folks outside of the University were upset to find out that we were connected with ‘Rush Radio.’”
“We do understand why people were upset,” Thorp said. “I think that was a good compromise.”
Talk about a bunch of petty liberal asshats, even though I live less than and hour from Chapel Hill for the last 13 years I can count the number of times I have been there on one hand. You can smell the liberal stench emanating from it for ten miles. This is also the ass backwards city that just passed a law banning all cell phone use while driving, even hands free phones.
Piss on you UNC!
Tom in NC
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0 responses to “Screw You UNC and Chapel Hill

  1. And they say the south will rise again! Ha Ha….Fat Chance. Not with stupid decisions like that they won’t.

  2. College campuses are little islands of protected thought. You think the ‘right’ way you’re alright. If you think and speak the ‘wrong’ way you’re shouted down and shut out. So much for academic freedom, free speech, and vigorous discussions. I say this having been married to a college professor for over two decades. She’s a teacher who stands for everything that’s good about post-secondary education. Unfortunately, she’s in the minority in academia. The left has a huge advantage when it comes to indoctrinating young impressionable minds. Many faculty and administrators see this as their number one mission. Ideological battles are being waged on a daily basis on college campuses and conservative students and their parents are mostly on the losing end of these battles and they’re paying dearly for it, literally and figuratively.

  3. As a resident of North Carolina, I can say that UNC is more an Ivy League mentality than a Southern university. Nearby Duke is the same way. Our younger son attended the NC School of Math and Science near UNC, and I am so thankful that he finished there with his conservative values intact. That whole area stinks from liberalism (plus there a lot who rarely bathe there)! LOL

  4. Two-faced bunch of buffoons. With liberals it’s “do as I say not do as I do”…hypocrisy in its most obvious form!

  5. Harald Sigurdson

    This is certainly horrendous overbearing marxist-type behavior! It shouldn’t really be a surprise, though. It seems to be in line with the marxist and totalitarian and downright dishonest behavior of their fellow North Carolina institution of “higher” learning, Duke University. Duke was involved in all kinds of immoral shenanigans in the case of the FALSE AND FRAUDULENT claims made against the Duke University Lacrosse team. This is fully documented and you can find it on a good search engine like “Startpage” which defends your privacy, unlike Google.
    As for Limbaugh, although I consider myself to be conservative, a libertarian leaning (in favor of non-corporate business but also in favor of strict border controls and therefore at odds with many fully libertarian types) conservative, not a neocon, I do not care for Limbaugh and I do not care for his behavior in this case. But I also do not care for the heavy-handed communist and nazi-like behavior of the University in this case either. Petty? There is nothing so petty as a communist bureaucrat.

    • I’m with you, a libertarian, as our founding fathers were. and not a neocon. They were conservative, but libertarian. Also use ‘Startpage’. I kinda like Rush but not all the time.

  6. Sheik Yerbutie

    How many fingers ya got on that one hand, Tom?


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